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This is the Quake101.wad modified for Capture The Flag. 
I've taken most of the textures and added a red and blue 
flag to them. I exclude the electric looking ones and 
most of the doors. I'm hoping that this will help out the
people just starting out in making CTF levels that are like
I was when I started and don't have a clue as to how to 
change textures in a wad file.

This project took about 4 weeks to complete.
The programs I used to do this with are;
Quark - the easiest why I found to extract the textures
Neopaint v3.2 - to get the correct palette into te textures
MSPaint - for most of the cut and pasting of the textures 
	  and flags
ThumbPlus - to view all the textures to keep track of them
Adquedit - A very good program for which I couldn't have done this
	   for all of the wad file work 
B.S.P. - This is the editor that I use all the time and to
	 amke sure that the wad file worked properly.

I haven't tested this with any other Quake editor. I don't
use any other besides B.S.P. so I wouldn't know if there
would be any problems with using this. I don't see why it
wouldn't work in all of them. 

I'd like to thank ID software for making Quake for us to
enjoy and be able to do all the thing we can do with it.
David "Zoid" Kersch for such a terrific Quake modification
that lets us really enjoy the game in a different style of play.
Darren L. "Dakota" Tabor of the Capture Web Site for puttings 
this on his web page.
All of the writers of the programs that I used to make this.

Any questions or comments will be excepted by me at [email protected]

You can get this at Capture - http://www.imaxx.net/~dakota/capture

This file can be passed around any way, shape or form as long as 
this text file is include and credit goes to me for making it.

I think I covered everything. Hope ya'll enjoy this and I 
helped someone out along the way. Take Care All.

	John "Tattoo" Schultz