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  __  #1GASPRA.ZIP DOOM PWAD file  __
E1M1 for the registered version of DOOM
Very nice level, especially good for 
deathmatch :)  This is worthy of being 
in the actual game.  Much detail and 
thought put into it's design.

        This is my 7th released level, and I feel that it is one of my best.
This isn't a very large level, but detail is everywhere.  I put more detail
into this baby than id put into any level in DOOM.  I'm a perfectionist, so 
everything I do must be just so or I'll go insane (FYI).  Ok, if you are a 
WAD editor...then you'll be shell shocked when you see the level :)  Most 
DOOM PWADs suck really bad and seem to have been made by a 5 year old with
some crayons (no offense if you're one of ' know who you are :), but
I on the other hand take time to design levels that are really cool and look
professional.  So, try this fucker out and see what you think.  It's a _very_
fun deathmatch friends and I have played it a lot the past week or
so...and hopefully it will continue :)  "BTW,"  I do have a life...sorda.  I
try to part from DOOM and socialize with non-DOOMers just so I can pretend 
I'm not obsessed, but...who am I kidding?  The game is just so much fun/funny.
Oh, can blast you're friends/enemies out all of the windows in the 
level...I've made them low enough to be good for that sorda thing ---> this is
when the game gets funny :)
        Have fun!

FYI ---->  Here's a list of the zip files that contain my levels...
        1)  KAMAKAZI.ZIP - first real level...kinda messy, but very big.
 *      2)  HANGAR18.ZIP - deathmatch only level for DOOM2...very good,
                           my first level that I considered "id" quality.
 *      3)  SHADOWS2.ZIP - Very large and complex.  This is my most original
        4)  #1IMPALE.ZIP - This is a very detailed level, but small.  I like
                           it because it's the only really nice level that 
                           took me less than 2's still very well
                           detailed and mucho complexo.
        5)  #1TITAN.ZIP  - This level is, by far, my largest, most complex and
                           most detailed level.  I believe it's like 318 
                           sectors or so ----> as large as E2M7.  This will 
                           blow your mind without a doubt.
        6)  #1CREEP.ZIP  - "Creeping Death" - Metallica song.  Small 
                           deathmatch level.  Detailed nicely with fast 
                           action.  I haven't zipped this should be
                           on the net/BBS when I get around to it...
        7)  #1GASPRA.ZIP - This obviously.

 * - two different zip names; the # may come before the name.  I've seen        
     levels with the same name, but trust me...they don't compare.  If you get
     a level with a name close to those and it ain't mine :)

Another level to try is MATRIX.ZIP.  This was made by a chum (just watched 
Monty Python last week...) of mine for DOOM2.  It's fucking huge!  Over 320
sectors!!!!  ...and he did it on a 386 without a math-co!  Anyways, it's very
complex and well detailed...a must see!

I've made all my levels with DEU521GC exclusively (yeah, that word makes me 
feel special...) with the exception of DEUII for converting "shadows" to 
"shadows2" (DOOM to DOOM2 respectively).  BSP1.2x was my nodes builder of
choice, and Metallica/Ozzy Osbourne kept me from losing my mind while making
these things!  Just in case you're curious...these were made on a 486DX2 80,
good ol' non-department store brand (no offense to you Packard Smell owners), 
with 5Mb of RAM (better than 4, but I really need 8Mb!!!!).  So, now you can 
laugh if you have a Pentium 100, like certain people I know who 
you are, George!

        For your information...I dislike those stupid WAD description forms
that came with DEU very much so...that's why I have a large text file such as
this.  I'm not a formal person, so why would I want to use a set form?  No pun
intended.  So, that's about all I have to babble about at present.............
oh, name and shit like that.  Sean Birkel, from Bangor, Me.  Yup, it
may be summer now...but Jack Frost is on his way :(

        Have fun with the level.  Show all your friends.  Show your parents...
scratch that idea...  Ok, here's a disclaimer:  I didn't do it.  You know
who the DOOM logo belongs to (id software for you less educated...),
I won't bother spelling it out for ya...  Register DOOM if you haven't already
done so, the guys at id deserve the money for making such a great game! 
Support NASA, please.  They're gonna take us where no man's gone before, and 
back with a little luck...  Zakk Wylde is the greatest guitarist who ever 
lived...Jimi's the exception, for other reasons.  Look for a band by the name 
of Cringe in the near future...they are gonna rock ya, and hopefully get rich 
too [no, I'm not part of it :( ].

        Buh-bye.  See you a little later, rubba neck ----> Jerky Boys...

        One last thing before I shut up...I'd like to be in that International
DOOM competition...but never got around to it...I'd win without a doubt :)



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