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July 10, 1994      Castle Phobos  v2.0  6 level DOOM episode    


Your wandering around the martian moon landscape when you stumble 
across an odd structure built into the side of a mountain.  A closer
look reveals the entrance of a castle with two watch towers.  

"What in Hell is this?"  you ask yourself.  It would appear as if 
some architect had too much time on his hands.  Anyway, it seemed
quiet now, maybe too quiet.  A gut feeling rumbles in your stomach
that something evil could be going down inside this mountain.  
The feeling of death crosses your mind like a dark shadow, you know
all too well that your buddies disappeared around here.  Maybe here.

To Play enter:

     doom -file cphobos.wad

     Then choose episode 2 (The Shores of Hell)
Title                   : Castle Phobos    
Filename                : CPHOBOS.WAD
Author                  : David G. Shrock
E-mail Address          : <email removed>  

Misc. Author Info       : 21 yrs old.  Hobbies include: Astronomy,
                             bicycling, chess, programming.

Build Time              : 210+ hours for 6 levels
Description             : This is the complete six levels of my episode
                          where the theme is set in a castle environment
                          that is meant to be a challenge.  
                          There are 3 Demos to watch to supply hints and 
                          show off some of the land.

Additional Credits to   : Sean Fugate for helpful ideas and testing 

General Rules I followed: If it looks liquid, it is dangerous
                          All rooms are setup logically
                          All items are placed logically, not scattered
                          Each level exit is a smooth transition to the
                            next level.  (the maps can be pieced together)
                          Secret doors only give credit to actual secret
                            rooms.  Otherwise it may just be another route.
                          Some secret doors can be spotted with a good
                            eye, some are next to impossible.
                          Later levels require that the player found
                            weapons on earlier levels to survive.

* Play Information *

Filename                : CPHOBOS.WAD   v2.0
Episode and Level #     : E2 M1-5, 9 
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes
Difficulty Settings     : Yes
New Sounds              : No
New Graphics            : No
New Music               : No
Demos Replaced          : All

* Construction *

Base                    : New levels from scratch
Editor(s) used          : DEU 5.0, DEU 5.2, BSP 1.1x, BSP 1.2x
Known Bugs              : On levels 3 and 9 you may sometimes 
                          experience the screen flash quickly
                          when leaving the arena area and in a
                          This is a result of a DOOM limitation
                          that I decided not to work around 
                          since it is hardly noticeable to most
                          players and it would make the scenery  
                          less detailed. Try walking into the 
                          arena pit backward to see it well.  

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may NOT use any of these levels as a base to build additional
levels.  Authors MAY borow ideas from this episode provided that   
the author improves on the idea.  Authors may NOT split up the levels
without the authors consent.  (If you want to extract a level to include
in your favorite set of levels, I will send you the requested level with
its matching text file.)

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute CHPOBOS.WAD in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file 

 * Where to get this WAD *

America Online, myself, and others

LEVEL 1:  Castle Entry

        The main entrance to this castle seems to lead inside a
        mountain.  What could lay inside the mountain?  Better 
        Figure out how to get in!

Date Completed          : May 10, 1994

* Notes *

I had a good time creating this one.  The idea behind it is to challenge
the player by forcing a method of regulating ammo for proper use.

Only two secret doors are necessary to find for completion.
If you have trouble getting into the castle gates, then watch the demo.

If you are playing on a 386, you may experience a huge slow down in a 
few rooms containing large amounts of detail.  For best results, don't
load an EMM driver.

This is the first time I have ever seen this type of level ending
just watch the scenery as you hit the exit.  You can view the
transition between levels.  (Yes, you can connect the maps too!)

LEVEL 2:  Storage 

       What is this warehouse doing in a castle?  It looks like
       stolen UAC supplies that someone has hidden!  Perhaps
       something truly evil is happening within this castle?

Date Completed          : May 18, 1994

* Notes *

I was not too happy with the results of this level, but it isn't bad.
I tried to improve on using crates and putting a twist on the storyline.

There is only one puzzle which turned out to be easy once you learn 
the buttons.


       Back to that mideivel crap again!
       On the other side of the mountain lies an arena built within a
       canyon.  This could be someones twisted idea of entertainment! ;)

Date Completed          : May 27, 1994

* Notes *

This one is my favorite level and it is a big one!  Many Secrets!
Many Monsters!  The size of this level will cause slower PCs to 
produce a slower than normal game, but it will speed up greatly 
half way through the level once you have destroyed most of the 

You should have trouble finding 100% secrets even if you cheat! 

However, cheating should not be necesary since this level is not that hard  
if you found the necessary weopons on the earlier levels.  There's plenty
of ammo and health here because the main idea is to have fun kicking butt
and finding those secrets!  Enjoy!

* Serial link/Modem users:  You better be playing with an updated 
   sersetup.exe and not with the one that came with version 1.2
   Otherwise you will experience slow down and possible lock ups.
   The best results are with 19200 baud communications and both 
   PCs being 486.  If you need a new sersetup try downloading
   DSFER27.ZIP.  You should try higher baud rates to see if they work.
   Also, do not load an EMM driver.

LEVEL 4:   Cathedral

        This level looks dark and creepy!  It must be one large
        underground dungeon!  Better be careful! Where are these 
        monsters coming from, anyway?

Date Completed  : June 7, 1994

* Notes *

I must give credit to my freind, Sean,  for the starting position of 
   players 2 and 3.  (You really should experience this one in 
   multiplayer, if you don't have a network near you, then find one!)
   If you can't play on a network and want to know where players 2 and 3
   start:  Just look behind you when you start, you'll figure it out ;)

I hope you found your weapons, 'cause you are not going to find any here!

There is a room  that you can not enter in a one player game.  Don't 
   worry though, there is nothing in there during a single player game, 
   but you better get in there if your playing multiplayer!  

This is the smoothest transition between levels, you can even veiw the
final room in level 3, just turn around when you start.
Level 5:  Mansion of DOOM

        All hope of survival seems to be drained.  Is there a light
        at the end of this tunnel?  What evil creature is behind all
        this?  Well, this is it.  Let's go get 'em!

Date completed:  July 9, 1994

* Notes *

The final setting brings the end to this story.  I built this last
level so that it is possible to finish even when starting with no
weapons.  The demo demonstrates this.  But, you will have a better 
time destroying all monsters with ease if you collected the weapons
from the earlier levels.  (The plasma gun is handy.)  If you are 
hurt, try making a wish at a well!  For extra challange, try playing
without any weapons to start!  Enter:
     doom -file cphobos.wad -devparm -skill 4 -wart 2 5
Then you will start on this level with only your stinking pistol!

Level 9:  Secret Level!

        There doesn't seem to be too many monsters here.  Good, a
        rest!  Better collect more ammo!

Date completed:  July 5, 1994
* Notes *

Well, if you found this one, you're a good DOOM player!  This level
  not only features a transition between levels, but you can run on 
  another level itself!  You can also spot a future level from one point.
  If you become frustrated trying to find how to get to this level, and
  you don't want to cheat;  You can ask a freind, e-mail me for a hint, 
  or continue trying to look very carefully!  And, may the Gods of Great
  Warriors aid you in your battles!


Revision History:

Version 1.0   Completed 6/10/94
Version 1.1   Fixed minor errors in wall textures on levels 3 and 4
Version 1.2   Fixed cathedral door to open again for multiplayer-level 4
Version 1.3   7/4/94  Added secret level exit.  Added more weapons   
                for muti-player on level 4.  Fixed teleport pads-level 3
Version 1.5   7/6/94  Added secret level.
Version 1.8   7/9/94  Added Mansion Level (5)
Version 1.9   7/10/94 Altered the amount of weapons found.

Other reccomended levels to download:

        Megapack       by Casey Miller 
        Dante's Gate   by John W. Anderson
        Fortress       by Curtis M. Turner II
        UAC Dead       by Leo Martin Lim 
A Special Thanks to the following:

John Carmack, John Romero, Sandy Petersen, Kevin Cloud, Adrian Carmack, 
   and Dave Taylor for creating DOOM.

Raphael Quinet and Brendon J Wyber for DEU and thanks for
     the source code.

Colin Reed for BSP.


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