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*** El Documento Original est  en Espa¤ol (al final). ***


*** The Original Document was written in Spanish (at the end). ***

********** ENGLISH : **********

NOTE: Excuse me for the bad translation of the texts into English, I used
the program Spanish-Assistant to do it and I didn't check the text very
much. If you have problems whith it try to read the original Spanish
text. I thought the English text could be useful to get a basic idea of
the WADs for people who cannot read Spanish. I'm SURE that there are many
silly expressions, I'm sorry, I hope you can forgive me.

TITLE: " Seven Cyber-Daemons"

A PLAYER: You must think a good strategy before discharging or you will
             always die.
COOPERATIVE: If you leaves with care one you could get.
DEATHMATCH: A collective suicide.

        - It is very easy get it! , although it doen't seem it. I have gotten
it many time in Nightmare level. It is not question of luck, one must follow
an intelligent strategy.
        - You are not tried to kill the Cyber-Demons, of course (they
are 7!), and it in Nightmare is not possible, they revive. Test to move away
them of the exit before attempting to bring near you.
        - Take everything advantage of the one which I give: megaspheres and
ammunition of excess, and you utilize the map (it is vital). You must utilize
the hideouts, the Cyber-Demons doesn't fit.        
- Don't discharge to the barrels or else it is necessary or all the
daemons will fall on you to the same time.
        - If you have already realized that a Cyber-Daemon always stays
"watching over" try to discover the motive and take out it also.
- There is a rifle BFG9000 hidden. Yout should leave with a 200% of
life and of shield. It's prepared for several field.
- Pardon for the slight extra difficulty that they suppose those
marvelous barrels blocking the exit. Care upon exploiting them, the
Cyber-Daemons will come running. Enjoy it !!!!!.

** SOLUTION: The first time any of my friends lasted more than 20 seconds.    
I have decided to detail plus the process that one must follow, but
   Don't READ THIS unless you are DESPERATE.

   1. don't discharge ANYTHING until the suitable moment.

   2. Pick up everything the one which there is upon beginning (weapons, map).

   3. Put for the narrow aisle (for the only that one can), revolve the first
to the right (the walls have dead men).

   4. Advance until almost the final, where they could see us the
Cyber-Daemons, and wait for to that the most distant Cyber sees us and
discharges us. There is no danger, was captured by some barrels that it have
just broken, no longer it will stay waiting for to that we enter then.

   5. Return back for the aisle (now there is danger). Not leaving
        to the central zone, give a round for the hideouts (unclockwise).

   6. Upon making this journey kill to the small enemies (not Cybers),
avoiding that the Cybers see us, and without breaking the barrels that cover
the two first hideouts. If we remained caught by the two flanks we are
hopelessly lost.

   7. Past the two first holes try to attract all the Cyber to the central
zone (take out them of the room of marble). When it lean out one for the
hole their left arm will remain covered by the rock, with caution discharge
it a while.

   8. When you think that they are already the seven in that zone, follow
your journey toward the room of marble. Once you are in the room discharge
to the barrels that blocks the exit and go out.

*** ESPA¥OL: ***

TITULO : " Siete Cyber-Demons "

UN JUGADOR : Piensa una buena estrategia antes de disparar o morir s siempre.
COOPERATIVO: Si se va con cuidado se puede conseguir...
DEATHMATCH : Un suicidio colectivo.

        - ­Es muy f cil conseguirlo! , aunque no lo parezca. Yo lo he
conseguido muchas veces en nivel Nightmare. No es cuesti¢n de suerte, hay
que seguir una estrategia inteligente.
        - No se trata de matar a los Cyber-Demons, por supuesto (­son 7!),y 
en Nightmare no es posible, reviven. Prueba a alejarles de la salida antes 
de intentar acercarte.
        - Aprovecha todo lo que doy: megaesferas y munici¢n de sobra, y
utiliza el mapa (es vital). Utiliza los recobecos, los Cyber-Demons no caben.
        - No dispares a los barriles si no es necesario o todos los demonios
caer n sobre ti al mismo tiempo.
        - Si ya te has dado cuenta de que un Cyber-Demon siempre se queda
"vigilando" trata de descubrir el motivo y s cale tambi?n.
- Hay un rifle BFG9000 escondido. Se debe salir con un 200% de vida y
de escudo. Est  preparado para varios jugadores.
- Perd¢n por la leve dificultad extra que suponen esos maravillosos
barriles bloqueando la salida. Cuidado al explotarlos, los Cyber-Demons vendr n
pitando...    ­­­­­ Que lo disfruteis !!!!!...

** SOLUCION: La primera vez ninguno de mis amigos dur¢ m s de 20 segundos...
    He decidido detallar m s el proceso que hay que seguir, pero

   1. No disparar NADA hasta el momento indicado.

   2. Recoger todo lo que hay al comenzar (armas, mapa, etc..).

   3. Meterse por el pasillo estrecho (por el £nico que se puede), girar la
        primera a la derecha (las paredes tienen hombres masacrados).

   4. Avanzar hasta casi el final, donde nos puedan ver los Cyber-Demons, y
        esperar a que el Cyber m s lejano nos vea y nos dispare. No hay
        peligro, estaba apresado por unos barriles que acaba de romper, ya
        no se quedar  esperando a que entremos luego.

   5. Volver hacia atr s por el pasillo (ahora si hay peligro). No salir
        a la zona central, dar un rodeo por los recobecos (en sentido
        contrario a las agujas del reloj).

   6. Al hacer ?ste recorrido matar a los enemigos peque¤os (no Cybers),
        evitando que nos vean los Cyber, y sin romper los barriles que tapan
        los dos primeros recobecos. Si quedamos atrapados por los dos flancos
        estamos irremediablemente perdidos.

   7. Pasados los dos primeros huecos tratad de atraer a todos los Cyber a
        la zona central (sacarles de la sala de m rmol). Cuando se asome uno
        por el hueco su brazo izquierdo quedar  tapado por la roca, con
        precauci¢n disp rale un rato.

   8. Cuando creas que ya est n los siete en esa zona, sigue tu recorrido
        hacia la sala de m rmol. Una vez en la sala dispara a los barriles
        que taponan la salida y sal.


*** El Documento Original est


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