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Umm thanx to some people:Thanatos the guy who worked out all the bugs 
and Satan (the wuss) for the bad ass music

Ummm trust me this wad dosent suck
This wad has the coolest Music,I got it from Satan.

Now its the time we all love,Uncle Herb's story hour!

Uncle Herb:Now little Jonny are you feeling ok since the last time i kicked 
your ass?
Jonny:Well Herb I gusse I am ok, can you help me out and give me some advice?
Uncle Herb:Why yes,rember the Green eyed dog who purhces him self on the 
purple cheeze man's grave will always get the four fingered toad at noon.
Jonny: Well Herb last time you told me to eat the Purvian Goat crap
my wee wee was all blue, and when I had to go poopies it wont come out!
Uncle Herb:Hahah you dork,your constapated.
Jonny:Shut up man,I got my Freind Jocko,the blue tikwando master, tick to
help me kick people's ass.
Uncle Herb: Wowie I am craping in my pants you little wussie.
Jonny:Shut up I take Karate ( what a looser ) so I can kick your ass 
if I get in tune with my inerself.
Uncle Herb:I will beat the crap out of you and your innerslef.
Jonny: Well please dont beat me up,and lets talk about something else.
Uncle Herb: Well Little Jonny do you wanna relive that constapation?
Jonny: Well...... ok
Uncle Herb: hahah your constapated, well you go down to Mr.Chens house of
mistical weeds. Ask for Snookie he will take you to the back room.
Dont worry the stuff he does to you in the back room is what he does to all
little boy's. Then he gives you the stuff,its in a green vile and it
has Asian tree monkey pee and dog crap in it.
Jonny:Will all that crap help me?
Uncle Herb: Why of cousrse Little Jonny.
Jonny: Wow thanx Herb!
Uncle Herb: Well ok you little wuss.

Till next time

Wad author: Uncle Herb.
Supports every thing like single and co-op and death match!
Were to get Herb wads H2H battle staion 1,the best place on Eath to DIE!!!
There is some pretty bad ass new music,not sound affects but kewl music.
Wad discription: It has a very nice wooden them,and a kewl sky texture.
What h2huh2.zip includes: H2HUH2.WAD AND H2HUH2.TXT
My Email adress: H2H
This wad was made from scatch and it took me about 10 to 15 hours.
I havent found any know erros if any let me know PLEASE!!!
Wad Editor: DCK 2.2 ONLY THE BEST!


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