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Into the Lion's den
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WAD Type
E1M1, E1M2, E1M3, E1M4, E1M5, E1M6, E1M7, E1M8, E1M9
Title                   : Into the Lion's den   
Filename                : lionsden.wad
Author                  : El Gran Rodolfo
Email Address           : CHRISI6659
Additiona credits to    : Muchas Gracias to id for making such an awesome 
                          game, and to the guys at DEU, DEH, DMMUSIC, MIDI2MUS,
                          and BSP who gave all the idiots like me a way to do 
                          such cool stuff with it. I don't know much about 
                          computers, but I love DOOM, and thanks to you idiots 
                          like me can still do all this cool stuff with it.  
                          Also to MsMez or making bitesdst.mid and LGaunt for

Description             : ( See below )

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : E1M1-E1M9
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes, but not recommended with more than 2.
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes, but never tested.
Difficulty Settings     : Yes
New Sounds              : No
New Graphics            : No 
New Music               : Yes, E1M9 has been replaced with bitesdst.mid ( A 
                          great .mid version of Another One Bites the Dust
                          by Queen, uploaded by MsMez ) and E1M8 has been 
                          replaced with 99ways.mid. ( 99 Ways to Die by 
                          Megadeth - it seemed appropriate.  Uploaded by 
                          LGaunt. ) 
Demos Replaced          : DEMO1=E2M1, DEMO2=E1M6, DEMO3=E1M3 

* Construction *

Build Time              : I have no idea.  I've been working on and off for 
                          months.  My guess is somewhere in excess of 100 hrs.
Base                    : New levels from scratch - every last one!
Editor(s) used          : DEU 5.21, BSP 1.0, Dehacked 1.3, DMMUSIC and 
                          MIDI2MUS 1.0.
Known Bugs              : The big runway on E1M6 ( # 69 ) has a few annoying
                          bugs in it.  For one thing, there are a few spots
                          where you get a HOM effect, and the lift to take 
                          you back on the runway is unexplainably screwed up.
                          Also, I have tried to avoid situations where you
                          left trapped without a convenient way to die and
                          the only one I found was on E1M6, shown in DEMO2.
                          The only reason I didn't correct that is because
                          even if you somehow got there without saving, 
                          you'd probably stand a better chance starting over
                          than trying to beat the level with just that 
                          little pistol.  If you find any similar 
                          situations or any other bugs not mentioned above,
                          E-Mail me and I will correct them in a newer 

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors (MAY) use these levels as a base to build additional

You may do whatever you want with this file.

* Where to get this WAD *

FTP sites: America On-Line

BBS numbers:


                  I: Introduction
                 II: The Story
                III: Level-by-level description and hints on episode 1
                 IV: Description of lionsden.deh
                 V: "Out"-roduction ( get it? Haha! )


                           I. Introduction

       WOW!  Are you actually reading this thing?  I thought I was the only
  one who ever bothered to read the .txt file.  Well, you won't regret it as  
  this will probably help a lot, but before you start reading let me give you
  one tip, perhaps the most important one of all: SAVE!  Most patch wads are 
  simple enough that you can get through them without saving, so you probably
  got lazy like me.  But in this one you WILL need to save unless you are one 
  of those super DOOM experts who can actually beat it on NIGHTMARE level ( I 
  suck; I can't even get past level 3! ).  Still, even if you suck so bad you 
  have to cheat ( WUSS!!! ) I guarantee you will like this episode.  If you
  don't like it - hey! Don't complain, it's free!


                            II. The Story

       Hundreds of years have passed since the original DOOM game, but the war
  with the demons goes on.  The war has been long and bloody, with no clear 
  ending in sight.  Mankind has lost billions, the demons have lost trillions,
  but there seems to be no limit to the numbers in Hell's army.  This is only
  one of thousands of battles between Earth and Hell.
       An important marine base on Earth has been taken over.  One of the mar-
  ines suddenly went nuts, attacking everything in sight.  Somehow, he managed 
  to slaughter everyone on the base and take it over with an army of hell-
  spawns. You arrived in a fleet of ships sent to destroy the base.  The attack
  failed miserably, and your ship went down, leaving you as the sole survivor.  
       But it's not over yet.  Your ship crashed nearby a cave you know 
  leads to a toxic waste dump.  If you can reach the dump, maybe, just maybe 
  you can make your way through the sewer system and take the demons by 
  surprise.  It's a slim chance, but your only hope as the demons saw your 
  ship go down and are already on their way.  Even as you enter the cave you
  are attacked by a possessed human.  You quickly take him down and grab his
  pistol, but not before he is able to signal his comrades.  They know you're
  in here.  There's no turning back now.


                   III. Level-by-level description and hints

      I'M TOO YOUNG TO DIE or HEY, NOT TOO ROUGH - WUSS! C'mon, you can do 
       better.  Try it on a higher difficulty level.
      HURT ME PLENTY - Hey!  You're not a bad DOOM player. Wanna try ULTRA 
       VIOLENCE next.
      ULTRA VIOLENCE - You're a great DOOM player, but still a mere mortal 
       like me.
      NIGHTMARE - You are a fraggin' DOOM god, all may bow.  If you do manage 
       to beat my episode, email me and I will send you back a letter saying
       you're cool.
      * - If you beat this episode with any cheat codes, you have enlisted the
       aid of the ArchVile.  May the demons you serve chew up your liver and
       spit it in your face, you traitor!

 LEVEL 1: This is a short series of caves leading to the toxic waste dump.  
      You must find the passage leading to the dump.  This level is relatively
      easy, with only a taste of what's in store for you.
      -The door in front of you right after you enter does lead to the exit,
       but explore first.  You'll miss out on all the hidden weapons and armor
       if you don't and won't be very well equipped for level 2.
      -Items to look for: Shotgun, Chaingun, Green Armor, Blue Armor, 
       Lite-Amp. Goggles, Radiation Suit.

 LEVEL 2: The waste dump.  Make your way to the sewer system guarded by a 
      Baron of Hell ( Two on UV ).  This level has LOTS of barrels and 
      nukeage.  It is fairly difficult, but an expert DOOM player should only
      have a little trouble with it, even on UV.
      -Be careful where you shoot.  The barrels are very useful for taking 
       down demons but sometimes they can set off chain reactions and take 
       YOU down.
      -When you get the red key, make sure you grab the invincibilty sphere -
       you'll need it.
      -Unless you play on wuss level, don't bother to look for the Rocket 
       Launcher.  You'll have to take out the Barons of Hell with a chaingun.
      -Items to look for: Backpack, Soul Sphere, Blue Armor, Invulnerability.

 LEVEL 3: You have entered the sewer system.  By now you have developed an 
      immunity to radiation.  Now only the strongest of nukeadge can do 
      anything to you.  You are not immune to darkness, however, so a pair of 
      Lite-Amp. Goggles would come in handy.  This level is difficult, but
      not too hard if you find all the secrets.  
      -FIND THE SECRET LEVEL.  It is the only place you will be able to find
       the BFG 9000 and trust me, you'll need it.
      -If you played this on  wuss level ( I'M TOO YOUNG TO DIE or HEY, NOT TOO 
       ROUGH ) you may have noticed the secret level is considerably easier to 
       find.  Don't worry, it's fair; if you play it on wuss level you miss 
       all the cool parts in level 9.
      -Items to look for: Rocket Launcher, Lite-Amp. Goggles, ??

 LEVEL 4: Things start getting really hard now.  This level is a very large
      maze of deep, dark sewers packed with demons.  And as soon as you fire
      your gun they all start hunting you down.  Watch your back and expect a
      demon around every corner, because there just might be.
      -If the demons hunting you down really bug you, you can save then reload 
       right after you shoot.  The demons will stop hunting you down, but as 
       soon as you shoot again they will resume hunting you and you'll have to
       do it all over again.  You'll probably find it easier just to watch 
       your back.
      -This level can be very confusing.  Use the Automap.
      -Lite-Amp. Goggles are a must.
      -Be careful with the Rocket Launcher, as the passages tend to be narrow.
       this makes it very easy to hit a nearby wall, something you definitely 
       want to avoid.
      -Items to look for: Chainsaw, Lite-Amp Goggles, ??

 LEVEL 5: This is where you enter the base.  It starts in the waste 
      disposal area but you also work your way to offices, computer rooms,
      and even a bathroom!  This level is very hard, especially the Cyberdemon
      boss at the end.
      -When you start the level, the first thing that happens is the floor 
       starts moving.  Be careful not to go under the doorway, as this will
       stop the floor and leave you stranded.
      -Items to look for: ??

 LEVEL 6: This wing of the base is where ships, planes, etc. come in.  There
      are some docks and a boathouse as well as a couple of helipads and 
      runways.  This originally was the largest level in the episode ( almost 
      200 K ) but it was so big that it moved slow and I couldn't save, so I 
      took a little off.  It's still a pretty big level, though, and also one 
      of the hardest.  At the end there are 3 Cyberdemons ( in UV ) in a
      small passageway.  They can't move very much, so they are easier to hit,
      but at the same time this prevents you from getting past without killing 
      all three.  I recommend the .deh patch with this level. 
      -Don't try to kill every enemy.  Some enemies are just there to hassle
       you and are meant to be avoided.  Killing them only wastes valuable 
       ammunition ( not to mention health and armor ).  This is even more true
       on level 7.
      -The Cyberdemons are practically impossible without the .deh patch, as
       the grey trees are all the cover you get.  I couldn't beat them without 
       it and if you make it that far but you don't have Dehacked, you have my 
       permission to cheat.
      -Items to look for: ??

 LEVEL 7: This is the main section of the warehouse and is by far the biggest 
       level of the episode.  It has everything you would look for in a 
       fortress and more: turrets, computer rooms, a crate-filled warehouse, 
       even a death-filled dungeon of DOOM!  I can't tell which level is 
       harder, this one or level 6, but they're both close to impossible.  
       -There are two hidden lifts among the crates, one on the ground and one
        on the crates.  Save before using the one on the crates - it only 
        works once and if you do it wrong you'll miss out on all the great 
        stuff up there.
       -There's a part in the dungeon where you enter a cell and the door 
        closes behind you.  Relax.  There's a way out, just try every possible 
       -AVOID CYBERDEMONS AT ALL COSTS!!  They are all positioned ( Except one 
        at the very end ) so that they are impossible to kill. Don't even try.  
        Just avoid them at all costs.
       -Items to look for: ??

 LEVEL 8: This is the hardest level in the game.  In UV, you must face 18 
       Barons of Hell, 3 Cyberdemons, and the Possessed Marine ( Possessed
       Marine appears only with Dehacked ).  The Possessed Marine is 
       borderline impossible - he can fly and is two and a half times as 
       strong as the Cyberdemon.  He also turns into a Cacodemon and a lost  
       soul to attack ( Don't be fooled - when he flies at you, screaming, it
       is MUCH stronger than an average Lost Soul attack.  It is actually 
       TWICE as strong as a rocket, so beware. )  At first he looks like a 
       Baron of Hell, but he changes into the other demons and doesn't reveal 
       his true colors until death.  I recommend the .deh patch for this 
       -In the room shaped like a pentagram, you may have noticed a bright red
        wall on two sides.  This wall does lead to the end, but it will not 
        open until you have hunted down and killed every last Baron of Hell.
       -Whatever the possessed Marine may look like it is only illusion, so
        remember that he is only your size.  This means that sometimes it will
        look like you hit him when in actuality you just missed him.
       -Items to look for: ??

  LEVEL 9: The secret level.  This level is almost as hard as level 8.  It has
       FOUR Cyberdemons and is the only place to get the BFG 9000.  There is
       one part with lots of powerups and stuff that you need the .deh patch
       to reach, but you can find everything in there somewhere else, so don't
       worry about missing it.  This level has all sorts of hellish surprises:
       upside-down cross passageways, animated walls, rivers of blood, hot 
       lava, eyes in symbols, and just about everything else hellish and evil
       from DOOM plus much, much more!  I recommend the .deh patch with this 
       -If you play this on wuss level ( see level 3, tips ) don't bother 
        looking for the yellow skull key, it's not there.  Just take the BFG
        and open the wall where the candles point to.  If you are too much of 
        a wuss to play it even on HURT ME PLENTY, I don't think you deserve 
        to see the cool parts, and if you don't like that, tough.
       -Items to look for: Everything, especially the BFG 9000.


                          IV. The .deh patch

      If you have Dehacked, you can add on lionsden.deh ( Just type in ld.    
 It will automatically insert the patch into your doom.exe.  If you don't have  
 Dehacked in your DOOM directory and the .deh patch, this will not work. ) 
 This patch is not REQUIRED, but is highly recommended.  Also you play for a 
 while without it, save your game, then implement it ( or vice-versa ) it will 
 not load.  I have also observed that it tends to screw up demos sometimes, 
 and if you do not implement it my demos will be screwed up.  You can use this 
 patch with any other levels you want, but be careful.  This .deh file:

       -turns green pillars into Possessed Marine Bosses.
       -changes the way certain decorations react to being shot (like impaled
        bodies or eyes in symbols ).
       -changes certain decorations into dead bosses and players.
       -allows you to take cover behind brown and gray trees.  However, after
        taking so much damage brown trees will expire and turn into gray 
        trees; after that they will offer no protection.  DO NOT CONFUSE 


                     V. "Out"-troduction ( tee-hee )

      I know, that was pretty stupid.  I guess I've been playing too much 
 DOOM lately.  Anyways, I tried to make my own ending but my PCPAINT art 
 totally sucked ( as I mentioned above ), so I thought I'd give you the ending 
 right here.   


        Okay, the story sucks, but who cares?  The original DOOM story sucked
  too, and nobody plays a game like DOOM for the story.  
        I would greatly appreciate some input about these levels.  If any of  
  you out there liked it, please e-mail me and say why.  If you didn't and
  you have some CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, I would also like to hear from you.
  Or if you just have some general comments, tell me.  However if you send
  me something stupid ( like an angry letter about using upside down crosses
  or something ) you will be ignored.  I hope you enjoy these levels, but if
  you don't, I hope you like my next level.

         -El Gran Rodolfo
           ( Really Kevin Irmiter.  I just like the name "Rodolfo". )



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