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* Removed duplicate/unnecessary player states.
* Fixed the grenade obituary bugs of Marine. (yay)
* Fixed some bugs related to shell/bullet dispension of Marine.
* Made Marine's male and female taunt sounds louder a bit.
* Hunter normal fire bow direct hit damage reduced by 6.
* The constant fire damage of normal fire bow has been increased by 4.
* Hunter lightning bow firing speed has been reduced by 2 tics.
* Hunter's ice arrow damage has been changed to random(25,29) from plain 25.
* Hunter can only take 10 arrows from a dispenser now. (You also get only 2 arrows by each press now instead of 5)
* Hunter is 15% weaker against Choke's munching now.
* Cyborg's jetpack fire now deals minor damage.
* Cyborg's pulse damage has been increased by 7, and radius by 12.
* Cyborg gains 5 pulse charges when he uses his dashes now.
* Fixed a bug where you wouldn't gain any fuel if you were standing still with 100 cells.
* Fixed a bug where your pulse wouldn't work despite you having 15 cells.
* You charge up to 15 fuel now from 8 when you run out of it.
* Fixed a minor animation glitch on Cyborg if you Pulse while doing nothing.
* Changed Cyborg's pulse sparkle graphics and pulse flash color.
* Ghostbuster has a new firing frame ! (Was unused all along)
* Engineer will gain metal 6 tics faster now.
* Engineer will get 20 metal for each kill he gets.
* Engineer now has 2 new sentry levels ! You gain levels for getting kills. For getting 3 kills, your sentry gains an extra chaingun and the ability to find creepers. For 5 kills, it gets 2 mini rocket launchers !
* Increased normal nail damage by 1.
* Improved the alt fire of Engineer's nailgun, made the nails faster and a bit more damaging.
* Dispenser and Sentry will now have color translation same as you ! (Changes dynamically, don't abuse it!)
* Fixed some problems with Sentry AI.
* Fixed bugs related to Dispenser's ammo dispensing messages.
* Fixed a bug where Marine's suicide grenade could hurt Dispenser/Sentry.
* Fixed a bug where Hunter's normal lightning could hurt Dispenser/Sentry.
* Fixed a bug where Hunter's magics could hurt Dispenser/Sentry.
* Fixed a bug where Barbarian's hammer blast could hurt Dispenser/Sentry.
* Fixed a bug where Warlock's skullrod and boneshield could hurt Dispenser/Sentry.
* Fixed a major issue with destroying your Sentries/Dispensers.
* Fixed a tiny issue related to gender specific construction sounds of Engineer.
* Hopefully fixed the one shot problem of Ghostbuster's Frostbite power.
* Decreased the weapon firing speed of Void Traps by 5 tics.
* Warlock can overheal with souls now.
* Warlock has walking sounds now.
* Fixed a bug where Skullrod would let you use alt fire even with 24 ammo.
* You gain 4 hp per soul now instead of 2.
* Nova radius has been increased by 32.
* Changed the alternate fire of Icehands to a spreadshot like attack.
* Added more eye candy/usefulness to Warlock's 3rd item.
* Warlock has lights on skullrod now.
* Warlock wouldn't spawn a soul if he was killed by Icefiend melee.
* Fixed a bug where Santa's presents would stay even after he died.
* Fixed the obituary bug of Warlock's nova.

* Sjas scream damage has been decreased by 16.
* Sjas gains 2 Borrowed Time items from a Barbarian now.
* Jitterskull wasn't weak against Warlock's ice shards as he was meant to be, it's fixed.
* Fixed an obituary bug regarding Choke's vomits.
* Choke blood ball kills give 15 vomit points now. (Barb gives 30)
* Choke has a new pain sound and animation now !
* Fixed a bug where Choke would gain vomit points by killing people with vomit.
* Frostbite heals 1 more health per shard point he has now.
* Frostbite is 45% resistant to Warlock's ice shards.
* Frostbite's weakness against Hunter's fire magic is dropped by 40%.
* Defiler firing speed has been reduced by 3 tics.
* Defiler cloud ball explosion damage reduced by 4.
* Defiler is 15% weaker against Engineer's nails now.
* Defiler now has a visual indicator of Spiked Carapace.
* Increased the radius of shield explosion of Icefiend by 12 units.
* Increased the amount of wind particles spawned by shield detonation by 4.
* Icefiend has Female gender sounds now. (Not really female but, you saw it coming!)
* Fixed a minor Icefiend glitch that allowed you to cloak while detonating your shield.
* Fixed the annoying broken Ice spike spawn glitch.

* Fixed a couple achievement issues.
* Fixed the retarded random gib blocking everyone bug...
* Fixed Engineer mines randomly one shotting players. (By nerfing the damage)
* Potato achievement has been made 75 presses.
* Potato achievement does not reset when you spectate now.
* Fixed a typo on Ubermensch achievement.
* Fixed some critical issues that could cause immense lag.
* You can now disable achievement sounds by typing "set gvh_noachievesound 1" to console.
* Added new achievements for Cyborg, Santa, Engineer and Barbarian.
* Fixed a minor bug where Creeper's scary picture wouldn't display for Barbarian and Warlock at random.
* Fixed a bug where Icefiend wasn't properly rewarded for meleeing a Marine, Engineer and Warlock. (Ie. wouldn't count towards kill 4 types of human achieve)

- Fixed a bug on GVH01 scripts.
- Fixed a scrolling floor problem on GVH13.
- The subway floor on GVHNS08 has damaging floors now.
- The exit opens when you kill the Battlelord now on GVHNS08.
- Fixed texture issues and some lines being passable bug on GVHNS01.
- Tweaked the AI of monsters.

== Special Thanks to Lord_Damager and Mazter[QYou] for hosting test servers and anyone who has helped me test !
*** NOTE : I'm really sorry I have no credits text of sorts, I'll do that sometime !


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