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PHOENIX3.ZIP  -  D.S.S. "Phoenix"  (a.k.a. 'Doomzaak')
Four single-player levels for Doom2 with 11 new monsters,
lots of other new sprite graphics, and over 100 new wall textures!

This is a 'legalized' update of the files and
- the 'illegal' sprite graphics originally from doom2.wad (copyright
by id Software) have been removed for this distribution.

Original author:   R.L.L. Timmermans
Legalized by:      Sparky of KISS Software   <email removed>

New to this version:
- deleted the exe front-end loader
- removed the illegal sprite graphics copyrighted by id Software
- fixed the endoom text screen
- converted the three internal lmp demos from lmp version 1.6 to 1.9.
  The demos tested okay with Doom2 v1.9 (after patching the sprites),
  and with Boom v2.02 (without patching the sprites).
- added a silent teleporter sound to make the room-above-room effect
  more realistic (I don't know why the original authors didn't add
  sounds for all the new monsters, but I'm certainly not adding them).

To play PHOENIX3 with 'Plain Vanilla' Doom2 you must add the extra
sprite graphics to phoenix3.wad using a program such as DeuSF, WinTex,
or NWT.  For example:   deusf -as phoenix3.wad
And to play the game use:   doom2 -file phoenix3.wad
This method will increase the size of phoenix3.wad by about 2.6MB !

A much better option is to use a Doom Source Port which can load pwads
containing sprite graphics; such as: Boom, PRboom, MBF, SMMU, PrjDoom,
ZDoom, Legacy, etc.  Patching is not required with these source ports,
just run phoenix3.wad as-is.  For example:   boom -file phoenix3

The original text file follows:


        Name:                   D.S.S. "Phoenix" - wad
                                a.k.a. 'Doomzaak'
        Author:                 R.L.L. Timmermans
        Construction time:      Six months fulltime
                                Completed March 19 1995, 4:50 a.m.
        Levels:                 Level 1, 2, 3
        Single player:          Yes
        Cooperative:            Yes
        Deathmatch:             Yes
        Difficulty settings:    Yes
        New graphics:           Yes!! Eleven new enemies!
                                Lots of other new sprites!
                                100+ New wall patches!
                                New titlescreen etc. etc.
        New music:              No
        New sounds:             No
        New demos               Yes (not brilliant; I was having dinner
                                when I made the demos)
        Editors used:           Deu 5.21 gcc, Deu 5.21 (Doom ][ version),
                                Dmgraph, DeuSF, ADE2, NWT, idbsp, deutex,
                                dmadds11, lmp2wad, TED (but ENDOOM message
                                has been removed for the internet version)
                                Graphics modified using Corel!Photo-Paint
        Extra:                  Start program (kind of Setup.exe)

Philosophy:     This wadfile is situated at the Delft Student Corps 
fraternity building D.S.S. "Phoenix". This means EVERYTHING you see exists
for real (including the violence)! All Doom graphics have been changed into
student fraternity related graphics, like bottles of wine and barrels of
beer ('Pils' in Dutch). Your enemies wear correct clothing and have colourful
clubties (press F1 to see them together, and their names in Dutch).
(I used a few graphics from other games: 4 or 5 wall patches from trinity.wad,
the chicken enemy was imported (not overly successful) from Heretic, and the
new Heavy Weapons Dude still looks a lot like the... Heavy Weapons Dude).
D.S.S. "Phoenix" exists of three levels: a ground floor with the 'conversation
halls', kitchen, dining hall and some smaller rooms; first floor with
fraternity Senate and Phoenix Commissaries rooms, library, rooftop terrace;
and cellar with lots of service rooms, carpenter workshop, heating systems,
wine cellar, fraternity administration and the disco 'Lorre'.
This wadfile has been constructed to look as realistic as possible and
was meant only for fraternity members, even if they didn't like computer
games (be happy I changed my mind and uploaded it to the internet). This 
means it is not very difficult to complete the game, only
difficulty settings 4 and 5 are tough. Also, very few special Doom
features like moving floors have been implemented. You won't miss them,
though, there is enough to see. (You really MUST see what I did to the
'Fist' weapon!)

Thanks to the following people:

        S. Paalvast (for the start program Doomzaak.exe)
        F. van de Loo (for his positive criticism)
        M. Hissink Muller (for the building map)
        and Annemiek van Kalken (for telling me what the ladies' room
        looks like).

Legal Stuff:    You may NOT use (parts of) this wadfile to construct new
                wadfiles without permission of the author.
                This wadfile (or parts of it) may NOT be distributed in 
                any form without permission of the author.
                This wadfile may NOT be used as a source of inspiration
                for writing negative articles about the 'Delftsch
                Studenten Corps' in Dutch newspapers.

                                        Have fun!
                                        R.L.L. Timmermans
                                        Delft, Holland
                                        <email removed>


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