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WAD Type
E1M1, E1M9

----      ------    -------                      ----------
\   \    /    /      \     \                    /        /
 \   \  /    /        \     \                  /        /
  \   \/    /          \     \      ------    /        /
   \       /            \     \    /      \  /        /
    \     /              \     \  /        \/        /
     |   |   A K          \     \/                  / O R L D !
     |   |                 \                       /
     |   |                  \         /\          /
     |   |                   \       /  \        /
     -----                    \_____/    \______/
(Oh, for Gob's sake. What a horrible job of ASCII art that is. Quite saddo,
really. Obviously hasn't spent more 'n a couple of quid on that, poor sap.)

Authors                 :   Spackle Ltd. consists of:

                          Yak Man -- Level Editor (Deuer)
                                     Image Editor
                                     Text "Editor"

                          Mister Bob -- Image Poobah
                                        Computer Owner
                                        Message Poster
                                        Document Writer (that's me :)
                                        Manual of Style

                             Spackle Ltd. trainee:

                          M.Bonzo -- Voice Talent

YakWorld.Doc history:

version 0.99 -- Mister Bob fills in the template
version 1.1 -- Yak Man adds a couple sentences
version 1.2 -- Mister Bob deletes aforementioned sentences
version 1.3 -- Raid Fogger deployed

E-Mail Address           : <email removed>

Misc. Author Info: 

Yak Man has several years of computing experience behind him, but nothing 
could prepare him for the complexity of linedefs, sidedefs, and the dreaded 
STARTAN3 texture. It was only through sheer abuse of Mister Bob's computer 
and GEnie account that he mastered the fine art that is Deuing.

Mister Bob, while also technically skilled, is simply too lazy to bother 
learning the intricacy of upper, lower, and normal textures, when to use 
them, and how not to bring the level crashing to the ground when adding 
a lift. He is much more confident when managing over 50 megs of Doom files 
on his hard drive and when spicing up the drab Doom image world.

M. Bonzo came over here and made himself useful with the microphone.


What is Yak World? The simple and clear answer is that we haven't got a 
clue. Many sections are highly nifty, but if it resembles a theme park 
or some sort of yak-infested planet we'd be the last to know. It lacks 
theme, unity, some of the things we love to see in a healthy WAD. We 
admit it! Don't hurt us.

However, Yak World shows a clear progression from Yak Man's initial 
stumblings in Deu 5.0 ("oh boy, let's put a 1024 drop right here, and 
many shotgunners") to an expert overuse of linedefs in 5.1 to create 
lighting effects, ultimately bringing Deu to a crushing halt, unable to 
create or delete sectors without giving over 1000 warnings and crashing 
at the end of the compiling process... These problems have been 
identified by UpJohn Co; Deu warnings are definitely a contributing factor 
to male-pattern baldness.

Of special note is the secret sewer area, which I rather like, being it
my idea and all. If you haven't played it you haven't played the game, or
something like that.

Features of Yak World include aforementioned unfinished sewer system, big
drops, scary things with light, weird texture replacements, guns, rockets,
lack of spider demons. Lots of secrets I can't tell you about. Go play
that wad!

Additional Credits to:

John Lyons, a brilliant and often witty Doomer. We often have frank 
discussions on topics pertaining to the state of Indo-Chinese subcultures 
as connected with recent discoveries of ancient artifacts in the Indus 
River Valley civilizations of the Quasi-Bronze Age period, and on certain 
occasions we might even speak about Doom (I miniaturized a trooper, he put 
"Kick Me" signs on Imps and built glass; you know, the kind of stuff normal, 
mentally healthy people do all the time.) Check out his FLORZOO and 
JL2 wads (JL3 near completion.)

Kami, reigning benedictine monk of DEU. BTW, KAMI2.WAD rules the world.

Steve Purcell, deity.

Trent Reznor, in-house audio stimulus. Caffeine on a shiny 5-inch platter.


* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : E1M1 (Oh, and E1M9, too!)
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Sure. Go for it, sounds like fun!
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes, well... it's not made for Deathmatches,
                          but people like killing each other anywhere,
                          don't they? :)
Difficulty Settings     : Yes. Ultra-Violence is hard.
New Sounds              : Yep
New Graphics            : Yes nurse!
New Demos               : Roger, Ebert
Rating                  : R (just imagine a G-rated Doom level in which
                          the sergeants hug you and the demons prance
                          about with glee...)
Chemical Formula        : Na B O  * 10H O
                            2 4 7      2
Recipe                  : Mix two parts coconut oil with a cup of ham 
                          cubes and leave in oven until brown and crispy 

* Construction *

Base                    : New level from scratch (n' sniff)
Build Time              : WAY TOO %&^$ING LONG... um, I mean quite some
                          time. We weren't timing ourselves but it was
                          off and on for weeks and weeks, it seems. A
                          zillion hours. Good estimate.
# of keystrokes involved: 14,732,265,321,145,317,331,353,282,383 (this number
                          follows Bob's Law, stating that # of keystrokes in
                          making a Doom level must be prime. If you are so
                          inclined, you may spend many a millenia testing for 
Editor(s) used: 

DEU AND ONLY DEU 5.0 and 5.1. Er, for the level. Also Deluxe Paint 
Animation fer some images and Paint Shop Pro as a cropper. Oh, and
BSP 1.1 and DMGRAPH 1.1 and WadTools 1.0. These three little programs
formed the foundation for usable levels that Deu sits upon. We bow to
their power. Oh, and DMAUD 1.1 too! Blimey, there's a lot of good stuff
out there!

Known Bugs              : "Hall of Sky" in beginning. I BEGGED Yak Man to
                          make the floors lower to eliminate this but he
                          claims he'd have to reset the heights of the 
                          entire level. (He may actually be right.)

* Copyright / Permissions *

Don't mess with the level. :) I mean, sure, futz around with it in Deu by
all means, just don't upload modified versions.

However, authors can use images and sounds from here (why you'd want to, 
I wouldn't know...) as long as Spackle Ltd. is credited for originating 
it and you say what the hell you stole, I mean, rightfully borrowed.

Ah, here, in plain Swahili:

"You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, 8-Track, etc) as long as you include this file

That sounds good.

* Where to get this WAD *

Wherever you found it. It was first uploaded to the Scorpia RT on GEnie, one
heck of a inexpensive online service (with very little Internet access, the

(You think this is a big doc? Have you looked at the size of the .WAD? :)

                                                Mister Bob

Now I'm going to hand the whole thing over to Yak Man, our Yak World author 
(run in fear!)

-------------------Important Notes (REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!)----------- 
                        YAK MAN DECLARES:
2)There are three demos. The first is quick and pointless, but watch it
anyway...(It's followed by a special reward!) The second is me, appearing 
to have consumed many teslas of powdered Strawberry Quik, thrashing through 
the level whereupon I promptly become meat.
3)I have also included a third demo of me beating the entire level...
                1)You are too pathetic to beat this level even on easy mode
                2)You are on the verge of pressing either
                3)You have no qualms about cheating yourself out of the
                  buckets of fun you could be having actually playing the
                4)You don't give a flying frenchman that poor Yak-boy had to
                  toil for long hours under conditions unfit for any primate,
                  and you'd rather have fun at his expense
                  (Downright un-American I tell Ya)
                5)You are not worried about any genetic mutation that this 
                  may cause
4)There are two exits to this level, do yourself a favor and find both.
5)Keep your SFX all the way up and the music down (you probably shouldn't 
need to but you wouldn't want to miss anything fun)
6)SEND ME CASH! SEND ME CASH! SEND ME CASH!--you are getting sleepy-- SEND 
ME CASH!! or credit cards, or travelers checks, or depositable beer cans...

HAVE A BARREL OF MONKEYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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