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                    THEME DOOM PATCH 1.3 !!!
Do you ever wanted to see ALIEN vs PREDATOR vs TERMINATOR in Doom? 
Now it is possible! The Theme Doom Patch modifies Doom and Doom 2
to feature the deadly monsters from your favorite action movies: 

- Troopers are turned into Alien eggs (shoot them to release small

- Sargeants are turned into Aliens (beware of the acid and don't 
  kill them on short distance).

- Demons are turned into young Alien queens (harder to kill than 
  normal Aliens).

- Lost Souls are turned into small Facehuggers (harmless but quite

- Spectres are turned into Predators (hunting you down invisible 
  until they die).

- Imps and Cyberdemons are turned into T40 Terminators (early battle 
  models armed with plasma rifles).

- Cacodemons and Spiderdemons are turned into T800 Terminators (try 
  to prevent them from standing up again).

- Barons of Hell are turned into T1000 Terminators (looking like 
  policemen but able to morph injuries away).

Players, weapons and some objects have been modified as well:

- all player graphics are turned to the same uniform colour but
  different helmet colour (so deathmatches will be more fair).

- punch and pistol graphics are turned to right handed usage (just 
  for fun).

- the rocket launcher has got more power (BFG like hit radius using
  rocket fuel units).

- the plasma rifle has sligthly changed (to match the T2 plasma 

- the BFG 9000 is turned into a flame thrower (limited range weapon
  using rocket fuel units).  

- all ammunition has been increased (you will need it).

- blood splats will remain some time and tortured bodies can be shot
  (thanks to the originators of these ideas).

- blue keys are turned into hostages (which need to be rescued to 
  open blue doors, so don't get them killed).

- yellow keys are turned into data boards (use this together with
  door textures for information exchange).

- electrical lamp columns can be shot (to turn the lights off)

Usage (important!): 

1. DEUTEX -APPEND THEME13.WAD             (DeuTex 3.1 needed)
   creates the complete wad file (about 4 MB large)
2. DEHACKED -LOAD THEME13.DEH             (Dehacked 2.2 needed)
   patches the doom.exe file (safe a normal.deh first!)
3. DOOM -FILE THEME13.WAD                 (Doom/HOE >1.6 needed)

(deutex31.zip and dhe22.zip can be found on ftp.cdrom.com somewhere 
in the pub/doom/wad_edit subdirectories. DeuSF and NWT may be used 
instead of DeuTex, but no longer Dmadds. Thanks go to Bill Neisius, 
Bernd Kreimeier, Denis M?ller, Olivier Montanuy, Greg Lewis and id!)

Most graphics are just modified originals to keep the feeling right!
The sound effects were taken from various sound wads (thanks guys).
Sorry, but different coloured blood splats were not possible, please
change the graphics for dedicated Alien or Predator scenarios. Due 
to some necessary tricks, the patch will only work when the dehacked 
file and the wad file are used together.

This patch is freeware! You may distribute it on any media, provided 
you include all files without modifications. Feel free to use it to 
create special scenario levels as long as the patch is mentioned! To 
experience a completely different Doom environment right now, just 
play any normal level and die!

Werner Spahl (<email removed>)              5.1.1995
 "The reason of my life is to make me crazy!"
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