compendium-v0.92-zan.pk3 is a PK3 featuring 1064 maps (Pink Horde, The Catacombs, Avernus, The Nunnery, Imp Madness, and more), playable on GZDOOM

195.82 MB
WAD Type
ABY01, ABY02, ABY03, ABY04, ABY05, ABY06, ABY07, ABY08, ABY09, ABY10, ABY11, ABY12, ABY13, ABY14, ABY15, ABY16, ABY17, ABY18, ABY19, ABY20, ABY21, ABY22, ABY31, ABY32, ALH01, ALH02, ALH03, ALH04, ALH05, ASD01, ASD02, ASD03, ASD04, ASD05, ASD06, ASD07, ASD08, BIO01, BIO02, BIO03, BIO04, BIO05, BIO06, BIO07, BIO08, BIO09, BIO10, BIO11, BIO12, BIO13, BIO14, BIO15, BIO16, BIO17, BIO18, BIO31, BLR01, BLR02, BLR03, BLR04, BLR05, BLR06, BLR07, BLR08, BLR09, BLR10, BLR11, BTK01, BTK02, BTK03, BTK04, BTK05, BTK06, BTK07, BTK08, CDR01, CDR02, CDR03, CDR04, CDR05, CDR06, CDR07, CDR08, CDR09, CDR10, CDR11, CDR12, CDR13, CDR14, CDR15, CDR16, CDR17, CDR18, CDR19, CDR20, CDR21, CDR22, CDR23, CDR24, CDR25, CDR26, CDR27, CDR28, CDR29, CDR30, CDR31, CDR32, CIT01, CIT02, CIT03, CIT04, CIT05, CIT06, CIT07, CIT08, CIT09, CIT10, CIT11, CLE01, CLE02, CLE03, CLE04, CLE05, CLE06, CLE07, CLE08, CLE09, CLE10, CLE11, CLE12, CLE13, CLE14, CLE15, CLE16, CLE17, CLE18, CLE19, CLE20, CLE21, CLE22, CLE23, CLE24, CLE25, CLE26, CLE27, CLE28, CLE29, CLE30, CLE31, CLE32, COD01, COD02, COD03, COD04, COD05, COD06, COD07, COD08, COD09, COD10, COD11, COD12, DAE01, DAE02, DAE03, DAE04, DAE05, DAE06, DAE07, DAE08, DAE09, DAE10, DAE11, DAE12, DAE13, DAE14, DAE15, DAE16, DAE17, DAE18, DAE19, DAE20, DAE21, DAE22, DAE23, DAE24, DAE25, DAE26, DAE27, DAE28, DAE29, DAE30, DAE31, DAE32, DAE34, DCV01, DCV02, DCV03, DCV04, DCV05, DCV06, DCV07, DCV08, DCV09, DCV10, DCV11, DCV12, DIS01, DIS02, DIS03, DIS04, DIS05, DIS06, DIS07, DK201, DK202, DK203, DK204, DK205, DK206, DK207, DK208, DK209, DK210, DK211, DK212, DRK01, DRK02, DRK03, DRK04, DRK05, DRK06, DRK07, DRK08, DRK09, DRK10, DRK11, DYS01, DYS02, DYS03, DYS04, DYS05, DYS06, DYS07, DYS08, DYS09, DYS10, DYS11, DYSXTRA, END01, END02, END03, END04, END05, END06, END07, END08, ENI01, ENI02, ENI03, ENI04, ENI05, ENI06, ENI07, ENI08, ENI09, ENS01, ENS02, ENS03, ENS04, ENS05, ENS06, ENS07, ENS08, ENS09, ENS10, ENS11, EQU01, EQU02, EQU03, EQU04, EQU05, EQU06, EQU07, EQU08, EQU09, EQU10, EQU11, EQU12, EQU13, ERT01, ERT02, ERT03, ERT04, ERT05, ERT06, ERT07, ERT08, ERT09, ERT10, ETE01, ETE02, ETE03, ETE04, ETE05, ETE06, ETE07, ETE08, ETE09, ETE10, ETE11, ETE12, ETE13, ETE14, ETE15, ETE16, ETE17, ETE18, ETE19, ETE20, ETE21, ETE22, ETE23, ETE24, ETE25, ETE26, ETE27, ETE28, ETE29, ETE30, ETE31, ETE32, ETE33, ETE34, GAT01, GAT02, GAT03, GAT04, GAT05, GAT06, HFA01, HFA02, HFA03, HFA04, HTP01, HTP02, HTP03, HTP04, HTP05, HTP06, HTP07, HTP08, HTP09, HTP10, HTP11, HTP12, HTP13, HTP14, HTP15, HTP16, HTP17, HTP18, HTP19, HTP20, HTP21, HTP22, HTP23, HTP24, HTP25, HTP26, HTP27, HTP28, HTP29, HTP30, HTP31, HTP32, HUBMAP, ICA01, ICA02, ICA03, ICA04, ICA05, ICA06, ICA07, ICA08, ICA09, ICA10, ICA11, ICA12, ICA13, ICA14, ICA15, ICA16, ICA17, ICA18, ICA19, ICA20, ICA21, ICA22, ICA23, ICA24, ICA25, ICA26, ICA27, ICA28, ICA29, ICA30, ICA31, ICA32, INS01, INS02, INS03, INS04, INS05, INS06, INS07, INS08, INS09, INS10, INS11, LEP01, LEP02, LEP03, LEP04, LEP05, LEP06, LEP07, LEP08, LEP09, LEP10, LEP11, MAN01, MAN02, MAN03, MAN04, MAP01, MAP02, MAP03, MAP04, MAP05, MAP06, MAP07, MAP08, MAP09, MAP10, MAP11, MAP12, MAP13, MAP14, MAP15, MAP16, MAP17, MAP18, MAP19, MAP20, MAP21, MAP22, MAP23, MAP24, MAP25, MAP26, MAP27, MAP28, MAP29, MAP30, MAP31, MAP32, MAP33, MAP34, MM101, MM102, MM103, MM104, MM105, MM106, MM107, MM108, MM109, MM110, MM111, MM112, MM113, MM114, MM115, MM116, MM117, MM118, MM119, MM120, MM121, MM122, MM123, MM124, MM125, MM126, MM127, MM128, MM129, MM130, MM131, MM132, MM201, MM202, MM203, MM204, MM205, MM206, MM207, MM208, MM209, MM210, MM211, MM212, MM213, MM214, MM215, MM216, MM217, MM218, MM219, MM220, MM221, MM222, MM223, MM224, MM225, MM226, MM227, MM228, MM229, MM230, MM231, MM232, MMS01, MMS02, MRS01, MRS02, MRS03, MRS04, MRS05, MRS06, MRS07, MRS08, MRS09, NEO01, NEO02, NEO03, NEO04, NEO05, NEO06, NEO07, NEO08, NEO09, NEO10, NEO11, NEO12, NEO13, NEO14, NEO15, NEO16, NEO17, NEO18, NEO19, NEO20, NEO21, NEO22, NEO23, NEO24, NEO25, NEO26, NEO27, NEO28, NEO29, NEO30, NEO31, NEO32, NJZ01, NJZ02, NJZ03, NJZ04, NJZ05, NJZ06, NJZ07, NJZ08, NJZ09, NJZ10, NJZ11, NJZ12, NJZ13, NJZ14, NJZ15, NJZ16, NJZ17, NJZ18, NJZ19, NJZ20, NJZ21, NJZ22, NJZ23, NJZ24, NJZ25, NJZ26, NJZ27, NJZ28, NJZ29, NJZ30, NJZ31, NJZ32, OBT01, OBT02, OBT03, OBT04, OBT05, OBT06, OBT07, OBT08, OBT09, OBT10, OBT11, OBT12, OBT13, OBT14, OBT15, OBT16, OBT31, OSI01, OSI02, OSI03, OSI04, OSI05, OSI06, OSI07, OSI08, PGR01, PGR02, PGR03, PGR04, PGR05, PGR06, PGR07, PGR08, PGR09, PGR10, PGR11, PGR12, PGR13, PGR14, PGR15, PGR16, PGR17, PGR18, PGR19, PGR20, PGR21, PGR22, PGR23, PGR24, PGR25, PGR26, PGR27, PGR28, PGR29, PGR30, PGR31, PGR32, PLE01, PLE02, PLE03, PLE04, PLE05, PLE06, PLE07, PLE08, PLE09, PLE10, PLE11, PST01, PST02, PST03, PST04, PST05, PST06, PST07, PST08, PST09, PST10, PST11, REB01, REB02, REB03, REB04, REB05, REB06, REB07, REB08, REB09, REB10, REB11, REB12, REB13, REB14, REB15, REB16, REB17, REB18, REB19, REB20, REB21, REB22, REB23, REB24, REB25, REB26, REB27, REB28, REB29, REB30, REB31, REB32, REQ01, REQ02, REQ03, REQ04, REQ05, REQ06, REQ07, REQ08, REQ09, REQ10, REQ11, REQ12, REQ13, REQ14, REQ15, REQ16, REQ17, REQ18, REQ19, REQ20, REQ21, REQ22, REQ23, REQ24, REQ25, REQ26, REQ27, REQ28, REQ29, REQ30, REQ31, REQ32, RES01, RES02, RES03, RES04, RES05, RLM01, RLM02, RLM03, RLM04, RLM05, RLM06, RLM07, RLM08, RLM09, RLM10, RLM11, RLM12, RLM13, RLM14, RLM15, RLM16, RLM17, RLM18, RLM19, RLM20, RLM21, RLM22, RLM23, RLM24, RLM25, RLM26, RLM27, RLM28, RLM29, RLM30, RLM31, RLM32, RUI01, RUI02, RUI03, RUI04, RUI05, RUI06, RUI07, SCI01, SCI02, SCI03, SCI04, SCI05, SCI06, SCI07, SCI08, SCI09, SCI10, SCI11, SCI12, SCI13, SCI14, SCI15, SCI16, SCI17, SCI18, SCI19, SCI20, SCY01, SCY02, SCY03, SCY04, SCY05, SCY06, SCY07, SCY08, SCY09, SCY10, SCY11, SCY12, SCY13, SCY14, SCY15, SCY16, SCY17, SCY18, SCY19, SCY20, SCY21, SCY22, SCY23, SCY24, SCY25, SCY26, SCY27, SCY28, SCY29, SCY30, SCY31, SCY32, SID01, SID02, SID03, SID04, SLA01, SLA02, SLA03, SLA04, SLA05, SLA06, SLA07, SLA08, SLA09, SLA10, SLA11, SLP01, SLP02, SLP03, SLP04, SLP05, SLP06, SLP07, SLP08, SLP09, SLP10, SLP11, STR01, STR02, STR03, STR04, STR05, STR06, STR07, STR08, STR09, STR10, STR11, STR12, STR13, STR14, STR15, STR16, STR17, STR18, STR19, STR20, STR21, STR22, STR23, STR24, STR25, STR26, STR27, STR28, STR29, STR30, STR31, STR32, TAL01, TAL02, TAL03, TAL04, TAL05, TAL06, TAL07, TAL08, TAL09, TAL10, TAL11, TAL12, TAL13, TAL14, TAL15, TAL16, TAL17, TAL18, TAL31, TAL32, TEST, TTP01, TTP02, TTP03, TTP04, TTP05, TTP06, TTP07, TTP08, TTP09, TVR01, TVR02, TVR03, TVR04, TVR05, TVR06, TVR07, TVR08, TVR09, TVR10, TVR11, TVR12, TVR13, TVR14, TVR15, TVR16, TVR17, TVR18, TVR19, TVR20, TVR21, TVR22, TVR23, TVR24, TVR25, TVR26, TVR27, TVR28, TVR29, TVR30, TVR31, TVR32, TVR33, TW201, TW202, TW203, TW204, TW205, TW206, TW207, TW208, TW209, TW210, TW211, TW212, TW213, TW214, TW215, TW216, TW217, TW218, TW219, TW220, TW221, TW222, TW223, TW224, TW225, TW226, TW227, TW228, TW229, TW230, TW231, TW232, VCO01, VCO02, VCO03, VCO04, VCO05, VCO06, VCO07, VCO08, VCO09, VCO10, VCO11, VCO12, VCO13, VCO14, VCO15, VCO16, VCO17, VCO18, VCO19, VCO20, VCO21, VCO22, VCO23, VCO24, VCO25, VCO26, VCO27, VCO28, VCO29, VCO30, VCO31, VCO32, VFL01, VFL02, VFL03, VFL04, VFL05, VFL06, VFL07, VFL08, VFL09, VFL10, VFL11, VFL12, VFL13, VFL14, VFL15, VFL16, VFL17, VFL18, VFL19, VFL20, VFL21, VFL22, VFL23, VFL24, VFL25, VFL26, VFL27, VFL28, VFL29, VFL30, VFL31, VFL32
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