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MAP19 for FreeDoom

Original Author: ???
Was left unfinished, fixed to make playable for release by Wesley D. Johnson
john <obfuscate> son 24 12 @ usgo <dot> net

Release Revision 10.   Mar 7, 2014

CHANGES Rev10, by Wesley Johnson:
Made some bars impassible, and adjusted the texture height.
Widen stairs on wooden platform.
Added portcullis to main gate passage, and moved a port to protect it.
Adjusted texture alignment in main gate rooms, and several other rooms.
Adjusted some light levels.
Added ceiling light transfers for main gate rooms.
Added some boxes in the tower store room.
Moved some special objects to better locations, changed others.
Adjusted the monsters for balance, some were missing.
Filled in the lower chamber of the riverside rampart.
More ammo, adjusted health.
Raised the passage under the front walk.
Adjusted the distant hills and added more height.
Fixed one area where prboom has texture leakage.

Release Revision 9.   Feb 28, 2014

CHANGES Rev9, by Wesley Johnson:
Extensive changes to lower levels.
Gave each tower a foundation and lower levels, and used those to replace
many of the underground rooms.  Established relationships between underground
tunnels and the foundations, with exposures and shared elements.
Kept the central monster lair and only one ring of the surrounding corridors.
Integrated most of the tricks and traps into the one remaining ring
corridor, removing the lift and putting everything on one level.
Combined several secrets into one secret area.
Moved the library to the new main tower lower level.
Moved the dungeon to be adjacent the main gate lower levels.
Moved the secret switches to a sub-hallway off the remaining ring
Moved the switch to lower the courtyard water prize, to a lower level
room under the courtyard.  Gave it a visible mechanism so the player
can deduce they need a return visit to the couryard.
Removed the rising staircase that went through the same 3d space as lower rooms.
Along with the ring corridors, it lacked interest and was just a place to
run through quickly.
Provided two authentic castle style staircases.  One from the main
tower mid room to the lower tower room, and another from the red tower
lower room to the sub-levels.
Distributed the color barriers to the new stairs and a lower corridor.
Expanded the lava theme at the exit, with it showing on the earth surface.
Moved the exit area to an unused area to facilitate this.
It is visible from the south castle wall.
Removed the maze near the exit and moved the item to a water-drainage
channel behind a secret.  Added several water-drainage tunnels that are
similar to a maze.
The riverside tower was changed to a low rampart with a moat because
of the sight lines down the river from it.  The nearby wall was lowered to
be just adequate to block the pathway, again to reduce the view of the
joins of sky and river.  The riverside rampart and wall now has a
progressive defense that can be explored, with several level changes,
that adds interest to the castle design.
Cacodemons were added nearby so the player can defend this rampart.
The fallen wall structure at the path was simplified to just a
fallen archway over the path.
Raised hills around the outside of the castle to block views of the lower
edges of the city sky.  The high vantage points on the castle required many
high hills and sight control constructions.
Needed to reduce the size, so removed the duplicate map18 area.  It was
only seen if the player looked back at the start.  A tie-in to map18 now is
the bridge over the water.  This is easier to maintain.
Added many monsters to fill the spaces,
with more ammo and health to survive it all.
Removed the extraneous Keen.

Release Revision 8.   Mar 6, 2013

CHANGES Rev8, by Wesley Johnson:
Fixed secret floor on lower level so trigger and floor move together.
Added switch behind secret floor to raise secret wall.
Added block behind secret wall to aid in escape, in case get in past wall
without lowering floor.
Raised top level of middle tower, and added steps.  Crenelated the
outer wall of this tower.
Resized secret door to riverside tower passage, and changed to
a paneled texture.  Added a bookcase to match.
Removed floating covers over outdoor teleports because of the drawing errors
when viewing taller towers over them.

CHANGES Rev6, by Wesley Johnson:
Fixed doors to operate using the Boom skull keys.
Many switches were missing tag numbers.  Had to implement something.
Some switch operations would not work and had to devise something else.
Made all switches operate something.
Made all areas reachable.
Gave the castle a proper entrance, which was complicated to implement, as it
required two silent teleports to pass the player under the occupied
wall and tower defenses.  However, it came out rather nice.
It required an annoying door that appears to snap open when player
teleports, but have to hide the missing passageway from view.  Requires more work.
Provided a road to give rationale to the extra wall and tower, as such
were built to control road and river trade routes.
Provided underground secret passage where existing passage was
passing through a collapsed part of wall.  Gave the secret a keyed
door because play testing showed it was too easy to go to first thing.
Gave the area a river to keep player away from sky texture,  and a hill to hide
bottom of sky texture (which was showing).  Not totally fixed in non-play areas.
Fixed texture alignments throughout castle area.
Moved some special items around for playability.
This is enough to make it playable in the FreeDoom release without
appearing half-done.

  Castle theme.
  Multiple layers implemented using silent teleport.


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