This is undoubtedly the fastest paced level ever made! You cannot rest a second without being fragged! So load the level and get ready for adren- a...

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Title                   : Blitzkrieg!
Filename                : BLITZ.WAD
Author                  : Samuel Lock (aka Lord Unum, Marduk)
Email Address           : <email removed> <--preferred
                          <email removed>
                          <email removed>
Misc. Author Info       : An all-around Doom/Global Wars nut!
                          Love kicking back and listening to L.A.'s very
                          own Loveline show on the world famous KROQ.
                          Mail me with any info on who this bigfoot a**hole
                          is! (you hafta listen to the show to know who
                          this f00l is...)

                          Author of the short-lived Bacardi series. Thanks
                          to all the people who sent tons of info on the
                          five levels. I really appreciated it. I have now
                          switched to releasing my levels as I construct
                          them, to quicker satisfy all you doomers with the
                          insatiable hunger for really good deathmatch levels.

                          I currently reside in a Los Angeles suburb and
                          am attending a nearby state university for my under-
                          grad studies. Well, enough about me. Onto the LEVEL!
Description             : This is undoubtedly the fastest paced level ever
                          made! You cannot rest a second without being
                          fragged! So load the level and get ready for adren-
                          aline pumping action. WHO NEEDS CAFFEINE?!
Additional Credits to   : SlowŸingers, aka 2k­œœu (<email removed>) 
                                - a classy guy whose skills at deathmatch
                                  are wondered at by so many (ehehe). we've
                                  had many a good game at Doom2 deathmatch.
                                  ** THE FASTEST ’ïS­ IN THE WEST! **
                                  Also sysop/owner of my favorite BBS,
                                  2KiLLu's Wad House, Doom-alike/DWANGO
                                  central in Long Beach. Drop on by sometime!
                                  Oh, forgot to thank him for being always
                                  one of the first people to try out and
                                  give feedback on my levels!

                          Midiguy (<email removed>) OR (<email removed>)
                                - SO F*CKIN HARD TO BEAT THIS GUY!! ehehe, at
                                  least for me. He's got .MID files up the
                                  wazoo, and has made many pretty darn good
                                  (and stylish) deathmatch levels. His levels
                                  have been profiled in PC Gamer! They do kick
                                  butt...hey, I'll give you a list of the ones
                                  I know of...

                                  HELLFIRE   ABRAXAS   MAP1SUX   FIRE
                                  ARENA-X   SCHIZOID   DERANGED   LB_5150*
                                  SABOTAGE   DETH-INC   HELLSTAR
                                  * - a four-level compilation

                          Grond (?)
                                - also made a helluva lot of good deathmatch
                                  levels. another inspiration...

                          Noble (?)
                          Baron (<email removed> most recently)
                                - HECK JUST FOR BEING THERE!! Now they're
                                  die-hard Warcraft ][ nuts :(

                          Fang (?)
                          Searcher (?)
                          Nash (?)
                          Jae (?)
                          Sinister (?)
                          Locutus (?)
                          and an infinite number of other DWANGO members...
                                - A million thanks for providing me with hours
                                  upon hours on end of great deathmatches and
                                  good conversation! Trust me guys, I will be
                                  back...sooner than you think...and with a
                                  working mouse! :)

                          The Innocent Crew, TiC
                                - these guys have worked so hard to make so
                                  many great add-ons for both Doom/Doom2.
                                  They also brought us the SUPERB wad tool,
                                  NWT. Some of their HUGE add-ons...

                                  Slaughter Until Death, SUDTIC (Doom)
                                  The Evil Unleashed (?), TEUTIC (Doom)
                                  Obituary, OBTIC (Doom2)
                                  Memento Mori, the best add-on ever! (Doom2)
                                  Memento Mori 2 (EAGERLY AWAITING THIS!!)

                                  they deserve HUGE thanks!

                          The Wad Crew, TWC
                                - makers of many great deathmatch compilations
                                  GUYS, HERE'S A GREAT EXAMPLE OF MY WORK!!
                                  I hope to join them, because indeed they are
                                  an elite group of Doom-alike "tinkerers".

               worked   { Brian Vannata (<email removed>)
              together  { Brandon Weldon (<email removed>)
                          Bob Boyer, aka The Dweller (<email removed>)
                          Ryan Haney, (<email removed>)
                          Cole Savage, aka MaNCeR (<email removed>)
                                - makers of THE BEST PLAYING/LOOKING death-
                                  match specific levels EVER!!
                                  Makers of, respectively:

                                  Igor9 (10 deathmatch levels), Danzig1/2
                                  (5 deathmatch levels each), Judas21/22/23
                                  (22 being deathtag).

                                  Dweller2 (16 awesome deathmatch levels)

                                  Quicken5 (15 superb deathmatch levels)

                                  MancerX1/2/3 (5 KILLER deathmatch levels

                                  THEY ALL GET HUGE APPLAUSE AND THANKS FROM

                          and, of course, id Software
                                - The MASTERS...
                                  'nuff said.

* Play Information *

Map #                   : Map 1
Single Player           : Yes (To peruse the grounds.)
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes (Yes, but it'll be a deathmatch in NO time!)
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : **** YES! ****
Difficulty Settings     : Implemented for various modes of play (SEE BELOW)
New Sounds              : No (I will add sounds in a future compilation.)
New Graphics            : Yes (Well no textures, BUT a few other resources.)
New Music               : Yes (Level music, White Zombie, intermission music.)
Demos Replaced          : None (BUT PLEASE SEND THEM TO ME OR UPLOAD ANY .LMPs
                          TO FTP, OR TO 2KILLU's WAD HOUSE! THANKS.)

* Construction *

Base                    : Idea for map from Quicken5 map 14.
Editor(s) used          : DETH, DCK, ZenNode, NWT
Known Bugs              : None I have found (AND BOY HAVE I LOOKED HARD!!).

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels, 
concatenations, or otherwise. Please ask my permission before modifying OR
including the file/level in any way...OR ELSE!!! I'm not a bad let's
keep it that way. :)

You MAY distribute this PWAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file

* Where to get this PWAD *

FTP sites: and it's MANY mirrors...
BBS sites:  2KiLLu's Wad House  - (310) 531-4598
            Land Of Barovia     - (310) 860-2008
            Secret Services BBS - (310) 867-2177
            The Cutting Board   - (310) 428-1947
            Illusions BBS       - CURRENT:    (310) 804-3324
                                  AFTER 10/1: (310) 804-3439

* Closing Notes *

This level implements the use of skill levels. The weapons appear as follows:

 + Skill 1/2: Shotguns all over the place
              Super shotguns, and chainguns on lifts
              Rocket launcher on center "pole", accessed via teleport

 + Skill 3:   Super shotguns all over the place
              Chainguns and rocket launchers on the lifts
              Plasma gun on center "pole"

 + Skill 4/5: Super shotguns (again) all over the place
              Rocket launchers and plasma guns on the lifts
              BFG 9000 on the center "pole"

The exit contains a RESET switch ONLY! I decided that much alike MrBlonde's
EXCELLENT deathmatch levels, I knew the player would load this level to play
this level ONLY. The music I inserted keeps the adrenalin pumping. I hate
who get fragged the twice get frustrated and decide to leave the level for
another non-deathmatch level and thusly bomb out. So I included two "niches"
on each side of the exit switch to sneak upon a wussy enemy trying to leave
a level too early! ;)

I hope you have many a good fragging time on this level. Send me e-mail's
telling me whether or not you like this level, and what could be done to
improve this level, or any suggestions for a new level.

"As always, Mahalo."
                       -Adam Corolla, notably of Loveline

   -+-+-+-+-( T H A N K S   F O R   T R Y I N G   B L I T Z ! )-+-+-+-+-


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