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A single room with a symmetric maze of walls that

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Hi - DETHWALK.ZIP is a really cool Epsiode 2 room designed for 
excellent death matches (in my humble opinion anyway :-).  I 
also found it great fun as a single player game as I tested it 
out: I just made it my goal to kill everybody and considered 
that to be a 'win'.

The difficulty settings are used.  ULTRA VIOLENCE is a real
challenge and NIGHTMARE is hopeless.  The easier settings are,
well, easier.  It is *not* necessary to use any cheat codes to

DESCRIPTION:  A single room with a symmetric maze of walls that
you *really* want to stay on top of since the floor is entirely
covered with nukage and roaming demons.  Staying on the wall will
take concentration because it weaves left and right and it's NARROW!
But don't forget about your buddies and the bad guys shooting at
you. Be careful: A solid gunshot can knock you off the wall, too.
Even while on the (low) walls the pink demons can reach you for lunch, 
so KEEP MOVING - you don't have the time or the ammo to kill the pink
demons.  Barrels are placed to keep your attention, too.  If you do fall 
off the wall you'll have to run like mad to one of the few steps that 
enable you to get back on the wall.  (and Good Luck, too!)  In deathmatch, 
you and your buddies will no doubt try to make it to the tiny center island 
to get the BFG9000, but this is a bit difficult when everyone is trying to 
do it!  I have beat the game under Ultra Violence without using the BFG. 
(A challenge to you doomers out there.)  Replaces episode 2 map 1.  
An exit is provided for scoring your death match.

DEATH MATCH RULES (suggested): I propose that all deaths count against
the player - this level is designed so that you have to concentrate
a lot on not killing yourself, and (besides) players at 10% health 
should get penalized for committing suicide.  So a player's SCORE is
equal to kills (frags) *MINUS* self-killings (as reported in
the exit tally screen).  A player shall get a minimum number (10?) of 
frags before ending the game by pressing the exit switch.  A player 
may want some extra kills to offset self-killings before ending the 
game.  To end the game the player will have to make it to the center 
and press the (hidden) switch there - stand on the island near an edge 
and press the space bar.  This may take some practice!

SUICIDE NOTE: I just checked and doom only scores self-inflicted barrel 
explosions as suicides; the number of times a player dies at the hands of 
the sargents, in the jaws of demons or in the nukage is simply not tallied.
I don't like that at all - if you can trust your buddies I suppose you could
just keep track of this with a pencil as you play. :(  If you don't track
it then when you knock a guy off into the slime you better finish him off
with a gunshot!

LIMITATIONS: I couldn't make the maze too complex because doom/deu
can't handle numerous open sectors and/or oblique angles without
the bizarre 'hall of mirrors' clipping anomalies.  As designed the
room has *no* visual anomalies in the normal play areas.  (There are 
some in the outer ring of nukage but if you fall in there you'll be
too busy dieing to care.)  If you can get rid of these anomalies
please email me! (address below)  I don't think there is anything
wrong with my construction!

HELP! Does anyone know how to change this map from e2m1 to e2m9 (the
secret level)??? The exit on my level goes to the secret level, and
wouldn't it be neat if pressing the exit switch gave the score and then
restarted the deathmatch again??  My email address is below if any kind
soul can enlighten me.  This looping idea works, I just don't want to
redraw my level from scratch!

C:\DOOM>ipxsetup -deathmatch -episode 2 -file DETHWALK.WAD -nodes 4 -skill 4
Try "-nomonsters -skill 1" for a clean pistolfight with no BFG.
Try "-nomonsters -skill 3" to get shotguns but still no BFG.
Try "-respawn" with the lower skill levels for an interesting deathmatch;
for one thing, you won't run out of shotgun shells with 'respawn'.

Please send positive and negative comments/suggestions to 
<email removed>.  This is the first time I've uploaded anything
so I'd be delighted to hear from you.  Negative commentors: be nice!
If you improve the level please call it DWALKnnn.WAD and upload it to

Made with DEU 5.0 -- WHAT A PROGRAM! thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou...


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