DEATHMATCH, 2 to 4 players. - Easy to identify exit. Circular court yard. New type of windows, (never used before, to my knowledge!). Circular lift...

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title                 : AROUND THE SKYPORT

release date          : 3-16-96

Note                  : This wad is DEATHMATCH, for the newer
                        versions  of Doom 1 ........ and
                        The Ultimate Doom.
                        It will not work with Doom 2,--------
                        without converting.!!!

Note 2                : Wad authors.... check out the curved
                        windows in the round room, without the
                        disadvantage of an attached court yard!
                        All three windows use the F_SKY1 texture
                        with no court yard and no white spaces
                        or flashes at the bottom. The advantage
                        to this type of window design, is being
                        able to put a room behind, (or next to),
                        an open window, (Windows in the center
                        of rooms, better looking towers and many
                        other possibilitys!). This should be the
                        hottest trick to come along in a long
                        time! It will be worth your time to
                        figure out how I did it!  ....:)

author                : Daniel Huff
email Address         : <email removed>

description           : DEATHMATCH, 2 to 4 players. - Easy to
                        identify exit. Circular court yard. New
                        type of windows, (never used before, to
                        my knowledge!). Circular lift to obser-
                        vation tower. Lots of teleporters. A few
                        secret rooms, hidden pannels, and invis-
                        ible walls (the hidden panels and walls
                        -Do Not Have- mis-aligned textures, and
                        are difficult to find by design... :) 

                        This wad is set up like a war zone,
                        many locations to snipe from, but all
                        have an entrance and an exit to dis-
                        courage camping out!

                        The BFG and Plasma gun are harder to
                        find, depending on the skill level.
                        On skill level (1-2), which only has
                        shotguns, chainsaws and the chaingun,
                        .....the chaingun is harder to find.

                        The backpack is available on skill
                        levels 3, 4, and 5, and is also harder
                        to find.

credits               : id software for the best game ever!;

                        And to Greg Jobe for the encouragement
                        to keep building wads!


* play information *

episode and level #   : e1m5 -- I used e1m5, because the music
                        is quiet and boring, which allows you to
                        still hear the sound effects with your
                        stereo on, --(without resetting Doom's
                        config. before starting).

01around.wad file size: 122048 bytes

single player         : No, - just to do recon, (recon is highly
                        recomended), --yes do this,----- or get
                        slaughtered in a deathmatch!. (There's
                        only a few monsters anyway,-- unless you
                        want to convert this wad to a single 
                        player wad, then see below!)

cooperative 2-4 Player: Yes, -- (my grandmother plays this way!;
                        she's 87, ------ call her for coop play
                        at......... 1-666-grandma)! She'll help
                        ya fight monsters, wimp, or better yet,
                        ............................Get a Life!

deathmatch 2-4 Player : Yes, 4 starting points. This wad is
                        designed for 2 players, but is plenty
                        big enough to work very well with 4 

difficulty settings   : Yes, (1-2) shotgun, chainsaws and the
                        chaingun, (3) adds a rocket launcher
                        and a plasma riffle, and (4-5) adds the
                        bfg. There are various monsters in the
                        levels; so if you don't like monsters
                        in DeathMatch, then simply choose no
                        monsters in the DeathManager---- or
                        ****(see below!)

monsters              : one Cyberdemon
                        one Spyderdemon
                        and some Imps

new demos             : No,  (a waste of time!)
new graphics          : No,  (new use of old graphics!)
new sounds            : No - (Stereo alert!, - let's ROCK!)

* construction *

base                  : New level from scratch.

editor used           : Ed209 (BSP included), - RMB and Zennode.
equipment used        : This wad was built and play tested on 
                        386, 33's, with 5 and 6 megs of ram and
                        it played at above average speeds, so it
                        should scream,
                        ......................on non-antiques!
known bugs            : None

* copyright / permissions *

This is my challange to everyone on the Internet
and anyone else who reads this text file.-----

 In order to promote better wad files,-

(ever downloaded one that just don't work at all, or runs
so slow its like playing in peanut butter, or it has so
many missaligned textures, or worst yet, the same texture
through-out the wad,.... that it makes you want to puke!)

I offer the following:

(Not a new idea; I've heard of others doing the same.)

1. Use this wad as a base to build your own wad, (I
   encourage you to to so; Don't even ask me!; just
   change it, - anyway you want. Distribute it any-
   where and everywhere, and in any format you want,
   for profit or for free!. And also, I challange all
   other wad authors to do the same!, (after all,
   the majority of us don,t get paid for making wads
   anyway!; so not letting anyone use your wad as a
   base, is really just an ego trip;---Isn't it? !!!).
   ...............Too Bad--So Sad!!..................
   At least beginners would have a good place to start;
   then mabe we won't have to wade through as many bad
   wads, to find the good ones! This concept should
   eventually make all the wads offered, on the Net,

2. After you have completed your new wad, (using mine
   as a base), put your name on it, take full credit
   for it! -You don't need to mention my name anywhere,
   (but I would be happy if you did so, in your text
   file; but it's not manditory!) Just remember, your
   new wad will have your name on it, so just make sure
   its better than mine!, or else what's the point!!!!!

3. If you want different weapons placement or different
   monsters, in different places, I would encourage you
   to download ED209, (probably the easiest wad editor
   to use, to change, weapons, monsters and textures).
   (You can do most of the weapons and monster changes
   in less than 5 minutes!). - If you noticed, I also
   used a program called RMB, and another called Zennode.
   RMB and Zennode are not needed to build or change wads,
   they just help to speed up the wad a little. --- All
   of these fine programs are available, as Shareware,
   many places on the Net.

4. If your wad has any bugs, even just a small one,
   that's hard to find, even if your looking for a
   mistake, then, don't put it on the Net!. Fix it
   first, or get some help to fix it, or delete it!!!.
   People can forgive you for making boring wads once
   in a while, but not defective, ugly, trash. (I go
   over my wads in great detail before releasing them;
   we also play test em for weeks, sometimes months,
   working on the layout, weapons and monsters, ect.
   I would be totally ashamed of some of the garbage
   that's on the Net, if my name was attached to it.
   You have to be a perfectionist, to produce even
   a boring wad that works good, without bugs; even
   a bad wad takes a little time and effort to make,
   so why go to all the time and trouble...........
   to produce garbage!!!!

You may distribute 01around.wad, provided you include
this text file, (01around.txt), with no modifications
to either of them.

You may distribute 01around.wad and 01around.txt,
in any electronic format, (bbs, diskette, cd, etc),
as long as you include 01around.txt, with 01around.wad
both intact, original, and togeather.

If you combine 01around.wad with other wads, this text
file, (01around.txt) must be included with the
new combo wad or wads.

(c) Copyright, 3-16-96
Daniel Huff
<email removed>


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