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when renowned mercenary Salvatore "Salvo" Jettison accepted a new job from a mysterious organization called UAC, it all seemed like a gre...

Adventures of Salvo Jettison, or "The Quest" (for Weight Watching)
13.08 MB
WAD Type
Archive Maintainer      : Ty Halderman
Update to               : rslquest.zip in /combos subdirectory, this is RELEASE #8+!
Advanced engine needed  : GZDOOM 1.5.6 (software renderer)
Primary purpose         : Single play
Title                   : Adventures of Salvo Jettison, or "The Quest" (for Weight Watching)
Filename                : rslquest.wad
Release date            : March 5, 2014
Author                  : Richard Smith Long
Email Address           : <email removed>
Other Files By Author   : rslproto.zip, rslvenge.zip, rslrebel.zip, rslengee.zip, rsliczdp.zip,
                          rslforce.zip, rslredux.zip, rsldiazp.zip, rslshino.zip
Misc. Author Info       : AKA "Dick S. Long"

Description             : when renowned mercenary Salvatore "Salvo" Jettison accepted a new job
                          from a mysterious organization called UAC, it all seemed like a great
                          bargain - they would supply everything, from brand new weapons and
                          ammunition, to a plethora of minor benefits. What they didn't tell him
                          until too late: first, he was going to fight against the netherworld, and
                          second, they wouldn't have supplied him with the legendary everything-carrying
                          space suit all marines had had so far...

My rationale:

After a fast-paced, arcade-style mod like "Shinobi" I decided once more to experiment with a new and
peculiar gameplay system I have had in mind for quite a lot of time now.
In this mod - as suggested by the wacky intro above - you are no more free to carry whatever you
want weapons-wise, but instead have a limited carrying capacity measured in terms of "weighting units".
Each weapon has its weight, and once you've exhausted your carrying capacity by picking up a number
of them, you can't carry any new ones unless you decide to drop something that weighs at least the same.
Due to this and the number of special effects included, this may more properly be deemed a "tech demo" rather
than a modification, but don't worry, it is very playable once you have got the basics of it and learned the
pros and cons of each available weapon.
In this connection, WildWeasel and his "Magnum Opus" deserve a mention, because that's actually
from where I started to get the idea! :-)

DISCLAIMER: After having experienced the average level and tone of comments on the IDGames archive
            for quite some time now, and having realized that it deviates so much from polite
            criticism *or my very own attitude for example*, I feel obligated to state the following:


            if you believe you might belong to one of the following categories...

            - { vanilla DOOM integralist } who simply does not tolerate the concept of
              weapon mods,

            - { weapon thugtard } that does not admit the introduction of any new/creative
              weapon concept other than traditional boomsticks, classix-ballystix-based
              firearms, or generally any weapon that simply fires in a straight line
              and injures the target with a varied degree of power,

            - { IDGames | DWforums | ZDforums troll } who never managed to put serious efforts
              in anything DOOM-related, but is instead very proficient in flaming work
              by others without even knowing very well what does it enhance, or making feature
              requests just like at the restaurant,

            ...then you may safely stay away from/avoid wasting time on this modification,
            because it probably won't amuse you. Avoid also posting any criticism or
            consideration of yours in this connection, because nobody is interested in it.

            CAPITO? ;-D


            To quote Duke: "Aaahh... Much better now!"


June 03, 2011: initial release.

June 19, 2011: release #2.

- specialized TekBow damage to improve on the weapon role.
- balanced starting equipment and cryofuel spawning.
- added a few details in the accompanying textfile.
- provided new applied small font (thanks Hellser!),
  hidden palette.
- fixed Tubular Bombs explosion and re-raise from no-ammo,
  balanced their explosive power, commented out all
  debug messages (thanks Hellser!), made them multiply-
  spawnable at once by holding primary fire (thanks Ethril!).
- retouched logo appearance.
- fixed Plasma Concentrator projectile to travel in
  narrow spaces (thanks Ethril!).
- improved Infantry Rifle appearance with sustaining hand
  and proper bullet casings (thanks JimmyJ!).
- prevented accidental instagib bug due to headshot damagetype
  (thanks Ethril!).

September 19, 2011: release #3.

- added four new weapons:
  - 'Silver Magnum' (slot 2);
  - 'Cluster Swarmer' (slot 5);
  - 'Laser Cruiser' (slot 6);
  - 'Harvester Machine' (slot 7).
- restored the originally-conceived fullscreen HUD with
  proper mag and ammo supply animated bars.
- fixed display scaling with normal HUD.

October 10, 2011: release #3+.

- fixed a number of bugs:

  ( thanks VicRattlehead )
  - some weapons could not be switched to/dropped
    without ammo;
  - ironhand standard attack did alert monsters;
  - hybrid shotgun, overdrive gun would not spawn enough;
  - hybrid shotgun firing special actors were not dimensioned
  - stopping range for the death flower was excessive, often
    leading the projectile to crash;
  - the ammo bars would obscure the console messages;
  - shotgun-toting sergeants would drop an incorrect number
    of shells and an incomplete speedloader;
  - plasma concentrator could not be fired if too near a wall,
    since projectile would die upon spawning, and upon collision
    its thrust would affect the player;
  - monsters would drop their weapons/stuff when desized;
  - monsters would not possibly run away with fear when desized;
  - swarmer missiles would destroy each other in-flight;
  - revenant and necrodemon missiles too;
  - powerglove would not alert monsters when holding fire;
  - non-empty inventory would obscure player mugshot in
    fullscreen statusbar mode;
  - overdrive gun would not alert monsters when holding fire,
    and would muzzle-climb even when spinning with no ammo;
  - collider would keep firing at stage 1 even with no ammo;
  - cryogenizer gauge would not show up with berserk active;

  ( thanks JimmyJ )
  - revolver would auto-refill when dropped;

  ( thanks Xanirus )
  - steel arrows would spawn in an unbalanced way;
  - shotgun would re-pump after reload and just one shot;
  - barrel debris would be nonsensically very damaging;
  - cryogenizer would be overpowered;
  - cryogenizer would have an excessive ammo capacity
    considering its power;
  - stronger foes would react as weaker ones to the
  - statusbars were too bright for good readability;
  - chaingunguy would randomly gib on its own;
  - explosive barrels would be stomped accidentally
    by the player.

- made one barrel type spawn extra ammo supplies.
- increased heavy weapon dude fire rate, made him spawn his
  overdrive gun on occasion.
- beefed up revolver a little.
- made zombiemen drop sidearms on occasion. (suggested by Xanirus)
- added startable/stoppable rotor to overdrive gun
  (with altfire). (suggested by VicRattlehead)
- berserk adrenaline injection now affects cryogenizer
  altfire, too. (suggested by VicRattlehead)
- fixed Iron Hand pieces appearance in normal statusbar.

December 10, 2011: release #5.

- fixed hybrid shotgun shell ejection with odd number
  of rounds fired (thanks VicRattlehead).
- fixed message generation for already-carried weapons,
  transmitted to other messages (thanks VicRattlehead).
- adjusted melee and hitscan power of desized enemies
  (thanks VicRattlehead).
- added weight indications to weapon tag messages
  (thanks VicRattlehead).
- nerfed again the power of the cryogenizer with
  randomization between equal-to-lower values
  (thanks JimmyJ).
- implemented safeguard mechanism in first-aid kit,
  so to avoid wasting it on a full-or-decent health level
  (thanks amv2k9).
- fixed blood decals behaviour for desized monsters.
- added appropriate flags to A_WeaponReady
  in the shotgun reloading DECORATE section.

May 10, 2012: release #5+.

- added custom teleportation effect.

March 30, 2013: release #7.

- made magazines ammunition independent from skill level.
- fixed behaviour of particle actors on moving flats (MOVEWITHSECTOR).
- fixed cluster swarmer missile decals.
- improved appearance of still actors whenever applicable (FORCEXYBILLBOARD).

December 7, 2013: release #7+.

- fixed weight management bug in compression sidearm
  (could be exploited to augment carrying capacity - thanks Wivicer).
- integrated 'LeftOvers' data bank.

March 5, 2014: release #8+.

- again, integrated 'LeftOvers' data bank.
- fixed sound bug on Iron Hand.
- integrated *per-class weighting system* within addon for
  Ed the Bat's version. Classes weight capacity summary
  is as follows:
   - Original Salvo Jettison: 100,
   - Commander Salvo: 150,
   - Raider Salvo: 80,
   - Strategist Salvo: 125,
   - Assaulter Salvo: 200.
  (each class is balanced with appropriate stats)

Modification details:

Important: your statusbar / HUD shall look quite familiar, except for the ARMS section
           being replaced by a scales section with a counter over it. That is actually
           the indication of your currently-carried weight - keep an eye on it, since
           when you're approaching 100 weight units (the limit) you're running out of
           room for new weapons. Consider dropping one you already have with the
           specifically-designed key configurable under the (G)ZDOOM Options menu.
           Also, consider that the more you weigh, the slower you move!...


(along with their weight, if applicable)

        {               }
        { slot 1: melee }
        {               }

  [ [ [
] ] ]   Knuckledusters (Weight: <none>)
  [ [ [

Your fists, equipped with metal knuckles.

PRIMARY: (no berserk) deal a quick and weak double-hit combo.
         (w/ berserk) many combos like the one above can be stringed together full-auto,
                      with greater power. Unfortunately, the effect wears off after
                      a handful of seconds.

  [ [ [
] ] ]   UAC PowerGlove kit (Weight: 10)
  [ [ [

A special self-defense device consisting of an energy-emitting glove controlled through
a separate trigger.

PRIMARY: continuous stream of energy, makes former humans glow - literally.
ALTFIRE: a short and strictly-timed thrusting pulse that can deviate projectiles and
         push away movable bodies.

        {                                 }
        { slot 2: starting standard issue }
        {                                 }

  [ [ [
] ] ]   UAC Compression sidearm (Weight: 5)
  [ [ [

The standard-issue firearm that mercenaries get from UAC. Not so weak for a pistol, and
sports a nice kickback effect (beyond the usual pistol accuracy).
Needs reloading after 15 rounds.

PRIMARY: fire a single round.

  [ [ [
] ] ]   UAC 'Silver Magnum' compact revolver (Weight: 15)
  [ [ [

Great remake of a classic firearm from UAC. Each round is more robust than a sidearm
equivalent, and you can go emptying the whole loader at once, Far-West-style.
Needs reloading after 6 rounds.

PRIMARY: fire a single round.

        {                      }
        { slot 3: single-round }
        {                      }

  [ [ [
] ] ]   UAC TekBow (Weight: 15)
  [ [ [

A modern, (relatively) lightweight incarnation of a bow. Propels tempered-steel,
silent arrows that pierce through multiple bodies, and stop intact on any wall - so
that they can be recollected. Requires a little rearming time between rounds.

PRIMARY: propel a single arrow.

  [ [ [
] ] ]   UAC Hybrid shotgun (Weight: 20)
  [ [ [

Actually a cross-breed between a standard pump-operated shotgun and a double-
barreled model, this one can be fired in both modes (singular and dual). Requires
cocking every two shells.
Needs reloading after 12 rounds (6 if always fired double).

PRIMARY: fire one barrel.
ALTFIRE: fire both barrels.

        {                         }
        { slot 4: continuous fire }
        {                         }

  [ [ [
] ] ]   UAC Infantry rifle (Weight: 15)
  [ [ [

The canonical equipment of the UAC militia (once) and of the weaker zombies (now).
A well-balanced full-auto weapon overall, although the magazine empties in no time.
Needs reloading after 40 rounds.

PRIMARY: start the firing mechanism.

  [ [ [
] ] ]   UAC Overdrive gun (Weight: 25)
  [ [ [

Aptly named after the maximum spinning speed it can reach, this gatling gun has
excellent firepower and sustains lengthy fire sequences, but suffers from bad accuracy/recoil,
and has startup/cooldown vulnerable moments.
Needs reloading after 300 rounds.

PRIMARY: start the spin-then-fire combination.
ALTFIRE: start the rotor; from now on, enemies are alerted
         yet fire can be started or stopped in any moment.
         Press again to stop the rotor.

        {                    }
        { slot 5: explosives }
        {                    }

  [ [ [
] ] ]   UAC 'Cluster Swarmer' assault RPG (Weight: 20)
  [ [ [

A compact rocket propeller that is fed through specially-designed "swarmer missiles",
proves particularly interesting for its secondary fire mode: unleash four rockets that
can deal about three times the damage of a standard rocket, if connecting simultaneously.
Watch out for the inaccurate spread, though.

PRIMARY: propel a single missile.
ALTFIRE: propel four missiles at once in a spreading pattern.

  [ [ [
] ] ]   UAC Tubular bombs (Weight: <none>)
  [ [ [

These metallic rods are stuffed with plutonium and equipped with a radio
receiver. Shortly after they are detonated, their small-scale nuclear reaction
provokes a subsequent implosion that can be used for damaging larger areas with
a "delayed-trap" effect.

PRIMARY: - throw a bomb if none is engaged on the ground, or
         - detonate an already-deployed one.
ALTFIRE: - throw a bomb if none is engaged on the ground, or
         - disengage an already-deployed one; after a while, it becomes
           pickable up again.

        {                      }
        { slot 6: experimental }
        {                      }

  [ [ [
] ] ]   UAC 'Laser Cruiser' lightstream rifle (Weight: 25)
  [ [ [

Almost imported from the best sci-fi universes, this laser rifle fires short
laser bursts at impressive speed - and instantly sets former humans on fire!
Complete with Star Wars-like sounds, and please drool over the great
HUD-on-weapon-body effect!
Needs reloading after 150 rounds.

PRIMARY: emit a short, controlled light beam.

  [ [ [
] ] ]   UAC Desizer ray cannon (Weight: 25)
  [ [ [

A brand-new prototypical weapon of UAC, generates a microwave ray that shrinks
almost any living creature to smurf-size. Once the enemy is desized, it can be
easily killed, but trampling it is the most fun.

PRIMARY: starts generation of the continuous ray stream.

  [ [ [
] ] ]   UAC Cryogenizer rifle (Weight: 30)
  [ [ [

The last in a series of similar prototypes, this is probably the best one ever
obtained by UAC. Triggering it shoots a concentrated cloud of cryogenizer gas that
explodes upon first impact. Foes are instantly frozen, and remain so for a limited
amount of time, within which they can be shattered to pieces before they free
themselves at *full health*...

PRIMARY: launch a cryogenizer gas cloud.
ALTFIRE: cast the weapon body aside, deliver a right jab
         (useful to quickly kill a frozen opponent).

        {                          }
        { slot 7: mass-destruction }
        {                          }

  [ [ [
] ] ]   UAC Plasma concentrator (Weight: 30)
  [ [ [

A plasma-fueled rifle that, when operated, hurls a large blob of overheated plasma
that travels very slowly but inexorably in a straight line, cancelling everything it
Needs reloading after 7 rounds.

PRIMARY: start the plasma concentration sequence.

  [ [ [
] ] ]   UAC 'Harvester Machine' portable warfare system (Weight: 30)
  [ [ [

This bulky device is actually one of the most incredible additions to the standard UAC arsenal.
Propels complex "orbital modules" by programming them in two different forms, and may prove
useful in a multitude of scenarios.

PRIMARY: propel one module programmed as "Satellite" - it travels slowly forward, creating a
         powerful pair of forcefield wings that can wipe out almost everything in a single scan.
         This, as long as the module keeps its integrity (explodes upon first contact with anything).
ALTFIRE: launch one module programmed as "Death Flower" - the flying object progressively
         slows down and stops, then starts firing single forcefield rays all around.
         A bit more enduring than in "Satellite" form, perfect for setting up your own

  [ [ [
] ] ]   UAC Entropy collider (Weight: 35)
  [ [ [

An arc-shaped, plasma-based weapon that can be charged to progressively attack in three
different modes.

PRIMARY: (phase 1 - green)  projects a stream of plasma that explodes upon first contact
                            with anything, freeing a large number of small plasma particles
                            that bounce in any direction and deal moderate damage to everything
                            they touch;
         (phase 2 - orange) upon collision, the obtained explosive flow releases a multitude of
                            explosive plasma particles that slowly deposit towards the floor,
                            effectively creating an "explosive carpet" for the enemy to stumble upon.
                            Consumes twice the energy required by phase 1;
         (phase 3 - red)    the resulting plasma anti-matter shall turn into a multitude of ripping plasma
                            particles that shall stop suspended in mid-air, effectively permeating all
                            the surrounding space, and tearing any foe traversing it.
                            Consumes three times the ammo required by phase 1.

        {                 }
        { slot 8: magical }
        {                 }

  [ [ [
] ] ]   Iron Hand (Weight: <none>)
  [ [ [

A legendary hellish sword that must be assembled - its two halves may be obtained from the
major hellspawn only. Feeds upon black mana and has a multitude of uses:

PRIMARY: (with mana) deal outstanding melee damage that may or may not consume magical power.
         (without)   deal a fairly ordinary sword slash.
ALTFIRE: (with mana) invoke a storm of flaming meteors from above.
         (without)   deal a fairly ordinary sword slash.


        {               }
        { First-aid kit }
        {               }

A portable medical kit that - when used - quickly restores you to full health. 'Nuff said.

NOTE: do not try using it with health already greater or equal than 50 points - the kit
      shall be spared.


        {            }
        { Fire haste }
        {            }

Doubles your firing speed for 30 seconds.

        {                 }
        { Protection aura }
        {                 }

Halves any damage done to you for 60 seconds.

        {                 }
        { Terror pentacle }
        {                 }

Renders you frightening to hellspawn and makes them run away; exhausts after 45 seconds.

        {               }
        { Armor upgrade }
        {               }

Grants you five armor points, and raises by the same amount the maximum level of your protection.

        {                     }
        { Health extender kit }
        {                     }

Fully heals you, and adds three points to the maximum health level you can reach.


(1) The suggested commandline for launching the modification is the following one
    (assumes that the modification has been decompressed in subdirectory 'RSL' of your (G)ZDOOM directory):

    (g)zdoom.exe -iwad <IWAD_PATH>\<IWAD_FILE> -file <CUSTOM_LEVEL_PATHNAME> RSL\rslquest.wad

    (if under GZDOOM, add option '+gl_nogl 1' to disable hardware rendering)

(2) Do not forget to bind a key for weapon reload under 'Options > Customize Controls'
    in (G)ZDOOM.

(3) Similarly, *do not miss* binding a key for dropping weapons - still under 'Options > Customize Controls'
    in (G)ZDOOM.

(4) Also, please keep autoaim set to 'never' under 'Options > Player Setup' for the headshot system
    to work.

(5) To obtain the complete set of weapons and/or carriable items for quicktesting
    without breaking the weapon set at your disposal, type 'rsl' in the console.

(6) The modification is compatible with the following IWADs: The Ultimate DOOM, DOOM 2, Final DOOM.

By reading the following credits you may spoil certain "surprise monsters" in the modification...

Additional Credits to   : Various sources for resources and/or inspiration (see below):

                          WildWeasel for inspiration ("Magnum Opus") and color palette

                          Z86 for the custom blood system

                          DuduKrazy and Jekyll Grim Payne for the custom explosive barrels

                          Sergeant Mark IV for the headshot system, bruised death and gore effects
                          (note: if you are looking for the ultimate DOOM splatter experience,
                                 be sure not to miss his Brutal DOOM!)

                          Z86 and phi108 for the custom bullet puffs

                          Paavo Ilmari for the casing effects

                          DoomRater for the reload system

                          WildWeasel for the "drop" system

                          Sergeant Mark IV for the former humans and imp redefinition

                          Jimmy91 for the Necrodemon and Bronze Mastermind base

                          The Alpha Dog Alliance for the Knuckledusters

                          Rogue/Velocity and amv2k9 for the Infantry Rifle

                          Raven Software and MG_Man for the TekBow

                          Espi, MG_Man and Captain Red for the Hybrid Shotgun

                          iD Software and Daniel for the Plasma Concentrator

                          iD Software, WildWeasel, 3D Realms, Midway, Cage for the
                          Overdrive Gun

                          Raven Software, 3D Realms and Rex Claussen for the Powerglove Kit

                          Banjo Software and MasterOfMorag for the Compression Sidearm

                          Banjo Software and iD Software for the Cryogenizer Rifle

                          Rogue/Velocity, 3D Realms, Eriance and Xaser for the Entropy Collider

                          Marty Kirra, Raven Software and WildWeasel for the Iron Hand

                          3D Realms, Monolith, Xaser for the Tubular Bombs

                          Rogue/Velocity, Blaskowitz and PillowBlaster for the Desizer Ray Cannon

                          Vaecrius and DoomRater for the ACS scripts

                          Brian Goodsell for the custom small fonts

                          The Requiem team for the big fonts

                          Team Future for the custom mugshot graphics

                          Mechadon for the custom player class graphics

                          Glen Payne and Marshal Bostwick for the custom status bar base

                          Enjay for the new, more readable small fonts

                          Woolie Wool for the custom hidden palette

                          Lobotomy and Cory Whittle for the 'Silver Magnum'

                          Apogee/3D Realms for the 'Cluster Swarmer'

                          Eriance, Sergeant_Mark_IV, Xaser for the 'Laser Cruiser'

                          Apogee, Eriance, Daniel for the 'Harvester Machine'

                          Logan MTM for the custom teleportation effect

                           ...the ZDOOM community... (this got better and better because of YOU!)

                          Hellser, Ethril, JimmyJ, Xanirus, amv2k9 and Wivicer for bug reporting

                          VicRattlehead for intensive, accurate, valuable testing

                          Chronoteeth and Magban724 for encouragement and positive feedback

                           ...and a couple "special" friends... (yes I'm crazy)

                          Theodore PosDeeck Fella (AKA Fella Theo) for retarded awesomewism

                          The Fun That Starts 4 The Fart That Stuns.

All other authors I forgot to mention: please forgive me! I tried to be accurate as much as I could.
If you here notice some of your resources un-mentioned, please notify me and I will try to remedy.


* What is included *

New levels              : None
Sounds                  : Yes
Music                   : No
Graphics                : Yes
Dehacked/BEX Patch      : Yes
Demos                   : No
Other                   : (G)ZDOOM-specific lumps
Other files required    : None

* Play Information *

Game                    : DOOM
Map #                   : None
Single Player           : Designed for
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Maybe (untested)
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Maybe (untested)
Other game styles       : None
Difficulty Settings     : N/A

* Construction *

Base                    : New from scratch
                          (for the nitpicky ones, resources previously produced by the community)
Build Time              : 4 months
Editor(s) used          : Adobe Photoshop, GoldWave Audio Editor, Notepad, XWE, Slade
Known Bugs              : Widescreen modes are perhaps unsupported. Sorry.
                          Besides that, you can't lob all tubular bombs you have and then detonate them all.
                          You should spare one. Don't tell me, I resorted to nothing after one million fixation
                          attempts... :-( Good thing is, you can recollect 'em all anyway! :-)
May Not Run With...     : Ports not supporting DECORATE; level WADs with heavy amounts of DEHACKED / DECORATE modifications

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use the contents of this file as a base for modification or
reuse.  Permissions have been obtained from original authors for any of
their resources modified or included in this file.

You MAY distribute this file, provided you include this text file, with no
modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic format (BBS,
Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file intact.  I have
received permission from the original authors of any modified or included
content in this file to allow further distribution.

* Where to get the file that this text file describes *

The Usual: ftp://archives.3dgamers.com/pub/idgames/ and mirrors
Web sites: None others than the IDGames archive
FTP sites: None others than the IDGames archive
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