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                REoL TOUGH:   The Pit      E1M5 REPLACEMENT
                    ### CONTAINS SELF-PLAYING DEMO ###

By: Resident Expert of Leominster (REoL), a.k.a. George Fiffy
(c)1994 SNESPC U.S.A.

COPYRIGHT NOTICE: You may FREELY DISTRIBUTE, modify, add, or delete to this
                  DOOM level, SO LONG AS credit to the ORIGINAL author
                  (REoL) was given for the original work.

This level works with 1 to 4 players in regular play or deathmatch.
COMMENTS? QUESTIONS? E-mail me at the following e-mail boxes:

        America On-Line (AOL):   GEORGEF551
                 The Internet:   <email removed>
!! If you have AOL, e-mail me about being put on a mailing list for REoL !!
!!   TOUGH DOOM levels! You'll get them the INSTANT they are done! This  !!
!!    way, you'll get to play them before the WORLD (literally) does!   !!

   It's the year 2094, and after all of hell's daemons that returned to the
Mt. McKinley Base (FIFFY.WAD: REoL TOUGH: Hell On Earth), found it all
boarded up. They all broke in, and were sent to the new Detention Center
located next to it.
   Most of the daemons were just awaiting for Satan to start the new school
year at SATAN'S SCHOOL OF WARFARE (next REoL TOUGH level. Look for it soon)
for classes. They just wanted to go back to hell, but the access way was
closed, and they just simply wanted to go back!
   One day, HELL BROKE LOOSE! A riot broke out in the Detention Camp (and a
fairly nice one too)! Some guards were sent in to put as many deamons as
they can into 10 prison cells located in the building, 2 in one cell block,
8 in the other. All could fit 4 comfortably. Some daemons were too big for
that requirement. There were just too many daemons running around!
  All the guards were killed, and the daemons are running all over the
place! A good hiding spot within this Detention Camp is the Unenchanted
Forrest! They are ready for ANYONE who gets in their way!
  Meanwhile, you, B.J. BLAZKOWICZ, was sent to the White House to be
breifed on what's going on atop Mt. McKinley, AGAIN! At first you thought
something horrible was to happen to the President. It's worse! It could
threaten ALL MANKIND, like George Bush did to this country!
  You were given a partial map of the Detention Center, and you were told
in a briefing by the Pentagon that you'll have to use a room called The
Pit to gain access to all parts of the building. To keep evil ones from
escaping, switches throughout the building (sometimes tripwires) are used
to activate/deactivate lifts to gain entry to doors in The Pit. All were
lowered at night. It's reported the Daemons have lowered all the platforms
and filled the pit with 10 feet of radioactive waste! You'll have to find
the switches or trip wires to raise the lifts to other doors so as not to
get the goo all over you, AND to be able to reach the doors as well!
NOTE: ONE door will NOT have a platform for it in The Pit! This door is an
"exit only" door to exit the Unenchanted Forrest. BEWARE!
  Your objective is to go through the complex to end all chaos! You'll be
  relying on The Pit, as if you don't know by now. The Pit is an octagon
  room with 8 doors, one on each side. Some doors share platforms in the
  center of the room. The low-lying ones will need a platform to gain
  access to. ONE door exiting the Unenchanted Forrest will NOT have a plat-
  form, so RUN to the center when you take a dive!
** Thers IS one raised platform here to start you off with. From there,
   each little "world" will have a switch or trip-wire to raise the next
   platform to another door, and so on. If there's a trip wire, you will
   walk over it durring the exploration of the "world" you're in. No need
   to worry about finding it! It's in your path!
** SECRETS: Well, You'll have one hell of a time trying to find these,
   even with the all-map cheat! Either way, you won't see ANY of them!
   All secret areas are invisable on the map. When you finnish the level,
   secrets or not, the map will show all there will ever show up, except
   for a few walls that may not appear since you may not have looked at
   them, or a screw-up in the design (there is ONE).
   Secrets take roughly 50% of the total map surface, so the map you'll
   see will only be half of it (just about)!
** IN REGULAR PLAY (1-4 players), You'll start off with a shotgun and a
   backpack. As you go along, your high weapon will be the chain gun, un-
   less you find secrets, where the high weapon will be the BFG-9000!
   NOTE: ONE secret holds this! Others may hold a rocket launcher, and a
   plasma gun, others just have ammo, heath, and/or armor.
** DEATHMATCH: You will start from one of several positions throughout the
   level, NO starting positions are in any secret areas (heh, heh, heh!).
   You'll have a SHOTGUN, some SHELLS, a ROCKET LAUNCHER, and a BACKPACK.
   Use your shots WISELY! Some of you may start real cose to each other,
   so be careful! Some of you may start in the same sector, like the
   Unenchanted Forrest! Some are just short walking distance apart. So be
   prepared for a FAST DEATH if you and a friend start close together!
TO PLAY:  At the DOOM prompt, type the following:


Note that the "n" stands for the level of difficulty. This ranges from 1
to 5.  1=I'm to young to die!   2=Hey, not to rough!   3=Hurt me plenty!
       4=Ultra-violence.        5=N I G H T M A R E !

  There is another way to warp to this level, but I don't know how.

* SHOOT THROUGH IMPASSABLE WALLS: The first part of your journey starts in
  a room that goes dark, and a platform lowers. The big brown area is a
  room that holds the important yellow key. When daemons with fire power
  are in this room, they (and you) can shoot through the walls of this
  room! This is a bad engineering flaw in the design of this room. DAMN!
* LIGHTS OUT AGAIN?: This same area. The room goes dark (set to trip off
  the lights ONCE), and you open the yellow door, The lights are tripped
  on (set to go on ONCE). Returning back to The Pit, the lights MAY go out
  AGAIN, even though that is NOT suposed to happen!
* DISAPPEARING SPRITES: Comes with the REoL TOUGH territory. Too many
  sprites, several will dissapear. This time, it's all those TREES, and NOT
  a billion enemies in the Unenchanted Forrest (there are a few well-placed
  enemies. KEEP MOVING!). If trees disappear, and you walk and suddenly do
  not move, and nothing's in front of you, there is a tree there.
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IN THE WORKS, The sequel to Satan's Castle (most popular REoL TOUGH level)
              called TOTAL WAR IV: SATAN'S SCHOOL OF WARFARE! If SC was so
              popular, an SC sequel is the most logical thing to do!
  Thanks for downloading REoL TOUGH, The Pit! Hope you'll download all the
other adventures! All proven to be BRUTAL (some say IMPOSSIBLE)!
  I'd like to hear from you, so e-mail me if you can!

Resident Expert of Leominster    TODAY'S MORAL: Keep an eye out above you
                                                for falling pianos.


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