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Welcome back! (For those that played Showdown, that is...) This file was 
originally intended to contain the file SHDN2.WAD, which would have been
a combination patch with both the Showdown and Paradox levels played in 
sequence as replacements for levels 1 and 2 of "Knee Deep in the Dead". 
However, as Paradox grew, it became obvious that such a file would have
probably exceeded 100K. If anyone can appeciate the hazzards of making
large downloads on a pay-as-you-go basis, it's me. 
 So here it is: Paradox, E1M2. Where Showdown only included my favorite four
of the baddies, Paradox has them all. (With the exception of the bosses.)
Also present are some interesting plays on the usual constructs. As before,
I spent exhaustive (No joke there!) man hours playing and playing to bring 
the difficulty to just the right point. It CAN BE WON, providing you bear 
in mind the following points:

1: DOOM has a save game feature...

2: Monsters shoot too, so watch your ass!

3: What sometimes looks peaceful and innocent is probably a trap! Spare no 

4: Ammo is quite transient; use only what you have to and be careful what
   type you use.

5: Moving objects are much harder to hit than ones that just stand there and
   let themselves be shot...:)

 Once again, this level gets much easier with practice, making it fun to come 
in on a fleshing rampage once you get good at it! 

To play, just copy or move the PARADOX.WAD file to your DOOM directory and 
call up doom like so: doom -file paradox.wad (followed by pressing enter)
This level has no multi-player mode, but if you have DEU you can solve that 
yourself. Once in the game select "Knee Deep in the Dead", skill level won't
matter. (Only real men beyond this point!) Now you can either play out level
one, or go directly to level two (Paradox) by typing IDCLEV12. Enjoy and be

Extreme thanks to Raphael Quinet and Brendon Wyber for creating DOOM EDITOR
UTILITIES and to id Software for creating that awesome gaming experience;

Special thanks to Colin Reed, who created BINARY SPACE PARTITIONER. Without 
this, Paradox would have indeed been an unsolvable puzzle.

Thanks to the creators of "Hellraiser II" for inspiration on the 3-D
labyrinth and to the creators of "Star Trek-The Next Generation" for 
inspiring me to create the "Holographic Wall".

Thanks also to Ian Surhstedt for creating such an impressive work (EVIL_E) and 
inspiring me to push on and create this level.

Well, that's about it. Any comments, questions, or suggestions may be sent 
via E-Mail to me at:

Rick DeMar  74354,1421 (CompuServe)

Remember :"Real heroes don't use cheat codes!"

DOOM:HELL ON EARTH this summer!! Yeah!!!


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