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'Lesion][' final version 27/11/07
by Cybershark  (<email removed>)

YOU WILL NEED DOOM.WAD TO PLAY THIS or failing that it can be played on Doom2 if run atop this excellent patch by Sarge Baldy:

wanted to make follow-ups to Rage and Bio... blah blah...
then came some more maps... etc
few more 'sequels' got made along with some really fresh all new content.
i'd say this surpasses Lesion in a great many ways.  again, i was keeping the maps tied to Doom format and very 'OS' but BayXIII gets a bit more creative and for the grand finale Nihility says 'to hell with it!' and really rocks the boat  :p
i do not care if you like these maps or not, or even if they get hosted.  i like em  :D
as da_GodFad3r seemed to like running Lesion as a 4way the maps here concede to that even more but it is still primarily for duelling.

contains maps:
E1M1 - Octagone
just started as an outdoorsy kinda thing with an octagonal theme, then it kinda got Magma.  not a sequel to Magma Regulator though, just a similar theme and kinda clunky with it, still it's a good player.
music: NIN - Ringfinger

E1M2 - Rage II
this was the first map made for this follow-up project.  Rage has always been my favourite Lesion map and i wanted to work more with the layout and feel of that one.  so what you get is something with familiar looks and structure but totally reinterpreted here.
music: AC/DC - Thunderstruck

E1M3 - Biomehanika II
this is much less of a sequel than with Rage.  the theme will be recognisable again but the looks have evolved more and the layout is larger and very different.
music: Doom and stuff v3 (Nembat.mod from the Mod archive, no author apparent)

E1M4 - Bay XIII
doesn't sound very inspired from the name does it?  this one was never planned as any sort of 'part 2' though.  it started with a corridor and an outdoors, then a raised up area...  it was only when i came to want to fill a large open area i had that i thought of the hanging hook from BayXII.  it was only then that i went and dragged it more into line with the looks of the original.  it's very different once again though and gave me chance to show off some of the textures i've made from MAME screeenshots and local graffiti  :D
oh and this time around the hook got put to some use  ;>
music: Rage Against the Machine - Wake Up

E1M5 - Shattered Visage
this was the first map that i started working on for this WAD which was planned as something fresh.  it was always planned for this map slot though, as L]['s own 'Demonville' outdoorsy type map.
it basically only uses one texture (from Heretic) but i think it looks f***ing stunning.  i had a real dilemma with whether to set it at night or not - even had different music for the nighttime version but i settled on a daytime theme in the end.
map *should* be just about jump-proof.  i'm sure someone will prove me wrong but i go to maps to play them, not to find 'bugs'  ;>
music: LoRdLaZeR - Fantasy Runner  (exquisite track which i think fits better than anything i've ever found before.  heh, it says in the info it was 'Jarre-inspired'. nice one!)

E1M6 - Nihility
sadly, as with Aabra's ST-Dom map, i'm sure this one will be lost on a lot of people.  the people who matter will get it though  :>
i threw a load of textures and flats from Void into a WAD and made a few shapes but didn't take it any further for quite some time.  for one thing i wasn't sure i should be screwing with Void at all and then there was the fact that Adereth is working on something similar.  eventually i reconciled it though and i played through Void again taking lots of screenshots as i went.  what i then created uses almost all of the visuals that i snapped but the layout is all mine and throws in some new kinks.
as Cyb set the benchmark for Zdoom (Doom in Hexen format) maps with Void, i wanted to push the Zdoom (Doom in Doom) format as far as i could for the end of Lesion][.  this meant getting very creative in places but it was all worth it and doesn't sell itself or Void short i don't think.
oh and apologies to Morbid, this one got an SSG (kinda).
music: David Sears - TLR19 theme

E1M7 - Rage +
nothing too exciting here, this is just a bonus map.
it's the original Rage but with a few new twists (and by 'twists' i mean 'holes'  :p)  it got retextured so it no longer contains any Doom2 graphics and there's a little something else in here that's definitely not klaased  ;>
music: AC/DC - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (same as before)

there are a couple of other designs i have sat around which i really wanted to put in here but they seem to have stagnated and idk when they'll surface.  they'll be a good place to start if i do a Lesion3 though  >:p

title music - none (let's face it, they're always pretty wasted)
intermission music - excerpt from In The Mouth of Madness main title by John Carpenter & Jim Lang

no preferred DMFLAGS - play however you feel.  i'd rather people use always-switch for weapons but i won't force it here.
jumping isn't essential in any maps but can be used well on many maps.  same goes for Freelook.
the exit area in Nihility works better with Hexen falling damage but it's not essential.  that damage is forgiving enough to not cause trouble in play anyways.
i'd prob'ly go with the following settings:
DMFLAGS=278580 DMFLAGS2=1339044

only note here is that exits should NOT be set to kill but to advance the map.  there is a hidden exit in each map which can be used to switch maps.  these switches are not intended to be abused for suicides and so it takes one player to open the exit, the other to press it (unless you're very quick  :p)
the exit is hidden but the switches aren't too hard to spot.  the maps aren't big so it won't take too long to see what they open.

revisions since last update:
really just texturing tweaks and additions on the maps
other than M6 which got a couple of items shifted around.

thanks to everyone who Beta tested earlier versions of these maps and gave encouragement and advice, especially: Adereth mainly, also Julz_D, DarkLinux, Phenex2, Coffee/Snowblinded, Strider and scirmast (ty for your idea to recolour the health pickups too!)
thanks to the Adi again for getting me to play Void and for not being pissed off that i made Nihility, and well for tonnes of stuff!  XD
thankyou MorbidTwat and Phenex2 for the occasional support and encouragement.
big love to Adi (again  XD), L@P, Duruss, Chip and DSG for all the hosting they have (and hopefully will continue to do).
and of course to MT256, Julz_D, Milian and MasterOfDeath without whom i'd be less than nothing.

resource credits:
there's the usual shitload of modified Doom graphics.  some of these come from or draw upon the Alpha versions of Doom.  thankyou iD!
also a lot of brand new textures which i extracted from MAME screenshots of some of my favourite arcade games and put to use in various ways around BayXIII.  so thankyou Namco for Airbuster and Capcom for Final Fight and Captain Commando.
Adi for making my new Biomehanika sprites look better.
H R Giger for the Bio interpic once again.
Duke Nukem for the satellite dish.
some Mars photo i found for the Visage sky.
Cyb for Void.
Michael Houston, Greg Houston, Andrew Warrington & David Sears for making TLR19.
Tuberculosis for giving me the cow's lungs to make my intermision pic with.
Raven Software for Heretic (which gave me the basis for Visage and also the winged imps for Nihility)
Doom64 for the railgun  O_O  did i just say railgun?!?  >XD
Nick Baker (i think) for the chains (is it my fault my PWADs won't work on your port?  meh, i don't think so)
all the graffiti artists whose work i recycled here.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may NOT use the contents of this file as a base for
modification or reuse.  you want something then ask and we can discuss it  ;>

You MAY distribute this file, provided you include this text file, with no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file intact.

oh and you're an asshole if you host or play this with more than 4 players kthnx

octagone (E1M1)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns

rage II (E1M2)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns

bio II (E1M3)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns

bay xiii (E1M4)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns

shattered visage (E1M5)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns

nihility (E1M6)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns

rage+ (E1M7)

DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
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