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                             Fortress of DEATH

Here are details of a very nice looking Doom ][ WAD called Fortress 
of DEATH. You can get it on and its mirrors under the 
filename FORTDETH.ZIP.

             Notes about Fortress of DEATH Doom ][ WAD

New graphics!

I have created new graphics which are used in the WAD, these include:

*  A full 360 degree, non-repeating sky (created with VistaPro 3)

*  New Doom ][ title screen    

*  Wire mesh textures (some of which have got holes in that you can
   go through!)

*  Various "WARNING" and "NO ENTRY" signs placed on certain walls

Playing speed

People with slow computers might find that my WAD will run very 
slowly on their machines when on the harder skill levels. If it is 
too slow, just move onto an easier skill level and everything will 
then be fine.

Multiplayer games

This level is surprisingly good for deathmatch and cooperative multiplayer
games. Given its size you wouldn't expect it to be, but when you know
the level well, it can seem quite small!

Multiplayer games are best played on an IPX network or the game could
slow down a lot on harder skill levels. Either adjust the skill level
or play with no monsters by using the -nomonsters switch.

Title                   : Fortress of Death (FORTDETH.ZIP)
Author                  : Andrew Harvey 
Email Address           : <email removed>    
                          <email removed>
Description             : A level with very nice architecture and good
                          for multiplayer games. It is set in and 
                          around a well sized fortress where there
                          are lots of secrets and surprises...
                          (You just go down into the dungeon... :)

Additional playtesting  : Darren Malley, Kevin Malley, Laythe Al-Janabi 
                          and a few other people.

Additional Notes        : I tried to make this level look professionally
                          built and to a certain degree, I've succeded. 

                          I used the GCC port of DEU 5.21 to create
                          the actual layout and then used a map
                          conversion utility to convert it to MAP01
                          in Doom2. This was because DEU 5.3b was full 
                          of bugs and it kept on crashing. Then I got
                          DCK 2.2 and added all the Things. I also
                          used it to tweak the textures a bit.

                          I created the custom textures and title screen
                          with a combination of PhotoStyler SE and Paint
                          Shop Pro 2. I then used Deutex to put the wall
                          patches together.

                          I created the sky in a fractal landscape program
                          called VistaPro 3. I rendered four views (north,
                          south, east and west) and loaded them into 
                          PhotoStyler to make them compatible with Doom.
                          I then used Deutex to string the four sky
                          pictures as patches together and voila! One 360
                          degree sky.
                          (Note: To see the sky fully, go into the 
                          deathmatch starts in the four corners of the 
                          playing area.)

                          Lastly I used Deutex 3.4 to put all the textures,
                          graphics, and the map together into one WAD.


* Play Information *

Map #                   : Map 1
Single Player           : Yes 
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes (Surprisingly quite good!)
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes
Difficulty Settings     : All (Easy, Medium and Hard)
New Sounds              : No
New Graphics            : YES!
New Demos (for Doom ][  : Yes, 3 (Solo, cooperative and deathmatch demos
           version 1.9)   in that order - happy viewing!)

* Construction *

Base                    : New level from scratch
Build Time              : Time span of just over a month 
Editor(s) used          : GCCDEU 5.21, DCK 2.2
Utilities used          : Deutex, Mapconv, Dview, LmpUtil 
                          (along with Paint Shop Pro 2 and Photo Styler SE)
Known Bugs              : No (well, one or two node errors but you would
                          be lucky to actually spot them!)

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional

IF you do use this level as a base for additional levels
then please give Credit to the author and include that 
FORTDETH.WAD was used as a base.

* Where to get this WAD *
ftp: and its mirrors

Hope you enjoy the WAD!

- Andrew
+--------------ooOOOoo--------------+ "From the moment I picked up your book
|Email: <email removed>  | to the moment I laid it down, I was 
|   or: <email removed>  | covulsed with laughter. Some day I 
+-----------------------------------+ intend reading it." - Groucho Marx 


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