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                 MOVIE GRAPHICS PATCH 1.0 !!!
Do you ever wanted to see ALIEN vs PREDATOR vs TERMINATOR in Doom? 
Now it's possible! The Movie Graphics Patch 1.0 will modify Doom to
feature the famous monsters, including some changes to players and 
weapons as well: 

- all player graphics are turned to the same uniform colour but
  different helmet colour (so deathmatches will be more fair).

- the punch and the pistol graphics are turned to right handed 
  usage (just to be consistent :) ).

- the plasma gun is turned into a flamethrower and the BFG into a
  minelayer (the mines can be activated by firing at them).
- Troopers are turned into Alieneggs (shoot them to release small 
  Facehuggers, but don't get trapped).

- Imps are turned into Aliens (beware of the acid and don't kill 
  them on very short distance).

- Sargeants and Lost Souls are turned into clips and shells (you'll 
  need the ammunition). 

- Demons and Spectors are turned into T400 Terminators (early models 
  armed with plasma rifles).

- Cacodemons are turned into Predators (hunting you down invisible 
  of course).

- Barons of Hell are turned into T800 Terminators (better make sure 
  you really killed them).

Usage: dmadds.exe movie10.wad movie.wad (dmadds 1.0b needed)
       dehacked -load movie10.deh       (dehacked 1.3 needed)
       doom -file movie.wad             (doom 1.2 reg. needed)

I chose to modify the original Doom graphics, so the feeling would be 
right (and the work less). Some things were not possible (different 
blood colours for example) and no sounds are changed (they will be in 
the next version, when I get a soundcard at last).

Although I would like people to use my work for special levels (if 
they mention the patch!), to experience a completly different Doom 
environment just play any normal level and die! ;)

Werner Spahl (<email removed>)            30.7.1994

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