Marines that you can spawn to assist you when you are in a jam. Now with added features!

Friendly Cooperatives 2
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Friendly Cooperatives 2
Title                   : Friendly Cooperatives 2
Filename                : FRDCOOP2.wad
Date Finished           : March 24, 2010
Author          : Alando1 (Alan)
E-Mail                  : <email removed>
Other Wads By Author   : alandoguns.wad, FRNDCOOP.wad, lmtemple.wad
Description             : Marines that you can spawn to assist you when you are in a jam. Now with added features!
Additional Credits      : id Software, Randy Heit, Xim, Captain Toenail, Skulltag team, Cory Whittle, Enjay, my friends, the guy who did the segway and jetpack wad, Rogue Entertainment, Epic Games, and anyone who needs credit that's not included here.

**WHAT'S NEW** The allies that assit you now have better A.I. and act more like players. They still aren't the sharpest tool in the shed but they are smarter than they were in the first Friendly Cooperatives. Also there are a few new characters in the line up. Characters also drop the weapon that they are using but when you pick it up, it will only give you the ammo it runs on [ex: railgun gives you cell ammo] [ex2: MP5 gives you bullet ammo].

**NOTICE: This wad is only for single player use. This wad is used for people who can't find someone to work cooperatively with over a network. This wad comes in handy for Invasion type levels, monster heavy type levels and other wads that require cooperative tag teams. **

**HOW TO USE: In this version of Friendly Cooperatives, you have 4 kinds of spawners. Each will spawn a certain amount of allies to assist you. Details are listed below on what each one does. These spawners are placed in your inventory and have unlimited use except for the final spawner that spawns a whole squad of marines.**

WARNING: DO NOT USE IN TIGHT SPACES! If a spawner ball gets caught in/near a wall, it will not spawn a simulated player. I recommend you use the spawner item in a large space so all simulated players can spawn succesfully.


PARTNER SPAWNER: Spawns one helpful friend. Keep in mind that using this one, if you hit enter to use this spawner, it will remove the current friend and replace them with the new one. This also applies to the squad spawner; if you have a squad spawned, using this spawner will clear the squad and you'll have only one friend to assit you. (Friend able to respawn)(Icon shows 1 marine helmet with a "p" underneith)
Best used with minor or moderate combat situations.

SQUAD SPAWNER: Spawns 3 other allies to assist you. If you have spawned one friend using the Partner spawner, that partner will be cleared and be replaced by a squad. Every time you use this spawner you will get a whole new set of allies incase the ones you have already are not your type you would want to work with. (Friends able to respawn)(Icon shows 3 marine helmets with an "s" underneith)
Best used for moderate to heavy combat situations.

SPECIAL SPAWNER: This spawns 2 allies with special capabilities or weapons. Using this spawner again will only clear this category of allies. It will not clear the Partner or Squad spawner category. By having this, you can create an extended tag team and not only being limited to one or three other allies. (Friends able to respawn)(Icon shows 2 marine helmets with "spec" underneith)
Best used for heavy combat or dealing with hard enemies.

HEAVY BACKUP SPAWNER: This is for emergencies only! Also you can only use this in a wide or large space. If you know there are hordes of enemies coming your way or even encountering a few big bad cyberdemons, this is the spawner for you. But, there is a catch... this spawner can only be obtained within a level. It trades off randomly with the Blur Sphere so when you start a level, a Blur Sphere or a Backup Spawner pickup will appear. Also, this item has limited use. You can only use it once until you pick up another Backup Spawner item. Also the marines do not respawn if they die. (Icon shows 1 marine helmet in a blue circle)

* Play Information *

Source port                         : ZDoom 2.4.0 or higher, GZDoom (latest version), Not yet Skulltag (ONLY if it is up to date with ZDoom 2.4.0 or higher)
Map                                      : None
Single Player                      : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  :   Maybe... if you really need it.
Deathmatch          :  No
Difficulty Settings             : No
New Sounds                       : Yes
New Music                          : No
New Graphics                    : Yes
Demos Replaced               : None
Other Game Styles          : N/A

* Construction *

Base                    : From Scratch
Build Time              : At least a week or two, most of the time was a few months testing.
Editors used            : DeepSea, Notepad, Grafx
Known Bugs              : So far none I've seen. If any, let me know.

Bonus Note: If you have a complaint, EMAIL ME!! Don't put your complaints on Doomworld,, or other Doom hosting sites!!

* Copyright / Permissions *

If you want to use this kind of spawning thing in your wad, you may use it but be sure to credit me for the concept. You can also use the sprites of some of the characters (Ones that are custom made by me) as long as you credit me in your credits.

You may distribute this WAD in any format 
 (Internet, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file intact.

* Where to get this Wad?
(You have it, don't ya?) or any other mirrors.


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