Try it out - nobody needs a story or something... ;-)

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Filename               : X-DOVE.ZIP

Contents               : X-DOVE.WAD  (Map 1 for DOOM II, 207840 Bytes)
                         X-DOVE.TXT  (This Textfile, 5385 Bytes)
                         X-DOVE.LMP  (Demo V. 1.666, 248470 Bytes)

Author                 : Michael "migru" Grube
Email Address          : <email removed>
Misc. Author Info      : Hey, play this level and don't waste your time
                         reading those stupid "Misc. Author Infos"  :)

Description            : Try it out - nobody needs a story or something... ;-)

Additional Credits to  : The ID-people for writing this hell of a game. 
                         The authors of DOOM.FAQ.
                         The authors of the following editors:
                         DEU521, DEU521GCC, DEU2C and DOOMEDPM.
                         The authors of the following node-builders: 
                         IDBSP and WARM13.

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #    : Map 01 (DOOM II)
Single Player          : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player : No
Deathmatch 2-4 Player  : No
Difficulty Settings    : Skill 4: UV++ compared with DOOM. Check out the LMP
                                  if you run into trouble. Hint: Don't waste
                                  shells, it's a map where the chainsaw isn't
                                  only decoration (see statistics).
                         Skill 3: UV compared with DOOM. The goodies are in-
                                  creased a little bit while having 70% of the
                         Skill 1/2: Easy, only 1/3 of the skill-4-monsters with
                                    massive increase of goodies.   
New Sounds             : No
New Graphics           : No
New Music              : No
Demos Replaced         : Yep. X-DOVE.LMP (Skill 4, keyboard-played, V. 1.666)

Technical Remarks      : This map was developed on a 486/100 for DOOM II 1.666.
                         It should run on higher Versions too. I think the 
                         level will be slow on smaller computers. The secret
                         bonus section in this map is a bit tenacious even on
                         my machine (hey, no stupid comments here :-] ). 

Surviving rules        : If you see blood pools on the floor - be careful there.
                         In most cases candles mark important positions.
                         Don't push switches before the area is cleaned of 
                         Don't run blindly or in panic in undiscovered areas,
                         this level wants to be examined slowly.
                         You don't have to kill anything behind the red-key-
                         locked door ( hehe, ;-) ). The map-layout allows to
                         activate the switch simply by shooting across the area
                         - if you can see the switch between the monsters 8-).
Warning                : If you cheat anywhere in this map, you will be frozen
                         instantly and carried to the penal colony KRAD SECROF
                         on mars. |-/  . The amount of goodies in the bonus
                         section should allow everybody to survive easily. This
                         part is for observing and enjoying!
                         You use this Pwad at your own risk. Any damage to your
                         computer, your health, your girlfriend, your cat or
                         whatever while playing this level is purely accidental 
                         and not related in any case to X-DOVE.ZIP.

Statistics             : Statistics? What's that? Ok, here's the explanation.
                         I simply added the hitpoints of all monsters as they
                         were listed in DOOM6666.FAQ (except monsters in the
                         bonus section). The same was done for all the weapons
                         including those you can collect from killed monsters.
                         The health includes beserk-spheres.

                           Enemies          Firepower       Health
                       [Hitpoint-Units]  [Bullet-Units]  [eh, Health-Units :) ]
                           2517              3322            935     Skill 4
                           1842              3385           1075     Skill 3
                            984              3493           1425     Skill 1/2

Copyright / Permissions : You may modify this level provided you give credits
                          to the original author (hey, that's me :) ).
                          You are encouraged to distribute X-DOVE.ZIP in any 
                          electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as
                          you include this text-file intact.

Where to get this PWAD  : Stupid question. You have it already. It was 
                          originally downloaded to the Internet sites: 
                          FTP.CDROM.COM and FTP.FU-BERLIN.DE .


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