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                               Predator Sound FX
                              -- Dream Warrior --
                              -- Time Traveler --
                  -- "I don't want my handle on it." - ??? --

Ok, so here are the Predator sounds for Doom, tested with Doom v1.2.  We
wasted the better part of a night's rest to put them together.  A few notes
regarding some of the sounds in Predator:

The sound of the BFG is a spliced sound of the Predator's laser.  It has two
parts, three beeps and a whoosh.  In the movie the beeps come after the whoosh
but in the BFG, well, the beeps come first.

Many lines in the movie were "chopped" for clarity.
"I'll bleed you (2 second pause) real quiet."
"I'll bleed you real quiet." (no pause)

The chaingun sound was a total compromise.  We would have loved to have used
Blane's minigun, but when sampled and run with doom, instead of a chaingun it
sounded like industrial machinery, no matter how many times we tried.  So
instead we settled for the sound of normal machine gun fire.  In pistol mode
it sounds terrible and even in chaingun we found the sound to be mediocre.
But oh well.  What can we say.  T2.WAD and ALIENS2.WAD are two instances
where the chaingun sounds good for different reasons.  T2 just looped a single
pistol shot.  In ALIENS2 the compromise is that the pistol sounds cheesy while
the chaingun sounds at least halfway decent.  The same could not be said about
(Ultimately a gunshot from a Doom audio package was selected.  Not my
idea, but D.W.'s - T.T.)

Questions or comments may be addressed to: 
Jin H. Kim aka "Time Traveler," <email removed>

For those curious enough to want to know which sounds were replaced,


01 Single machine gun shot
03 Blane cocking his chaingun (I think it's unused)
08 M203 fired from Dutch's M16
10 Predator's laser sound
14 Door opens, and then "Knock Knock" - Dutch
19 "I ain't got time to bleed." - Blane
20 Misc death sound
21 Misc death sound
22 Predator pulls out Billy's spine (gross)
23 "I'm gonna have me some fun" - Mac
24 Blane cocks his chaingun, followed by "Payback time!"
25 "Get to the chopper" - Dutch
27 "Anytime" - Mac
28 "Overhere" - Mac
29 "Showtime, kid" - Dillon
30 "I see you" - Mac
31 "You're in a world of hurt" - Blane
32 Squeal of the pig
33 Billy's laugh recorded by Predator
34 The predator pins down Dutch's head with razor claws
36 "I can make it...I can make it." - Poncho
37 Misc death sound
38 "Stick around." - Dutch
39 Misc death sound
40 "If it bleeds..we can kill it" - Dutch
41 Misc death sound
42 "Jesus-you killed a pig!" - Poncho
43 Predator scream (removing bullet)
44 "I'll bleed you..real quiet" - Mac
45 Predator sound
46 Predator sound
48 Combat explosion sound
49 Predator punches Dutch
50 Predator laser sound
51 Edited Predator laser sound
52 "You are one ugly mother fucker" - Dutch
53 Predator roars at Dutch (after removing helmet)
54 "Kill me I'm here" - Dutch
55 Predator sound
56 Billy's death scream
58 Predator scream (removing bullet)
59 Predator scream (removing bullet)

"Every day is Doomsday." - T.T.

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