A 7-level Doom 2 mini-episode, with newish characters, weapons, and a fresh storyline.

Cool Stuff 3
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MAP01, MAP02, MAP03, MAP04, MAP05, MAP06, MAP07
                               Cool Stuff ]I[
                           The Bloodfest Missions
Title              : Cool Stuff 3
Filenames          : cs3.bat cs3.wad, cs3.deh, cs3.txt, dehacked.exe (v3.0a)
Author             : Jon Janssen 
E-Mail Address     : <email removed>   or <email removed>
Misc. Author info  : Creator of Cool Stuff(bomb), Cool Stuff 2,   
                     Corpsehaven; Obsessed with DOOM;
                     Bloodman on IP Quake and QuakeWorld.
Description        : A 7-level Doom 2 mini-episode, with newish characters, 
                     weapons, and a fresh storyline. 

Additional credits to: My good friend Don, his brother Nick, the author of 
                       Heroes2.wad (sorry, forgot the name), Nine Inch Nails, 
                       Antony J. Burden and Simon Oke for DETH, the BEST 
                       level editor ever, Connectix Software, Dennis M”ller 
                       for NWT, Greg Lewis dor DeHackEd, Creative Labs, 
                       and, who could forget, the geniuses at Id.           
*Play Info*

Game                    : Doom 2 v1.9
Level #                 : 1-7 (new music goes all the way thru 32)
Single player           : YES
Cooperative 2-4 player  : YES
Deathmatch 2-4 player   : YES
Difficulty settings     : YES
New Sounds              : YES
New Graphics            : YES
New Music               : YES
Demos Replaced          : All


Base                    : New levels from scratch
Editors used            : Levels: DETH, Zennode, WARM
                          Sounds: Creative Wave Studio
                          Graphics: ZSoft Photofinish
                          Resource replacement: NWT

Known bugs: Nodes screwups, slime trails, and (unfortunately) quite a large
            amount of HOM in level 5.


Authors may use these levels as bases for additional ones, but give me credit
for the levels. After all, I made them myself.

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file with NO 
modifications. You may distribute this file in electronic format (BBS, 
diskette, etc.) as long as this file is included intact. You may not
put this file on CD unless this file is included and you notify me first.

*Where to get this wad*

FTP: ftp.cdrom.com and mirrors

Starting the madness:
                       All the CS3 files must be in your DOOM2 directory. 
                       The first time you run CS3.bat, it will set up the 
                       game. This will NOT modify any original data,
                       so DON'T WORRY.

                       The next times you start CS3, Cool Stuff 3 will start
                       up right away, unless you have deleted any of the 
                       necessary files. 

Multiplayer games in Cool Stuff 3:
                       You can:
                       A- Copy the CS3RUN.EXE over your Doom2.exe, then start 
                          fighting with CS3.WAD (Just remember to BACK UP
                          Doom2.exe). All others who are playing must do this

                       B- Just use the normal Doom2, but with CS3.wad
                            (Safest way)

Your new CS3 environment:  
                       The Cool Stuff 3 environment has changed from the 
                       normal Doom2 one. First, you can be protected
                       from projectiles by hiding behind trees, stumps, and
                       other large obstacles. This can be useful during a 
                       large firefight. Another change is that if dead 
                       bodies get in your way, shoot `em down! Yes, now 
                       you can easily get rid of any dead thing that becomes
                       a problem. When you shoot them down, there is a nice 
                       bloody splatter. Also, in Bloodfest (level 7), since
                       it is set in a post-war zone, some floors are very
                       frail an can give way as soon as you set foot on them.
                       You have been warned.

The inhabitants of Cool Stuff 3:

All the monsters are as usual, except the mancubus, the trooper, and  
the sergeant.

Sergeants are now Evil Marines: Twice as fast and twice as deadly as
                                the normal guys. The really fun part 
                                about blowing 'em away is how fast and   
                                far they fly!

Troopers have lead legs       : They fall off edges really fast and 
                                move really slow.

Mancubus is the Commander     : Your target is the Evil Marine Commander.
                                This is him. Expect him to be wearing
                                something new and being three times as
                                tough to kill.

The firepower of Cool Stuff 3:

All the guns are as usual except
the Plasma gun.

Plasma gun is Charge Cannon   : Hot off the UAC assembly lines, the LX-2
                                Charge Cannons are the latest of the plasma 
                                arsenal. This gun which looks frighteningly 
                                familiar to the Plasma Rifle, shoots a field 
                                of invisible "Charged ion" particles. Once 
                                these particles enter organic material, 
                                expect a nice and bloody explosion. This baby 
                                is so powerful that it can vaporize a 
                                Cyberdemon in less than 2 seconds. For best 
                                results, use at point blank range.
                                NOTE: This gun eats cells like popcorn.

                                ANOTHER NOTE: This gun was not designed for
                                deathmatch use. Hence, it will NOT be present
                                in deathmatches with Cool Stuff 3. Besides, 
                                it wouldn't be fair, as you would get 
                                vaporized in a split second.

The Story so far...:

        After kicking alien ass, you'd think you'd get a little gratitude.
No, no, no, instead, for assault on many fellow officers (like you had a 
choice?), you were thrown into an old prison filled with interplanetary
convicts. You spent over a year rotting in your cell, but then, dumb luck
gives you a chance to fight back. 
        On your execution day, you realize that the USMC itself has been 
allying itself with the demons from hell. That's why you were put away. 
Soon after lights-out, a stray explosive flies in through your window, 
punches through the bars, and blows up in the cell across yours,
destroying it. The explosion revealed a passageway under a switch
which happened to be right in your cell. Now you may have a chance! 
        The only thing else you know about this prison is that there is a 
helipad on the roof which is actually a teleporter. Wiping blood and sweat
from your face, you brace yourself to undertake the Bloodfest Missions,  
created by you, to get out of this hell, enter another, and destroy the force
controlling all the corruption: the Evil Marine Commander. 


I am not to be held responsible for any accidental damage of the DOOM2 
files. If you don't start this with CS3.BAT, use it at your own risk.



DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns


DM Spawns
Co-op Spawns
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