It's Mortal Kombat Doom. This patch is old and obsolete. I haven't done any real work on it in almost two years (Today being 2/2/99). I didn't even...

Mortal Kombat Doom "as is"
2.51 MB
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MKOMBAT2 - Mortal Kombat Doom (version 2) - for Doom II
Updated with new music and graphics, difficulty settings,
and most of the gameplay bugs removed.


This is a modified version of MKOMBAT.ZIP

Original Author  :  Gokuma                       <email removed>
Version 2 mods by:  Sparky of KISS Software      <email removed>

Note: this version has been released with the consent of the original
      author. Please note that Mortal Kombat Doom was an early,
      unfinished work by Gokuma and is in no way representative of his
      excellent later work.  In other words, if you think MKOMBAT2 is
      a piece of shite... blame Sparky for updating and releasing it,
      not Gokuma! To see what Gokuma can really do, visit his sites at:

Mods made by Sparky of KISS Software:
- fixed the offset of the Menu Logo which was causing Legacy Win32 to
  crash (but strangely, not Legacy DOS).
- aligned the Menu Logo with the Title Screen so it looks more
  aethetically pleasing (it's not aligned with either version of
  Legacy v1.28 though).
- fixed some minor graphics offsets: stdisk, m_skull1 and m_skull2
- removed the modified cheat codes from the DeHackEd patch - but don't
  use them or you will have access to weapons which were not modified
  and were never intended to be used (pistol, both shotguns and the
  chaingun). You'll probably want to use IDDQD though until you work
  out how to defeat each of the new monsters (some of them are pretty
- modified the structure of the wad slightly to put resources (sprites
  and wall patches) between start/end markers.
- added new names for the different skill levels. Modified those from
  subzero.wad by Female Subzero (<email removed>):
     I'm Too Young To Die      NOVICE
     Hey, Not Too Rough        DISCIPLE
     Hurt Me Plenty            WARRIOR
     Ultra-Violence            CHOSEN ONE
     Nightmare                 MASTER

- added difficulty settings - in the original version all 3 skill
  settings were identical (except the BFG which only appeared in CHOSEN
  ONE and MASTER).
- made the secret door more obvious and removed the redundant exit
  switch (there's a stash of stuff in there now too).
- made the pitch-black areas slightly brighter - so now you can only
  just see the ammo, health and monsters in these areas.
- aligned most of the wall textures and cleaned up around the exit door
- fixed which lines do and don't appear on the Computer Map.
- turned the Player 1 start around 180 degrees to face the Mancubus.
- replaced the faulty trooper in the level with a green demon (this
  new monster was not used in the original version at all).
- removed the unmodified ss_guards and replaced them with imps (except
  for the one in the special hidden area).
- replaced the faulty Baron of Hell mith a Hell Knight.
- fixed about 6 HOMs in the Mortal Kombat Symbol Room (most were very
  small and difficult to see).
- added level text for the stats screen at the end of the level.
- removed the unused/incomplete sprites from the wad - SMIT and HEAD.
  The HEAD sprites would have looked more at home in a VIC20 game
  (if you know what a VIC20 is, your age is showing!).
- added music for MAP01 - Mortal Kombat Theme (kombat.mid downloaded
  from, and converted using MID2MUS).
- added the intro/intermission music - thanks to Chris Lloyd
  (<email removed>) author of hongkong.wad.
- modified the Title and Credit Screens to add my name as the author
  of the Version 2 Update.
- deleted the redundant stuff from the DeHackEd patch - end of episode
  text (never used), flats name changes (they didn't work), monster
  name changes (only seen after level 30 so they were pointless).
  I left all the startup text changes even though none of the current
  Source Ports display them.
- added an edited screenshot MKOMBAT2.GIF for distribution/promotion.



-  I did not modify the monster behaviour at all, so anything weird
   you see was in the original (eg. a hopping-mad Cyberdemon, etc.)
-  I tried getting rid of the "Monsters Cannot Cross" lines but these
   are there for good reasons:
   a) the Mancubus' gushing blood can trap and hurt the other monsters;
   b) you don't want the CyberDemon trapping you on the platform.


Most people should play on NOVICE first until they are familiar with
the new monsters and weapons. If you start on a higher skill and get
your arse kicked... don't say I didn't warn you.

After you've gained some experience: WARRIOR is for average players,
CHOSEN ONE is for seriously good players (unless you know where
everything is), and MASTER is probably impossible.


The original author intended MKOMBAT to be used with the Legacy Source
Port.  This is actually the worst of the Ports to use due to several
bugs which don't appear in the other Ports (see below).

MKOMBAT2 has been tested with the following Source Ports:
    ZDoom v1.18b       - recommended - the demos have been disabled at
                         startup, and instead the Title and Credits
                         screens are displayed sequencially. Also has
                         high screen resolutions and mouse-look.
    MBF v2.03          - good - high screen resolutions available
    PRboom v2.02       - good -  "      "        "          "
    Boom v2.02         - not recommended - only 320x200 low resolution
    Legacy DOS v1.28   - not recommended - bugs (see below)
    Legacy Win32 v1.28 - not recommended -  "     "    "

    - use a screen resolution of 640x400 otherwise the pixels are
      elongated. For example, 800x600 has the wrong aspect ratio and
      the menus in ZDoom are distorted.
    - if you like to use the mouse-look feature then use ZDoom rather
      than Legacy.

MKOMBAT2 also tested okay with 'Plain Vanilla' Doom II v1.9 by:
  - running the patch mkombat2.deh through DeHackEd v3.1
  - adding the missing sprites to mkombat2.wad using WinTex
This is not recommended due to the resulting file size (over 5.3 MB)
and the low resolution graphics (300x200) of the original Doom II.


a) Some of the monsters were created using screen shots from the
   real Mortal Kombat, so some of them tend to walk a bit funny.

b) Sometimes the beating hearts leak floating blood. This bug is
   random, so if you see this in the first room near the start just
   restart the level.

c) In all of the Ports (except ZDoom) and 'Plain Vanilla' Doom II
   none of the weapons will open secret doors, so you'll have to use
   a punch or a kick.

d) Legacy Win32 and DOS versions
      - the Menu Logo is offset
      - the menu text "Choose Skill Level" is offset
      - the Cyberdemon transparency flashes on/off
      - the player face background is green

Although Legacy has the best sound (on my system) and arguably the
best unaccelerated graphics of all the Source Ports, I couldn't
recommend you use it because of all the bugs.

The original text file follows:


For Doom 2 with Doom Legacy (untested with other ports)
Title                   : Mortal Kombat Doom "as is"
Filename                : mkombat.wad mkombat.deh
Author                  : Gokuma
Email Address           : <email removed>
Misc. Author Info       : Doom page at
                          other page at
                          Likes Street Fighter a lot more than Mortal Kombat

Description             : It's Mortal Kombat Doom.
                          This patch is old and obsolete.  I haven't done any
                          real work on it in almost two years (Today being
                          2/2/99).  I didn't even bother to give Akuma some
                          real walking or death frames or add more blood like
                          I was going to.  This patch just isn't worth
                          finishing.  I made the level back when I couldn't
                          even align textures.  Well give this patch a try
                          if you want.  I'll probably use the few good ideas
                          for other patches.

Usage                   : doom3 -file mkombat.deh mkombat.wad

Additional Credits to   : Justin Fisher (I got some of his wall texture gfx
                          and lightning gfx the 3D game Alchemy CD's graphic
                          library. I modified them before using them though.)
                          VK ( (I got Akuma gfx
                          from animated gifs he made)

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : map01, the level isn't finished but it is fully
                          functional with an exit and stuff.
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : I guess
Deathmatch 2-8 Player   : Yes
Difficulty Settings     : I forget
New Sounds              : Yes
New Graphics            : Yes
New Music               : Yes
Demos Replaced          : None

* Cheat codes *
Change music = music
Chainsaw = kickassÿÿ
God mode = isuck
Ammo & Keys = blood
Ammo = soul
No Clipping 1 = ghostlyÿÿÿ
No Clipping 2 = walkÿÿ
Invincibility = istinkÿÿÿ
Berserk = iwupyoass
Invisibility = noobÿÿÿÿÿ
Radiation Suit = shieldÿÿÿ
Auto-map = greymapÿÿ
Lite-Amp Goggles = lookÿÿÿÿÿ
BEHOLD menu = dullardÿ
Level Warp = warpto
Player Position = hereÿÿÿ
Map cheat = maps

* Things replaced *
Imp                = Brown Ninja
Spectre            = Noob Saibot
Cacodemon          = Reptile
Pain Elemental     = Ermac
Hell Knight        = Smoke
Revenant           = Golem
Baron of Hell      = Akuma
Arachnotron        = Thomas
Dead Cacodemon     = Spewy
Dead Imp           = Eyes for pitch black caves
Dead Lost Soul     = Bridge for Doom Legacy
Dead Player        = Dead Heavy Weapon Dude
Dead Zombieman     = Dead Wolfenstein Soldier
Guts and Bones     = Dead Hell Knight
Guts and Bones 2   = Dead Arch-Vile
Pool of Blood 2    = Beating Heart
Tall Green Pillar  = Spike
Short Green Pillar = Bloody Spike
Tall Red Pillar    = Heavy Weapon Dude Head on Spike
Short Red Pillar   = Zombieman Head on Spike
Chainsaw           = The Ass Kicker
Rocket Launcher    = Rayden's Lightning
Plasma Gun         = Scorpion's Hellfire
BFG 9000           = The Finishing Move

Brown Stub         = Ninja
Eye in Symbol      = Revenant
Grey Tree          = Demon
Tall Brown Tree    = Cyberdemon
Pile of Skulls     = Imp
Skulls in Flames   = Vile
Burning Barrel     = Thomas

Pool of Blood in Dehacked   = Pool of Blood in DEU
Pool of Blood 1 in Dehacked = Pool of Blood 2 in DEU
Pool of Blood 2 in Dehacked = Pool of Blood (small) in DEU = Beating Heart

* Construction *

Base                    : New patch from scratch
Editor(s) used          : a ton
Known Bugs              : slime trails
                          stuff is unfinished
                          Don't bother reporting any bugs

* Copyright / Permissions *

You may do whatever you want with this file as long as I get some credit.

* Where to get this WAD *


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