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How coke.wad was produced (painfully !!)

Lee Witek     : For the bitmaps of the coke machine. (Also REJECT)
Keith Wilkins : The hack of E1M1

COKE.WAD was produced with the following tools:

DEU 5.21 (Thanks to Rapheal Quinet et Al.)
WACKER beta5

It appears there is a serious bug in Deu 5.21 that will not allow
the grpahics for the texure selection to come from a separate file.
It works OK if the Level and grahics come from the same PWAD but
NOT if the graphics PWAD is separate. This makes use of new textures
a pain in the arse until the bug is fixed.

These directions were typed from memory at the end of a long and
hot day and as such I do not vouch for their complete correctness
with some persverance you can do it, so please think before you
email me saying it doesn't work. If I can figure it out I'm sure
you can.

If you do discover a bug in wacker please email me:

<email removed> OR <email removed>

I will endeavour to fix all bugs that I know about.


Develop your bitmaps.


Load WACKER and then load in all of your new patches:

It is no longer necessary for patches to be contained
within P_START & P_END markers (Although it is still
recommended) as beta7 wacker recognises patches that
are not within P_START & P_END ONLY IF the are in the

> For Wacker to recognise patches when loading a PWAD they must
> be enclosed in P_START P_END markers

> CREATE mygfx
> CREATE mygfx p_start
> CREATE mygfx p_end

> LPB myfgx coke01 front.bmp
> LPB mygfx coke02 back.bmp
> LPB mygfx coke03 side.bmp
> MOVE mygfx p_end coke03

> The move command makes sure that the patches are within the markers
> as when you load a new patch it is always tagged onto the end of a
> WAD.


Create your new textures:

CREATE texture coke_fr 128 128
CREATE texture coke_bk 128 128
CREATE texture coke_sd 64 128

Note: You MUST repeat MUST make sure the width of your new texture
      is binary power of 2 otherwise DooM will screw-up the drawing
      of the new texture. 2,4,8,16,32,64,128,256

Now make the textures with the drag and drop. 

DISP coke01
DISP coke_fr

Now pickup the front panel of the machine by holding down the mouse
button and drag it over to the white box. Position it in the top
left of the box and drop by releasing the mouse button. Hint You can
use the cursor keys to give fine control over positioning whilst the
mouse button is held down.

Now do the same for COKE_BK and COKE_SD

The WEL_DOOM and WEL_WACK textures were craeated in a similar
manner except that all of the bitmaps already exist within 
the DOOM IWAD. You can pick and drop and bitmap from any of
the patch galleries (SPRITE,PATCH,GRAPHIC) the alphabet used
in both of the above can be found towards the end of the GRAPHIC


Saving out your new textures. To trigger wacker to make PNAMES
TEXTURE1 and TEXTURE1 which are reauired for new textures you
must make sure that the PNAMES entry exists in the PWAD:


SDW mygfx mygfx.wad


Load your new level and merge is with the graphics.

LDW mylevel mylevel.wad
COPY mylevel e1m1 mygfx

Now to save out.

SDW mylevel testlvl.wad


Exit wacker and loadup deu. Use the normal sidedef editor
+to incorporate you new graphics into the level and save
out when finished.

saved to mylevel2.wad

This will ONLY save the Level, the new textures must be
re-incorporated into the level.


To produce the final level load up wacker again and load your
textures in:

LDW mygfx mygfx.wad

Merge the level

LDW mylevel2 mylevel2.wad
COPY mylevel2 e1m1 mygfx

Finally save out

SDW mygfx finallvl.wad


If deu functioned properly then steps 5 & 6 could be
skipped. All you should need to do is step 1-4 and then
entry deu load the patch do your editing/creation, test
with the spearate graphics & level pwads and only do
step 7 when everytinh is complete.

With the current deu bug it is likely you must run abound
the loop several times to get everything right, taking
much long than is necessary.

There is a way to fudge the issue as deu will work with
a PNAMES, TEXTURE1 & 2 if there are NOT any external
bitmaps. You can build a fake gfx wad with wacker that
has the correct names and sizes of new textures but uses
the graphics within the doom wad. You can then develop
properly but you cannot view the real textures until
you do the final merge.

I used the fake method for developing coke.wad the fake
pnames,texture1 & 2 are included in this release.

At the moment the b5 of wacker will allow creation of
textures but NOT modification so if you screw up when
positioning then you must delete the texture and create it


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