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A very strange music conversion
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TITLE:                  A very strange music conversion
FILENAME:               strange2.wad
AUTHOR:                 Ben Childers and a buncha people who made the 
                        Music. Let's not forget the little people! :-)
Look for other WADS on the Internet named strange*.ZIP
E-mail:                 <email removed> 
                        *Please* E-Mail Me! Suggestions, Flames, Anything!
                        You See, I'm very lonely and have too much time on
                        my hands as it is!

DESC:                   Well... this is a replacement for all the 35 backround                           
                        music things that are in Doom ][. It ranges from Evil
                        Possesed Classical to Anime to Disco to Video
                        Game Music. See the list below.

1: Tales from the Crypt... How Cryptic... 
2: The X-Files, Creepy indeed 
3: Mission Impossible Theme - Sorry, not the Techno Version
4: Theme music from the Ryu stage in Street Fighter II 
5: Really nifty piece from a game called Actraiser. Theme to the Bloodpool stage.  
6: Theme music from the Chun-Li stage in Street Fighter II
7: Central theme to Naussica of the Valley of the Wind. (A Japanese Anime Show) 
8: Ah! My Goddess! Opening Theme (A Japanese Anime Show)
9: Dueling Banjos, how quaint  
10: The battle music from Final Fantasy. 
11: Canyon.mid, a really stupid piece, but hey, it came with my computer.
12: Golbez theme from Final Fantasy  
13: Bond, James Bond Theme...
14: Theme to Red Dwarf (a really awesome show I might add, chack your local PBS listings) 
15: Star Wars- The Mos Eisly Cantina band  
16: Animaniacs Theme (We've got Balogna in our shorts) 
17: Ride of the Valkyries - Another Cool Evil Classical Piece. 
18: 2001 a Space Oddesy
19: Star Wars main theme
20: Ghosbusters theme. (I ain't afraid of no imp.) 
21: Monty Python and the Holy Grail Theme (Adds just a little bit a peril to the game)  
22: Mash theme song (suicide is painless)
23: Naked Gun/Police Squad theme 
24: Original Star Trek theme
25: Danger Zone - Top Gun
26: Raider's March - Indiana Jones Theme 
27: Staying Alive! Saturday Night Fever! Bee Gees! Woo Hoo! Discomania!
28: The Loooooooooone Raaaaaaanger! 
29: Tocatta - Evil Satanic Classical (?). Think Dracula 
30: Final Fantasy main theme. 
31: Pajamas are uncomfortable (An opening theme to Urusie Yatsura, a Japanese Anime Show)  
32: Hawaii 5-0, blastin' Nazis to a funky beat. 
Doom Title: MST3K Theme 
Doom Level Intermissions: Pomp and Circumstance 
Doom Story Screens: See # 15  

*Play Information*

Episode and Level:      Umm... None?
Single Player:          Sure!
Cooperative players:    Why Not?
DeathMatch:             Kill to da beat, mon!
Difficulty Settings:    Whatever.
New Sounds:             Nope  
New Graphics:           So sorry, there's none.
New Music:              You betcha! What else would this be about?
Demos Replaced:         Nope, but the one that's there has new music.  


Base:                   All new. Hooray.
Build Time:             A couple hours building time.
Editors Used:           WinTex, MIDI2MUS 
Known Bugs:             None... This is a Music Wad for crying out loud!

Thanks:                 ID Software (of course!), the author(s?) of WinTex,
                        and all the people who made the origonal Midis! And
to Bork the Indestructible, from whom I got the 
                        insperation, and the editor. 
Download Bork's Geek4.wad at ftp.cdrom.com
It's cool. Oh yeah, Hi Mom!

*Copyright/Permission* (Legal B.S.) <-- B.S. means Beauty Sleep }:)

Other people may use this to build other Doom Stuff.  

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic 
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include these files 

You may distribute this WAD, provided that you include this file,
with no modifications. You may distribute this file in any
electronic format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc...) as long as you
include this file intact. Have a nice day!

*Where to get this WAD*

 ftp://ftp.cdrom.com, and it's mirrors.

All copyrights (c) copyrighted by their respective companies, or something.
I don't know if any of the music is copyrighted, but if I got it as easily
as anyone else could, it can't be important enough to sue me over!
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