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The LMP is in a separate file, because for some reason it desyncs 
on my machine when assigned to the DEMO1 slot.
----------------------ÅÄÄÄWAD DescriptionÄÄÄÅ-----------------------
This WAD was formerly known as Hell Revealed II map11 (not the pre-
release beta, but a new one, to be replaced by yet another new one
by me) and is a really action packed WAD.  Please bear in mind that
it was designed earlier on in my Dooming career, so forgive me if it
looks a little dated.  You can see screenshots of this old map on my
site under 'Hell Revealed II'.  I think this map looks quite nice 
outdoors, what with the yellowy-gold sky and all.  Enjoy it and don't
complain to me if it's too hard for you on skill 4.

A note to Andy: I've made the outside areas lower, they look nicer
that way, also, some of the texturing has been altered (brick7 instead
of brick9 and brick6 instead of brick5.)  It looks better now....
----------------------ÅÄÄÄWAD InformationÄÄÄÅ-----------------------
Name:           sdw_ballistics.wad
Game:           Doom II 1.9
Maps Replaced:  map01
Authors:        S. 'Metabolist' Woodman, Andy Olivera
Email Address:  <email removed>, <email removed>
Demo Recording: S. 'Metabolist' Woodman
New Graphics:   Yes: a sky by Ola Bjørling
New Sounds:     No
New Music:      Yes - Icarus map04 (my favourite :-)
New Demos:      One - 07:32, 100/100/100, skill 4!!
(Proving that it can be done by players such as myself)
Known Bugs:     None
Unknown Bugs:   None
Build Time:     several hours
Tools Used:     DETH 4.24, BSP 2.3x
----------------------ÅÄÄÄWhere To Find ItÄÄÄÅ----------------------
At the central Homepage:
Or at the Walnut Creek Archive:
(you can paste these URLs into your browser if you're a
repressed kid whose parents have enforced browser restrictions...
or if you can't be bothered to type them in by hand :-)
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