Play HacX in high resolution with the following Source Ports: ZDoom, MBF, SMMU. (glLegacy, Legacy, Boom and PRboom can be used but requires a minor...

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Title                   : HACXPORT
Filename                : hacxport.wad  hacxport.jpg  hacxport.txt
Author                  : Sparky of KISS Software
Email Address           : <email removed>

Description             : Play HacX in high resolution with the
                          following Source Ports: ZDoom, MBF, SMMU.
                          (glLegacy, Legacy, Boom and PRboom can be
                          used but requires a minor modification
                          - see notes below).

                          HacX is a Total Conversion for Doom II
                          created by Banjo Software. Check out the
                          Shareware Version either at Banjo's Home Page
                          ( or from Walnut
                          Creek and it's mirrors world-wide:
                          This wad works with the Shareware version
                          of HacX but WILL NOT allow you to use the
                          User Levels created for the Registered
                          Version (as requested by Banjo Software).

Additional Credits to   : id Software, Banjo software,
                          Randy Heit (ZDoom author)
                          Lee Killough (MBF author)
                          Simon Howard 'Fraggle' (SMMU author)

Requires                : Doom II, HacX, one of the following
                          Source Ports: ZDoom, MBF or SMMU.
                          There Home Pages are at:
                            MBF      ?

                          You can get all these Source ports at:


* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : Uses HacX
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes
Difficulty Settings     : Uses HacX
New Sounds              : Uses HacX
New Graphics            : Uses HacX
New Music               : Uses HacX
Demos Replaced          : Uses HacX (the demos are disabled in ZDoom,
                          but work fine with MBF and SMMU).

Installation            : Make sure Doom II, HacX and one of the Source
                          Ports (ZDoom, MBF or SMMU) are all in the
                          same directory.

                          To play HacX Shareware in single-player mode
                          with high resolution graphics, just run the
                          Port with the following command line:

                            zdoom -file hacxsw hacxport
                            mbf -file hacxsw hacxport
                            smmu -file hacxsw hacxport

                          Operation with the Registered Version of HacX
                          should be exactly the same except the HacX
                          pwad will have a different name (probably
                          just hacx.wad).

                          To play a multiplayer cooperative game you
                          should probably use one of the many Game
                          Launchers designed to work with the Ports.

Compatability           : HACXPORT.WAD tested okay with:
                            ZDoom v1.18b   MBF v2.03   SMMU v3.10

                          HACXPORT.WAD will work with the following
                          Source Ports after a minor modification
                          (see notes below):
                            Legacy v1.28   glLegacy v1.29b12
                            Boom v2.02     PRboom v2.02

                          HACXPORT.WAD will not work with the following
                          Source Ports:
                            ZDoomGL v0.1       DoomGL v1.0b    glDoom v0.94e
                            DosDoom v0.653b    MidDoom v0.03   PDoom v0.1
                            Doom4Windows v1.0  DoomATB v1.10   DoomPlus v0.6
                            IASdoom            WDMP v0.9       Win32Doom
                            WinDoom v0.96a

Notes                   : I have added replacement menus for Legacy in
                          the hope that the next version will support
                          embedded DeHackEd patches.

                          If you really HAVE to use Legacy, glLegacy,
                          Boom or PRboom (not recommended) then you
                          will have to use a utility like NWT, DeuTex
                          or WinTex to extract the dehacked lump out of
                          hacxport.wad, rename it hacxport.deh, and run
                          the game as follows:
                            legacy -deh hacxport.deh -file hacxsw.wad hacxport.wad
                            gllegacy -opengl -deh hacxport.deh -file hacxsw.wad hacxport.wad
                            boom -deh hacxport -file hacxsw hacxport
                            prboom -deh hacxport -file hacxsw hacxport -width 640 -height 400

* Construction *

Base                    : HacX exe, HacX alphabet graphics were used to
                          create the new menu options for the Ports.
Editor(s) used          : DeHackEd, Paint Shop Pro, NWT, WinTex
Known Bugs              : There may be some 'cause I had to change an
                          awful lot, but the only one's I've found are
                          related to the Source Ports such as:
                            Legacy - some opaque items are transparent
                                   - the Menu Logo is offset
                            glLegacy - some items shouldn't have
                                       coronas (eg. broken lights) and
                                       others have them in the wrong
                                       place (eg. tall lamps which used
                                       to be shorter lamps).
                            ZDoom - the demos have been disabled.

                          See the screen shot HACXPORT.JPG included
                          with this distribution. It was created with
                          glLegacy v1.29 beta 12 and shows both Legacy
                          errors mentioned above.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY NOT use these levels as a base to build additional levels
without permission. You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file
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