Totally new team game that works within Doom ]['s current architecture. Deathtag requires that a team score 5 (score is tallied WITHIN the map), an...

DETHTAG: Revolutionary Team play for Doom ][
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Title                   : DETHTAG: Revolutionary Team play for Doom ][
Filename                : U_DOGTAG.WAD /  Ultimate DogTag (revised)
Authors                 : MrBlonde
Email Address           : <email removed>
Description             : Totally new team game that works within Doom ]['s 
                          current architecture. Deathtag requires that 
                          a team score 5 (score is tallied WITHIN
                          the map), and once a team scores 5 points, you
                          can exit or reset the level and start again..
                          perfect for matches of more than one game.
Additional Credits to   : Talon and Aikman for the Dethtag Concept.
                          Mindwave and Dorsai for lots of advice and
                          help with improving DogTag2 and for playtesting.
                          N2Deep for some good ideas too, and Glacius for
                          the Demo.

* Play Information *

Level #                 : MAP01
Single Player           : Yes, to check out the level
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : NO!
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : YES!  Designed for TEAM PLAY!
Difficulty Settings     : Yes / MUST Be played at Skill 4 or 5
New Sounds              : Yes
New Graphics            : Yes 
New Music               : Yes
Demos Replaced          : Yes, Watch it!

* Construction *

Base                    : DogTag2.Wad and UDogTag.Wad
Editor(s) used          : DEU for Doom ][, BSP, DCK, NWT
Build Time              : 1 week
Known Bugs              : None

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use this concept as a base to build additional levels.  However,
I would appreciate your not using this map to build upon.

* Where to get this WAD *

The Wall (DWANGO BBS) 214-286-8291 (Use username DWANGO for instant access)
DataBase City in Austin


                    D E A T H T A G  R U L E S
                         for U_DOGTAG.WAD

        Forget EVERYTHING you ever knew about deathmatch.

What is Deathtag?
Deathtag is a whole new approach to playing multiplayer Doom.       
In the past, the purpose was to have as many frags as possible.
Deathtag offers a new purpose for two-on-two Doom II play, to
invade the opposing fort, reach a switch, and escape alive.

How do you play? (Watch the Demo)
Game play is very simple.

- There are two teams, Blue (Green & Indigo) and Red (Brown & Red).  You
  must have four players to play Deathtag. (Although its fun to play 
  around with it 2 player, taking turns opening each others door and 
  trying to score)

- There are two forts, a blue one and a red one.

- Within each fort is a switch which opens a colored door in the other fort.
  Behind the door is a Radiation Suit.  So, Deathtag requires that one
  player hit the switch, and that the other get the suit.  Once you get
  the Rad suit, you'll be teleported to the same fort your switch-hitting
  buddy is in.  Then, you make a run for the North side of the map. 
  You'll have to cross a sea of hot lava and access a lift to reach
  the scoring ramp.  Run in your scoring lane (red or blue) and you have
  automatically scored one point, and teleported back to the main playing area.
  Note:  You can ONLY take the suit out of your own fort.  The blue team
  gets their suit out of the blue fort, the red team gets their suit out
  of the red fort.  If the blue team obtains the suit out of the red fort,
  the game will only allow you to score a red point, so stealing the other
  teams suit is of no benefit and is somewhat frowned upon.

  U_DogTag is also fun with just two players. You just take turns pressing
  each others switch and trying to score.


- Points.  You play to 5 points.  Each time you score by running into your
  scoring lane, and you will notice a pole rise higher out of the ground
  with your team's color on it.  Once a team has 5 points, the scorer will
  be beamed to a raised area on the north side of the level with a very
  tall lift. To win the game, you must lower and cross onto this lift
  (Expect lots of resistance from the other team). Crossing onto the lift
  teleports you to a seperate room with two more teleports, a Blue one and
  a Red one.  Enter the teleport of your teams color to win the game, and
  reveal a reset switch in the playing area.  If you get killed, you must
  get the suit and try again.  Meanwhile, the other team can continue to try
  to catch up. You should keep up with the other teams score and be ready with 
  lots of rockets if they are making a scoring run with 4 points on the
  board. You will have this last chance to stop them from winning the game. 
  It is critital that your partner come to your aide, if you are to make it
  on to the lift and win. 

- How can you see the score? You count the score based on the number of 
  skulls visible on the scoring poles.

- Scoring Activity indicators. These colored mini-lifts are visible on the back 
  wall of each fort, to either side of the colored doors, and in the entryway
  to the scoring area, and they serve a dual purpose. These mini-lifts drop 
  when a team gets the rad suit, so viewing these tells you if a team is making
  a scoring run. If the other teams indicators are down, get your butt out there
  and try to stop them. These lifts and in synch with the door to each scoring
  lane, which is another very tall lift. Once you get the suit, your scoring
  lane will be open for about 30 seconds. If you don't make it, and return to
  get the suit again, make sure that your indicators are back up, since you
  can't send a lift back down until it has stopped moving. The wait may seem
  like an inconvienence, but making the entrance doors out of lifts corrects
  some far more annoying problems with earlier deathtag style pwads and
  eliminates cheating. 

- Scoring Lanes. You will notice that the doors to the scoring lanes stay open
  for a limited length of time (more that enough to score).  They close at
  about the same time the radiation suit wears off, so don't delay your
  entry.  This is done with the use of some very very tall lifts, which
  act as doors to the scoring lanes.  They drop very far below the entrance
  which gives you plenty of time to score before they come back up. This 
  dealt with the problem in dethtag.wad, where the lava lake was often
  closed off if your opponent had just gotten a point. As mentioned earlier,
  these are in synch with the indicators in the forts, so DO NOT get your
  suit until your colored indicators are back up. If you do, your scoring 
  lane will NOT be open. Unlike in Dethtag.Wad, you no longer have to press
  a switch in the scoring lane to score.  Just run in and you pass a series
  of lines that does the same job, but is 100 percent effective, and beamout
  is automatic. No more botched scoring runs because the wall came up before
  you got to the switch! Don't bother trying to score twice with the same
  suit, once you enter, a second barrier closes to keep this from occuring,
  and it won't go back up until you get the suit again. You will also see
  a dip in the floor as you enter the lane. It works in cunjunction with the
  secondary door and a pair of colored bars to prevent team cheating
  (i.e. 2 players running in the lane 1 right behind the other, or scoring
  without a radiation suit ala Mindwave and Core).  This dip is very easily
  passable even at walking speeds...just don't stop. If you do, you will be
  stuck there until your suit wears off and you die from the toxic floor. 
- Weapons.  Rockets, super shotguns, and chainguns only. 

- Megasphers.  There is a megasphere it the rear of each scoring lane,
  but you can't get it until your 5th point. You will need it if you
  are to survive the rocket barrage that will be waiting for you when you
  beam back to the main area and try to cross the ending lift.


I made all these changes, because I liked the DeathTag concept, but felt
that other levels made for less fragging and more sniping. Here, frags are
much more common (even though they don't count) and scoring is much harder. 
The act of scoring is not harder, its just much easier to stop a scoring
attempt, which is the part I like best. The new ending makes for a wild
finish, and I think this pwad will appeal to those who didn't care for
Deathtag, since it was too much strategy, not enough carnage, and those
of you who know about the SuperSpeed Doom bug will really enjoy the south
to north layout of the scoring lanes.

Mr Blonde
Dallas, TX


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