A single player level. Large level. 1shawndm is a trimmed version of this level; the deathmatch version -this is what I thought, anyway, before I m...

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                SHAWN'S DOOM ][ LEVELS               
File name:              1shawn.wad   (The Mining Complex)             
Other levels by me:     1shawndm.wad (Cut-down Mining Complex)
                        2shawn.wad   (The Power Plant)
                        3shawn.wad   (The Training Base)
                        4shawn.wad   (The Military Testing Facility)
                        5shawn.wad   (The Nuclear Waste Facility)
Date completed:         April, 1995
To access:              Type 'doom2 -file [file name]' when in doom2
                        eg c:\games\doom2>doom2 -file 2shawn.wad
Creator:                Shawn Watson
Email:                  <email removed>
Address:                In Adelaide but always changing.
Misc. Author Info:      A deathmatch addict. A time consuming 
                        perfectionist. Favourite level is from Doom I,
                        episode I, level 7,"The Computer Station".
                        Architecture student.
Additional credits:     Thankyou to level testers Richard Melville (Stud),
                        Richard Wojnar (Wedge), Peter Dawson (Smokey),
                        James Watson (Bro), and Tim Walker (Tim Walker) for
                        level testing and demo making. Also thanks to
                        Matt Tagliaferri for a great DEU and of course thanks
                        to Id Software.

                Play Information for All Levels
Level:                          All levels map 01. 
Single Player:                  Yes (3shawn designed for DM only).
Cooperative 2-4 players:        Yes
Deatmatch 2-4 players:          Yes
Difficulty Settings:            Yes
New Sounds:                     No
New Graphics:                   No
New Music:                      No
Demos:                          No
To see demos:   type "doom2 -playdemo [demos name] -file [file name]" when
                in doom2 directory.
                eg c:\games\doom2>doom2 -playdemo 2shawn3 -file 2shawn.wad
                note: both the wad file and the lmp file must be in your 
                      doom2 directory.
                      F12 to change views in multiplayer demos. 

                The Mining Complex (1shawn.wad)
The story:              You are a hardworking, beer drinking, stubble
                        faced, overall wearing, rough and tough mine worker
                        who just happens to carry a pistol - you can never 
                        be too careful. 
                        Construction on the mining complex you are working 
                        in has only recently been completed; its base is 
                        that of an old mine which was closed down and 
                        sealed ten years ago under mysterious circumstances. 
                        All those who were involved are now dead and the 
                        government archives building torched by an arsonist 
                        who claimed Satan talked to him.
                        As lunch break is called and you sit down to polish 
                        your V12, twin cam, overhead valve, fuel injected, 
                        diamond tipped drill with multiple speed settings
                        you hear screams down the tunnel.
                        Just then you are hit by a volley of fire. You duck, 
                        you weave, you thank God you insist on carrying that
                        bloody pistol around.
                        You make your way back to the mine shaft fighting
                        your way over bodies and God knows what. It seems 
                        these hell spawn came from above, the complex 
                        itself. You have to stop them before they get
                        outside or the world is doomed!

Description:            A single player level.
                        Large level. 1shawndm is a trimmed version of 
                        this level; the deathmatch version -this is what 
                        I thought, anyway, before I made real DM levels
                        ie. super small.
                        Full of one-shot monsters.
                        Don't watch the demo if you don't want to know 
                        where the secret doors are.
                        WARNING: ultraviolent is only for the very best.

DEU Used:                       DoomCAD v5.1 by Matt Tagliaferri. 
Base:                           all levels from scratch.
Known Bugs:                     none.

Authors may use these levels as a base to build additional levels, 
but please mention they were built from 1shawn.wad, 1shawndm.wad  
2shawn.wad, 3shawn.wad, 4shawn.wad or 5shawn.wad, depending on the 
one you use. You may distribute these WADs provided you include this 
file with no modifications. You may distribute these files in any 
electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD etc.) as long as you include this 
file intact.


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