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MAP01, MAP02, MAP03, MAP04
   - by Patrik Höglund

   "Archangel, dark angel
    lend me thy light
    through death's fail until 
    we have heaven in sight"

            - "Satanic Mantra", Cradle of Filth

    It was some time ago I last released a level.
    To compensate for that, I don't only release
    one new level, but four. They do generally
    retain the gameplay style of my previous level
    Siebenbürgen - that is, you can expect anything
    except a quiet moment. This level set should 
    provide you with some really doomish action.

    These levels were originally meant for Team
    Future, but I felt that I could not possibly 
    manage to complete anything within the scope 
    of that project, with custom textures, scripting
    and other stuff that I have no idea how to
    implement myself. I feel bad for letting the guys
    down and leaving after such a long time, but my
    levels would never had been completed if I hadn't
    dropped off the project.

    That is, by the way, why I never have implemented
    any Boom linedefs, source port features, whatever
    it may be; I don't know how to implement it, and I
    have never bothered to learn. My design limitations
    are the limitations of DCK. It's that simple. I know
    how to design mean-ass gameplay, architecture and
    such, but I don't know the other spiffy stuff one
    might use. So don't complain about that this time :)

    This is my last contribution to the vast pile of WADS
    that have assembled during the aeons. Enjoy it.

    ******** Details *****************

    Port compability is always a thorny issue. I've tried
    to make these levels compatible as they originally were
    intended to be ZDoom-only. Sadly, I had to spoil a 
    couple of cool features such as tree climbing, but the
    levels were not desperately needing them to be enjoyable.
    This level set requires jumping, though. I might release
    a non-jump version for those using older ports, if many
    enough ask for it. As usual, the levels are designed
    with ZDoom in mind even though any port with jumping and 
    visplane protection should do.

    So you plain vanilla boys: don't bother. You are
    guaranteed that the levels play as intended if you run
    ZDoom. If you run Legacy or something else that satisfies
    the above demands, you are practically if not absolutely

    MAP01: Storm of the Light's Bane
        Size: Small
        Monsters (UV): 35
You deem it wise to raid a small storage base before
        continuing on your quest to, uh, destroy everything.
        Intelligence reports that light resistance is expected,
        but they are most often wrong.
    MAP02: The Nightwing Complex
        Size: Large
        Monsters(UV): 360

Armed to the teeth after the sucessful raid, you charge
        headlong into the vast taskforce that the Cave Imps have
        dispatched. Remember the lesson that running pays off 
        when fighting large hordes of monsters.

    MAP03: At the Fathomless Depths
       Size: Medium
       Monsters(UV): 85
       You find that the Cave Imps are retreating upwards a 
       mountain. Needless to say, you pursue.

    MAP04: The Cliff Fortress
       Size: Large
       Monsters(UV): 279

       The ancient demon stronghold Thorncastle stand atop the
       bloodstained hills of Grimjaur Mountain, and it is the
       last retreat for the decimated Imp taskforce. Your mission
       is to reach the sun sanctuary alive - as the only one alive.

    Deathmatch/CoOp: No.

    *** Explanation of the difficulty levels

    Too young to die & Hey, not too rough:
      You will face some high-level monsters, but you will have
      humongous amounts of ammo and health to deal with them too.

    Hurt me Plenty:
      More high-level monsters, pretty well with ammo and health.

      This is tough. I mean, its REALLY tough. You are given good
      amounts of ammo and health, but you face off against obscene
      amounts of monsters with several cyberdemons and masterminds.
      This is for the experienced player, so don't get discouraged
      if you can't make it on this level. Try an easier level instead.

    Nightmare: This should practically be impossible. Doom gods only.

    *** Disclaimer

    Don't use my levels as a base for your own levels. You may of
    course draw inspiration and design areas practically alike of
    those in my levels, but don't open an editor, press ctrl+c and
    and paste it into your own level. It's much funnier to design
    levels yourself, so do so instead.
    ***** Previous levels by me **************

    Cradle of Filth

    Of course, the levels are available at, as well.


    Thus, end of the line. Goodbye, Doom community.
    / Patrik


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