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The Ultimate Crosshair
Colin Mitchell - 2001

This crosshair was constructed with the efforts of my self and my friend through a week's-worth of research of each weapon's basic and advanced aiming characteristics.  It is suited for each weapon, except the double barrel, since we only played Doom 1 when designing it.  It was developed for Doom Legacy explicitly, but it can be renamed for any other port that has customizable crosshairs.  I doubt that you'd need a feature for it, though, since it is usually used at point blank range at your unlucky foes.

The uses:

The Yellow "oval" in the center is the main aiming sight, used for the chaingun, shotgun and pistol.  When fired once, the pistol and chaingun will aim directly on the white dot in the center.  When fired non-stop, the shots stay in this oval for the majority of the time.  That's when we get to the red dots.  These are the "extremes" as I've grown to know them.  This is the farthest, or maximum, inaccuracy that these three guns (chaingun, pistol, shotgun) will obtain.  So you can base most of the shots with the yellow sidelines.  The shotgun WILL not go above or below the yellow horizontal lines.  The grayish lines above and below the yellow lines show the maximum "y" inaccuracy of the pistol and chaingun.  The farther the shots are towards the red dots, the less they are to reach these lines, or they will be more horizontally centered with the exact accuracy dot.

The BFG and plasma guns fire exactly on the white dots, but the width of these seems to require the green dots.  I found these necessary to estimate if certain solids projectiles will fit in some places.  These are also the main margin-of-error dots for projectile weapons.  

A note on some versions of Doom Legacy:
The farther you aim up or down, the more the weapons are inaccurate when compared to the horizontal of the white dot.  Use the yellow and grey lines to estimate shot accuracy based on the fell of the engine.

Feel free to edit the crosshair to your own preferences and style of play.  And don't forget to go to my web page!
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