DOOM Alpha v0.3 (aka "DOOM Pre-Alpha")

This is the long-rumored v0.3 alpha, built by id Software on February 28, 1993, almost one month later than the v0.2 tech demo and 2 months earlier...

DOOM Alpha v0.3 (aka "DOOM Pre-Alpha")
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February 28, 1993

Dear Beta (or in this case, Pre-Alpha) Tester,

Yes, this is the...

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Your mission: see if DOOM runs on your system.  On some 386s, we have seen 
major slowdown compared to other 386s.  Please include your system stats.  
DOOM at the present time requires 4 Meg of memory.

o Four levels-in-progress (1,2,3, and 8)
o Five stub levels (4,5,6,7, and 9)
o Light diminishing
o Light levels
o Monsters "spawning" (but not "thinking" or "moving")
o Different resolution modes of play (all but hi-res available now)
o Animating floors
o Automapping
o Other stuff

o Artistic item sprites
o Finished levels
o Real menu
o True network or modem interaction
o All the weapons
o Disgusting displays of gibletty horror and mayhem
o Music, sound effects
o Other stuff

And now, let's look at the controls . . . .

Menu    Esc     Go back to Menu (In Menu, go back to game)
1-9     In menu, go to that level #
Q       Quits

Game    Ctrl    Fires
Alt     Strafe/Use (Use doesn't do anything right now)
Arrows  Move around
R.Shift Run (with any up or down key)
1-4     Select weapon

Detail  Q       High detail (for 486s, pretty much)
W       Medium detail (default)
E       Low detail (for slower systems)
R       Use High-color DAC (160 x200, but great color!)
(Only newer VGA cards have this-if it looks OK, ya got it)
(This may--okay, will--REALLY screw up the playscreen's
 graphics.  Just look at the neat colors and don't worry.)

Window  A       Full screen
S       Regular (helmet view)
D       Reduced (small helmet view)

Texture Z       Full texture mapping
mappin' X       Ceilings not texture mapped
C       Floors and ceilings not texture mapped (the Wolf key)

And, ya know, you can use the mouse, just like Wolfenstein.

o Does it run on your system in:
o High color DAC mode
o Regular (helmet) view
o Small screen view
o Full screen view
o Low detail
o Medium detail
o High detail

Do any blow-ups occur?  If so, could you press CTRL-ALT-DEL to get out of it?

Go to level 7. Make sure you are at Medium Detail (W), Normal Playscreen (S), 
and Full Texture-mapping (Z). Press T.  The program will time its 
performance.  When it exits to DOS, WRITE DOWN AND REPORT THE NUMBERS IT 
PRINTS OUT.  A 383/33 should be at about 23 frames per second, and a 486/50 
with local bus can go 97 frames per second!

Do not press P.  P starts a profile accumulation.  Hitting P again saves it 
off and quits.  So, in summation, don't hit P.

As you run around, a gauge on the lower left shows tics/frame. If the gauge 
reads seven, you are in too high a detail mode for fun play.  Four is decent.

Try and run DOOM with your normal environment first.  If that doesn't work, 
try a bare boot.

Please respond on Software Creations if you have problems.  Thanks.

John, John. Tom, Adrian, Kevin, Jay, `n' Shawn
The Bad Boys of Id

P.S. Please report problems.  Letters full of praise without any substantial 
comment really don't help us--we'll have big heads and a buggy program.

P.P.S. Yes, many parts of the levels are rather messed up, especially 2 and
3. This is not important right now.

P.P.P.S. And look for the REAL alpha in two weeks!
Archive Maintainer      : Upload to historic
Primary purpose         : Historically important "lost" DOOM alpha build
Title                   : DOOM Alpha v0.3 (aka "DOOM Pre-Alpha")
Filename                :
Release date            : 28 February 1993
Author                  : id Software
Email Address           : <email removed> (uploader only)

Description             : This is the long-rumored v0.3 alpha, built by
                          id Software on February 28, 1993, almost one 
                          month later than the v0.2 tech demo and 2 months
                          earlier than the much further progressed v0.4.
                          Notable features include several maps in their
                          earliest known forms and a fully functional
                          on-screen automap. Though apparently never
                          released to id's alpha testers, this build was
                          sent to several industry professionals for
                          comment and review, whereby it has been 
                          successfully preserved. It much more fully 
                          displays the DOOM engine in its earliest state
                          than the tech demo, with an internal 
                          architecture significantly different and less 
                          advanced than later builds. Crashes will be
                          common, especially when walking over two-sided
                          lines. The README file promises a more proper
                          release to follow in two weeks, but such a 
                          release is not presently known to exist.

Additional Credits to   : Robert Morgan, Braden Obrzut
* What is included *

New levels              : 9
Sounds                  : No
Music                   : No
Graphics                : Yes
Other                   : MS-DOS executable and original README file.

* Copyright / Permissions *

The DOOM v0.3 alpha is the property of id Software and has been uploaded
to complete the set of historic alpha builds. Authors should treat its
resources the same as those of any shareware or commercial release.

This is NOT a supported product of id Software; do not contact them with
questions about how to use it.

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