DOOM 3057 - Second Edition 5/9/00

DOOM 3057 - Second Edition 5/9/00 is a PWAD featuring 1 map (Floor 1: Security Check), playable on ZDOOM

DOOM 3057 - Second Edition 5/9/00
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WAD Type
Title                   : DOOM 3057 - Second Edition 5/9/00
Filename                : DOOM3057.WAD
Authors                 : X-BLADE, KRIMZN, and Fredrik Johansson. Titlepic
                          done by MasterDraw, Fizzter and X-BLADE.
Email Address           : X-BLADE - <email removed>
                          KRIMZN - <email removed>
                          Fredrik - <email removed>
                          MasterDraw - <email removed>
Misc. Author Info       : X-BLADE - Leader of Team Future, did most of the
                          architectural design in the demo, also created
                          a couple graphics for polyobjects and also
                          designed the status bar, sound designer, web site
                          maintainer, author of story, wad constructor.
                          KRIMZN - extremely talented scripter/level designer.
                          FREDRIK JOHANSSON - Extremely talented
                          graphics/music designer. He designed the
                          wonderful textures in the demo.
                          FIZZTER - Designed author screen and lettering on
                          BURGERPIMP - Sound Designer
                          MASTERDRAW - drew most of the Titlepic.
Misc. Wad info          : This is a 1 level demo of DOOM 3057. Advanced
  scripting has been used along with newer ZDoom
                          features such as swimmable water. Requires jump
Ports Utilized          : DOOM 3057 Requires ZDOOM 1.22
Acknowledgements: Randy Heit for everything he did with ZDoom and ACC
                           we also used door sounds and the field textures
                           from his demo.
  TeamTNT for releasing the Return Resources - We 
                           used their status bar as a beginning for our new
                          Rick Clark for his handy references.
                          Tarin at DoomHQ for the help.
                          Williston Consulting for WadAuthor
  Whoever Created ZETH
  The Innocent Crew for NWT
  Olivier Montanuy for Wintex
  JASC for Paint Shop Pro
                          DoomWorld, DoomHQ, and DoomNation for bringing
                          attention to us.

The Story So Far        :

Dec. 20, 3056

The scientists of the FCE (Federal Commonwealth of Earth) have finished 
their greatest achievement, the Photon Particle Accelerator. This is the 
ultimate achievement in the study of time travel. With its development, 
travel through time is actually possible! An elite team of Alpha Marines, 
the hardest, blood-thirstiest marines ever to walk on the earth, was there 
to "protect" the lab from unexpected results. The gateway finished charging 
and every person gathered to get a good view of the gate. The button was 
pressed and sound like screeching metal and wind blasted through the lab. 
The portal was a success. The Marine team brought in the Time Probe for 
the first ever time trip in the history of man. They dragged it up the 
stairs, and, as they were about to push it in, a blood-curdling scream shot 
through the portal. The marines immediately dropped the probe and reached 
for their guns, but they were too late. A great explosion of fire surged 
through the gate, burning every living thing in the room to dust...and then 
they came through...

Dec. 21, 3056

The lab has been sealed off, but they are too strong, too strong to contain. 
Your legend quickly spread through the doomed facility, and the General 
immediately ordered for you to be brought forth from centuries past. The 
scientists prayed dearly hoping that the Alpha Marines would reach you. 
After a tense hour of waiting, the Marine team emerged...with you. 
Unfortunately, the strain of traveling into the future knocked you out 
black. They separated you from the lower facility, and laid you in the 
uppermost floor of the 32 story facility. The Federal Council has called 
for the facility to be completely locked off. Nothing enters, nothing 
leaves. That will do no good. They have overpowered the lower floors of the 
facility where the gate is. They cannot be contained by a mere lock off. The 
entire crew is scattered throughout the first floor as they waited for you 
to wake up. They had lots to attend to so they left a computerized 
debriefing and a pistol in your quarters. The next day they broke through 
the barriers on the lower floors as you laid there unconscious...

Jan. 1, 3057

You awake. Silence. You grab your gun and read your report. Quietly you cuss 
to yourself. 

"Why didn't they learn?" 

An odd feeling burns inside of you. You know that you're the last one alive 
in the facility. The force of evil is gaining power here. Hell has waited 
centuries for revenge against you. It is up to you to destroy it before it 
breaks free and destroys all life on Earth.

Release History: 1-20-2000
* Play Information *

Game                    : Doom II
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-8 Player  : Not designed for it, but it's there.
Deathmatch 2-8 Player   : Not designed for it, but it's there.
Difficulty Settings     : Yes
New Sounds              : 3 sounds from Randy Heit's demo level, 2 new ambient
New Graphics            : Yes
New Monsters: Not in the demo
New Music               : Not in the demo
Demos Replaced          : Not in the demo

* Construction *

Base                    : New Level
Editor(s) used          : Zeth, Wintex, NWT, PSP 3.11, also used trial 
  version of Wad Author while building the level.
  The author recommends Wad Author to all people
  who edit DooM. 
Known Bugs              : None

* Copyright / Permissions * 
DOOM, DOOM II, the DOOM logo, and ID are all copyright ID SOFTWARE.
You may redistribute this file only in the original zip form. Do not add, 
remove, or change files included in the zip file.

DISCLAIMER: In no way should this level promote you to
commit any act of violence in the real world.
The author does not claim ANY responsibility regarding ANY
illegal activity concerning this file, or indirectly related to this file.
The author shall not be responsible for any damage done by using
this level. The author is not in any way affiliated with ID Software.
If any problems should occur, do not contact them. Notify the 
author if you find any bugs. If you decide to redistribute this level, 
give credit where credit is due.  Also, do not change files included in
the zip file. In short, don't bother the author unless you have comments, 
questions, or bugs to report, and don't blame the author if anything BAD
should happen.
Floor 1: Security Check (MAP01)

Floor 1: Security Check (MAP01)

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