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Parallel Forces is a PK3 playable on GZDOOM

Parallel Forces
6.23 MB
WAD Type
Archive Maintainer      : Ty Halderman
Update to               : rslforce.zip in /combos subdirectory, this is RELEASE #10!
Advanced engine needed  : GZDOOM 1.5.6 (software renderer)
Primary purpose         : Cooperative play
Title                   : Parallel Forces
Filename                : rslfbase.wad, rslfcls1.wad, rslfcls2.wad, rslfcls3.wad, rslftop.wad -> rslforce.pk3
Release date            : July 01, 2014
Author                  : Richard Smith Long
Email Address           : <email removed>
Other Files By Author   : rslproto.zip, rslrebel.zip, rslvenge.zip, rsliczdp.zip, rslengee.zip
Misc. Author Info       : AKA "Dick S. Long"

Description             : three epochs, three warriors, three different styles.
                          One single, timeless enemy... Baphomet and its armies.
                          Time to reunite for the final struggle!

  My rationale:

DOOM is surely a game that blends well with role-playing elements. Several efforts have
proven this, some commercial (i.e. HeXen) and some from the community (i.e. AEoD).
Such games/mods grant an excellent feeling (especially in cooperative play), but IMHO
they do suffer from a couple drawbacks as well:

- sometimes, the quest has not much of a replay value, and supported classes are somewhat
  not flexible enough (think HeXen);
- sometimes, supported classes are not *characterized* enough, especially in terms of arsenal
  and abilities (think AEoD).

Despite considering the above two as wonderful milestones in the history of DOOM(-derived)
gaming, I am here trying my hand at this concept. This is a gameplay and weapons modification
that gives each of the three implemented classes a *reserved* weapons set, and a couple peculiar
inventory items/special powers. The modification is perfectly compatible with any DOOM vanilla
or BOOM levelset, so everything can be re-played with a totally different approach each time.

In short: "UAC Trainee" employs the widest range of weapons and is very balanced in features, much
          like the old space marine. "Commando" is slower and wealthier, and has upgradable weapons
          (each one improvable with cumulable addons). Finally, "Ex-cultist" employs basic firearms
          but also peculiar magical attacks, which can be powered and revolutionized in a secondary
          form. He is generally weaker, but moves at higher speed.


October 10, 2010: initial release.

November 28, 2010: release #2.

- fixed heavy weapon dude casings.
- fixed decals for all projectile types.

May 13, 2011: release #3.

- improved RotoBomber explosive module behaviour (class 1):
  if it misses, stays idle on the ground for a bit, then explodes.
- improved TNT stick behaviour (class 3):
  if it misses, spawns a number of debris parts that start
  sparse flames on the ground.

September 7, 2011: release #3+.

- fixed display scaling with normal HUD.
- added HUD smooth interpolation.
- added new bullet puff graphics.
- fixed TNT stick deselection without ammo.
- added weapon tag names.

April 30, 2012: release #5.

- added custom teleportation effect.

September 25, 2012: release #5+.

- revolutionized explosive barrels system with
  three different types, custom damage too.

March 25, 2013: release #7.

- minor fixes to archive and lump formats.

June 11, 2013: release #8.

- superseded class 2 tech mugshot with appropriate figure-like one
  (can be reverted back easily by means of lump replacement).
- fixed behaviour of particle actors on moving flats (MOVEWITHSECTOR).
- fixed one-of-two-ammotypes-left scenarios management on LizardMan.
- improved appearance of still actors whenever applicable (FORCEXYBILLBOARD).

December 31, 2013: release #8+.

- fixed Mastiqaatsi morphed player attack.

July 01, 2014: release #10.

- fixed wasteful ammo spawners bug (ammo would be picked up
  even with already-filled capacity).

  The classes

/\/ UAC Trainee: "Lt. Donovan Hellpheega"

Lieutenant Hellpheega is the most brilliant representative of the newly-conceived UAC army,
that of the Trainees (now functionally independent from U.S. forces).
He is the best result of years of experience in facing and fighting the forces of hell,
accumulated by studying their assets and spotting their weaknesses.
Donovan is a strong and skilled soldier, perfectly trained to make the most of his war potential
together with the last-generation equipment designed by UAC engineers.

 KEY FEATURES: balanced movement capability, balanced endurance.
               Wide array of weapons, each one sporting specific optimizations.


Contact Arts (UAC standard issue)
 Part of the default training reserved to UAC military applicants, contact arts are
 an efficient technique - relying exclusively on rapid arms movement - for full-contact
 human vs. human challenges. Unfortunately, such technique alone is totally inadequate
 against the innatural power and aggressiveness of hellspawn; unless a berserk injection
 is found, contact arts are the soldiers' last resort.

Mass Driver (UAC experimental)
 A prototypical device still in development, the Mass Driver is more of a tool than a
 weapon. It is able to emit strong pulse waves that can violently push forward any mid-sized
 materical body. Unfortunately, its pointing system is still quite inaccurate, and the maximum
 pulse entity the driver is capable of remains insufficient for greater demons.
 A device to be used sparingly, especially when a direct clash can be avoided in favor of
 a strategical escape.

Automatic Rifle (UAC standard issue)
 This is the standard firearm assigned to UAC Trainees; a welcome improvement over the once-
 standard semiautomatic pistol, this fully-automatic rifle has got the right speed and accuracy
 to suffice for most encounters with former humans.
 (16 rounds)

Shortened Pump-Action Shotgun (UAC standard issue)
 Another staple of the trainee arsenal, this powerful weapon is derived from the canonical
 12-gauge pump-action shotgun, once widely used among marine ranks. It can be somehow considered
 an upgrade version of that one, since the shortened barrel allows for a wider pellet spray and
 greater offending power.
 Unfortunately, the above redesign also forced to reduce the magazine capacity: the gun can now
 hold a maximum of four shells only.
 (4 rounds)

Gas-Action Shotgun (UAC standard issue)
 Now, this is an excellent example of 'overhaul' applied to a long-known weapon architecture.
 This blowback-driven shotgun is able to go fully automatic, granting good accuracy but - most of all -
 one of the most significant output damage rates in the whole arsenal. The only real area
 that needs improvement is reloading time: detaching the special shell-drum and refilling it,
 plus rearming the weapon can easily lead to embarrassing situations.
 (20 rounds)

Zero-Gap Gatling Gun (UAC standard issue)
 The chaingun has always occupied an important role in the marines' arsenal. Now, this modern substitute
 conceived by UAC laboratories is able to deliver improved fire rate and power, without sacrificing
 the instant activation of its predecessors. The large chain capacity and reduced recoil allow for long-
 sustained attacks; watch out for the magazine counter, though.
 (128 rounds)

RotoBomber Grenade Launcher (UAC standard issue)
 The original weapon roster employed by space marines was almost perfect, since it ended up covering
 each tactical need effectively. What was really missing was a bouncer-projectile type weapon, able to
 attack in a non-straight line and reach out-of-sight objectives (i.e. around corners).
 The RotoBomber fills the gap perfectly: its grenades can sustain a good number of shocks before exploding,
 and the great propelling power grants it a range almost comparable to that of a rocket launcher. Add
 to this the ability to rapidly feed one grenade after another through the rotating drum, and what you get
 is an excellent explosive weapon.
 (6 rounds)

MicroMortar Missile Launcher (UAC standard issue)
 Among the best examples of UAC-designed modern weaponry, this a more compact, yet deadlier version of the
 old rocket launcher. Supported missiles are proportionally smaller and generate a limited explosion, but
 are also white-phosporus filled - meaning that former humans are literally disintegrated by them. On top of
 all this, the MicroMortar also sports a stunning firing rate - a perfect weapon, if not for the limited
 magazine (each missile chain holds up to 10, and is quickly exhausted) and the fact that ammunition is still
 a bit scarce around.
 (10 rounds)

Shrapnelgun (UAC standard issue)
 For the toughest and most enduring hellspawn, UAC engineers decided to resort to a simple, yet effective
 offensive mechanic: imagine a handful of sharpened, ultra-heated shrapnels being projected through your
 flesh at good speed, and you get an impression of the shrapnelgun power. Add to this that single fragments
 retain a generous bounce factor to finally realize how-impressive-a-tool you have at your disposal.

Nuclear Warhead Unit (UAC experimental)
 According to the experience of marines who survived their missions against hellspawn and got to report back
 to headquarters of earth defense forces, one of the worst and common feelings they went through was that of
 "panic". That is, finding themselves suddenly surrounded by multiple waves of hellspawn - each coming from a
 different direction - that apparently blocked any possible way to escape.
 Those who came back were probably lucky enough to open up themselves an exit with their BFGs, but the majority of marines
 who lived this experience never went back: a clear sign that even the technology behind the BFG was insufficient
 in similar scenarios.
 The answer by UAC scientists comes shaped as the "Nuclear Warhead Unit", already being produced (at least in prototypical form)
 and immediately nicknamed by trainees as the "Anti-Panic Gun". This device is able to launch a plutonium-powered heavy rocket that -
 upon impact - unleashes a small-scale nuclear explosion, with the effect of dispatching a large area filled with
 no-matter-how-many hellspawn, in a single instant. This devastating power, however, comes at the cost of a backlash
 shockwave whose effects can be avoided only if the weapon is fired with sufficient time advantage and/or sufficient
 (2 rounds)

Unmaker (unknown origin)
 For long time described only as a legend - according to feeble hints gathered by the first marines involved in the fight
 against hell - this unholy weapon is said to have been hidden away by hell forces themselves, to prevent it from
 being discovered by humankind. This seems to suggest that, once found, it may become the ultimate asset for
 UAC soldiers.

INVENTORY: UAC TNT-carrier test subject
 A cruel-yet-effective exploit of UAC to place explosive attacks more easily amongst enemy lines, these small
 bunny specimens (test subjects) are normally perceived as inoffensive by hellspawn, and thus can easily suicide
 by running into a demon and detonating the TNT load on their back. A useful, merciless way to strike objectives
 that cannot be directly attacked with normal means.
 (7 carriable maximum)

/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/

/\/ Commando: "Jack Bon Djofa"

A guerrilla veteran and weapon specialist, Jack Bon Djofa has managed to build himself a solid reputation on
warfare skills and armament technology knowledge throughout several major conflicts all around the world.
However, his humongous ego always discouraged any potential mate specialist to side with him during all the
critical missions he always managed to complete - as the best-paid in the history of mercenaries, of course.
Being well-aware of his fame and ability in dire situations, the earth defense forces council decided to recall him
in service for help against the new netherworld uprise, apparently forgetting about his declared retirement as a mercenary.
And while it is uncertain whether Mr. Djofa will respond to the call, it is guaranteed that he will do it
in his own style, bringing along a couple examples of his self-customized weapons.

 KEY FEATURES: reduced movement capability, increased endurance.
               Reduced set of weapons, some being heavily upgradable.


"Piranha" portable rotating blade
 Obtained by adaptation of steel works machinery of the same name, this melee weapon
 is a fiercer variant of chainsaws already adopted as last-resort weapon by marines.
 Its peculiarity resides in supporting high-speed ejection of the blade through a
 secondary trigger, something that makes it very effective even at a distance.
 Be careful, though: the default usage mode needs a blade to operate, so be sure
 to spare always at least one for regular melee use.
 (5/10 rounds, alternate firing mode)

"Twin Messiah" semiautomatic handguns set
 Apparently a couple of standard semiautomatic handguns, Mr. Djofa always brings them
 along - and for good reason. While one is black-matte and the other is glossy metal finished,
 these two guns expose no technical difference between each other. They're both upgradable semi-
 automatics, and while they are of good use right from the start against lesser opponents,
 they can do wonders with upgrades:

 - magazine capacity can be doubled;
 - they can be upgraded to fully-automatic mode;
 - a recoil-reduction system can be installed;
 - a special balancer for improved accuracy can be obtained;
 - their fire can be silenced;
 - a more powerful detonation mechanism can be deployed;
 - and finally, bullets can be triggered to explode upon impact.

 (20/40 rounds, 7 upgrades)

"Dingus" double-barreled spike gun
 Probably his most recognizable "signature" weapon, this is one of those customizations
 Jack is most proud of. Again the result of adaptation of an already-existing working tool, the
 "Dingus" is basically a double-barreled spike projector that has gained good success among many
 other spec-ops for its power in fully-upgraded state, and granted Mr. Djofa generous earnings (and
 the most part of his wealthy life). The weapon changes its behaviour quite significantly as more
 and more upgrade kits are found and applied to it:

 - firing rate of the alternate barrels can be almost doubled;
 - projection speed for each spike can be improved;
 - both barrels can be synchronized for simultaneous fire
   by installing dedicated circuitry;
 - penetration coefficient of each nail can be significantly
 - and finally, projection momentum can be optimally tuned for
   spike fragmentation upon impact with harder surfaces. The
   overheated shards that result add significant damage to
   each shot.

 (30/15 rounds, 5 upgrades)

"ThunderArm" versatile missile launcher
 Despite being one of his least successful projects in the field of weapon technology, this
 versatile missile launcher is one with which Mr. Djofa is most proficient on the battlefield.
 Designed for long-ranged heavy combat, the weapon supports a limited set of upgrades, albeit
 with each one being much more significant than in previous cases:

 - the explosion radius of each missile can be doubled, meaning that a
   single missile can be fired to affect a much larger area than before;
 - the warhead of each missile can be triggered to release explosive
   cluster capsules upon impact;
 - and finally, the heat-seeking system aboard of each missile can be
   enabled, for fire-and-forget tactics.

 (7 rounds, 3 upgrades)

"LizardMan" napalm flamethrower
 Despite popular expectations, the most powerful weapon available in Jack's arsenal
 is not a hi-tech, nor upgradable one. For the most demanding missions, Mr. Djofa always
 relied on a simple, yet well-proven and efficient concept: the flamethrower.
 However, the one used (and co-designed) by Jack is probably the most powerful known
 to date. It can be seamlessly fueled through napalm - something well-known for its heavy-
 igniting capabilities, even on non-flammable ground - and sports a very efficient "anti-panic"
 secondary attack. This one, called "Fire Tide", is exactly what its name suggests: a wave
 of fierce flames that progresses at high speed, incrementally widening to cover the most
 larger possible area, and deleting almost everything on its path.
 (alternate firing mode)

INVENTORY: Djofa Industries Inc. Portable Jetsack
 Another marvel born from the creative mind of Bon Djofa, this back-mounted unit is constituted
 by two vertical reaction propulsors bundled together with a limited fuel load. Such load grants
 an autonomy of approximately 45 seconds of free flight, and is crucial in escaping certain dire
 situations, or implement aerial assault manoeuvers. Its compact, lightweight format allows for
 more than one to be carried along at once.
 (3 carriable maximum)

/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/

/\/ Ex-cultist: "Trtso Tchernoviak"

When UAC opened the inter-dimensional gate with Hell through one famous experiment gone wrong, people came into
first contact with the netherworld creatures with great astonishment, having always considered the legend of Baphomet
nothing much more than, well, a legend. However, the existence of orders worshipping the Dark Master and
experimenting with sinister black magic was in fact well known long before, and such congregations were particularly
flourishing at the beginning of the twentieth century.
Trtso Tchernoviak was one of the most prominent representatives of such orders: his origins shrouded in mistery,
and a sombre fame of "beholder of black arts". His powers went very close to bring him into direct contact with
the Dark Master itself, as the most trustable and glorified general on its side. However, something must have gone
wrong if Tchernoviak suddenly decided to deny his ties with the Order and became one of the "most wanted" by
Baphomet's minions... A welcome change of mind, heart and conscience for one mighty magician whose powers could
finally be put to good use serving humankind!

 KEY FEATURES: swift movement capability, limited endurance.
               Reduced set of weapons and artifacts, the latter ones can be powered up to devastating extents.


"Ring Of Wilderness"
 This enchanted ring is said to have originally been forged by the Sidhe to control the ethereal elements
 (water and air). Unfortunately, during the course of its millenary life it must have fallen very soon
 in the wrong hands... Nevertheless, its power still lives on, and it firmly resides in the hands of
 Tchernoviak from years and years now. Needless to say, when an "Unholy Cross" artifact is spent,
 the ring increases its power and mutates the form of its attacks.

 PRIMARY FORM: with a simple hand gesture, Tchernoviak can send in a small handful of what could be
               best described as "frost claws", small and sharp icicles that instantly freeze on contact.
               With a well-placed blow, freezing any lesser demon is a one-shot matter.
 POWERED FORM: with the same gesture a small-scale typhoon can be generated. The tornado advances slowly,
               tearing through everything it encounters and pushing aside any middle-to-light-weighted foe;
               a series of smaller tornadoes are generated sideways along the path.

Double-barreled sawn-off shotgun
 Among the few firearms that stuck among the lines of Baphomet cultists, one classical example is
 surely that of the double-barreled shotgun, a firearm once common at the beginning of the twentieth
 century, when the "Cult Of Baphomet" inexplicably managed to gather a great number of acolytes.
 Nowadays several instances of this firearm still survive, in a modified form where their power
 is augmented by sawing part of the barrels to increase the pellet spread.
 In short: a very powerful weapon, but slow to reload and quite hard to control effectively.
 Its best use is at point-blank range.

 Quite impressive in its pulsating ugliness, the "Heartifact" is a (former) demon's heart having
 been filled with visceral power (fire and earth) by Baphomet itself. In order to exploit its
 powers, one must clasp the artifact violently - so that it emits strange sounds, from horrid squishes
 to atavic yells - thus announcing its powers are being unleashed.
 Even the "Heartifact" is totally mutated by an "Unholy Cross" - its attacks becoming even more devastating.

 PRIMARY FORM: the wielder can hurl a volley of slow, explosive fireballs from his/her palm.
 POWERED FORM: the artifact summons the forces of the Underworld. An earth-shattering entity -
               recognizable only by a smoke trail on its path - starts to crawl around seeking
               for victims, and generates a chain of explosions that can hurt even the greater
               demons. Care not to be caught in the middle of its force, or you will suffer.

TNT sticks (throw ability)
 Probably the kind of explosive most appreciated by cultist, maybe because of its elementary
 functioning that delivers a lot of raw destructive power anyway. Set one on fire, calibrate the
 launch, and let it go. Keep in mind that these sticks cannot bear any impact, so you can't bounce
 them off walls or floors. And most of all, once you set one of them on fire, you better dispose of it
 very quickly, or you'll be blown up in a few seconds.

"Mastiqaatsi Morphing Manacle"
 A fearsome symbol of power dating back to ancient egypt, where pharaohs must surely have exercised
 their oppressive ruling with help from this thing, and reigned without fear of being subverted.
 The manacle grants its wielder the ability to generate magical bolts that morph their targets
 into Mastiqaatsi - a ferocious hell spiders' breed whose terrible fame has lived on in legends and
 stories through the centuries. Combining its peculiar abilities with an "Unholy Cross" produces
 the ultimate magical weapon.

 PRIMARY FORM: a single magical projectile is thrown in the desired direction. When a living target
               is hit, the creature is immediately turned into a Mastiqaatsi spider, that soon starts
               attacking its "creator". Mastqaatsi spiders retain a powerful bite, but also very
               low stamina; it is therefore necessary to dispatch them as briefly as possible.
 POWERED FORM: multiple heavier, enduring projectiles are emanated; they move around in an awkward pattern
               and when one hits any living creature, it turns it into a Mastqaatsi spider that immediately
               sides with whoever has generated it.

INVENTORY: "Unholy Cross"
 These magical desecrated crosses abund in the realms of the Netherworld; Baphomet itself and
 the Patriarchs Of Hell incessantly create them as precious artifacts to empower their evil hordes,
 employing one of their most ancient spells. Each cross is filled with magical power and grants
 augmented power/capabilities to any wielder of magical weapons, though only up to exhaustion of its
 energy (that is very limited in time).
 (5 carriable maximum)

/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/


The "Parallel Forces" project brings together three formidable warriors in a mighty task force,
and Baphomet knows it very well. So much that it created evil copies of the three heroes to
push them against the originals, each one sporting some of the best attacks available.


The berserk injection is one of UAC's most exploited products, both during warfare training
and real missions, of course. However, it has been discovered that it can have different effects
depending on who consumes it:

UAC Trainee: physical strength improvement.

Commando: temporary ammo generator.

Ex-cultist: vampirism.


(1) The suggested commandline for launching the modification is the following one
    (assumes that the modification has been decompressed in subdirectory 'RSL' of your (G)ZDOOM directory):

    (g)zdoom.exe -iwad <IWAD_PATH>\<IWAD_FILE> -file <CUSTOM_LEVEL_PATHNAME> RSL\rslforce.pk3

(2) Do not forget to bind a key for weapon reload under 'Options > Customize Controls' in (G)ZDOOM.

(3) To obtain the complete set of weapons and/or carriable items for quicktesting
    without breaking the weapon set at your disposal, type 'rsl' in the console.

(4) The modification is compatible with the following IWADs: The Ultimate DOOM, DOOM 2, Final DOOM.

By reading the following credits you may spoil certain "surprise monsters" in the modification...

Additional Credits to   : Various sources (see below)

                          For the common parts:

                          Jekyll Grim Payne for the "Beautiful DOOM" gore system, which is surely
                          one of the best classic DOOM enhancement mods.
                          Be sure to try out the original version!

                          Xaser for the Zen Dynamics blood spurts

                          3DRealms for the special death states graphics (burn, disintegration)

                          eliw00d for the casing graphics and DECORATE (which I have used practically
                          in all of my mods). Yes, it's that good!

                          Zero Prophet for the custom palette (from Zero Tolerance)

                          Vaecrius for the recoil script

                          Nash for the base NashGore system (here rewritten and minimized)

                          Midway and DBThanatos for the big HUD font

                          WildWeasel for the small font

                          id Software and DBThanatos for the custom teleportation effect (from AEoD 4.21)

                          Ryan Cordell & Hellser, Vaecrius for their explosive barrel replacements

                          Xaser, Gez and Jekyll Grim Payne for suggestions on how to discourage cheating
                          and provide easy feedback on that, without adding the infamous
                          +CHEATNOTWEAPON flag.

                          For the "UAC Trainee" class:
                          WildWeasel for the Contact Arts

                          Skulltag and Marty Kirra for the Mass Driver

                          id Software, Spazzoid and MG_Man for the Automatic Rifle

                          Shinobi for the Shortened Pump-Action

                          Eriance and eliw00d for the Gas-Action shotgun

                          Shinobi for the Zero-Gap gatling gun

                          Alando1 for the RotoBomber grenade launcher

                          id Software, Rogue/Velocity and 3DRealms for the MicroMortar

                          Eriance and Cacodemon for the ShrapnelGun

                          Banjo Software, id Software, 3D Realms for the Nuclear Warhead

                          NeoWorm and Captain Red for the Unmaker

                          DBThanatos for the TNT carrier test subject

                          Cacodemon for the custom player skin

                          iddqd.ru for the mugshot graphics

                          Banjo Software for the custom player sounds.

                          For the "Commando" class:

                          Xatrix Entertainment for the "Piranha"

                          3D Realms and DuduKrazy for the "Twin Messiah"

                          3D Realms and WildWeasel for the "Dingus"

                          3D Realms and id Software for the "ThunderArm"

                          Lobotomy software, Eriance, Daniel and 3D Realms for the "LizardMan"

                          3D Realms for the Jetsack

                          3D Realms for the custom player skin

                          B.P.R.D. and TerminusEst13 for the mugshot graphics

                          3D Realms for the custom player sounds.

                          For the "Ex-cultist" class:

                          Raven software, 3D Realms for the Ring Of Wilderness

                          Monolith software and Cacodemon for the Sawn-off

                          3D Realms, Lobotomy software, id Software and Raven software for the Heartifact

                          Monolith software for the TNT sticks (throw ability)

                          Monolith software and Lobotomy software for the Mastiqaatsi Morphing Manacle

                          Raven software for the Unholy Cross

                          Eriance for the custom player skin

                          Cobalt and Butcher for the mugshot graphics

                          Raven software for the custom player sounds.

All other authors I forgot to mention: please forgive me! I tried to be accurate as much as I could.
If you here notice some of your resources un-mentioned, please notify me and I will try to remedy.


* What is included *

New levels              : None
Sounds                  : Yes
Music                   : No
Graphics                : Yes
Dehacked/BEX Patch      : No
Demos                   : No
Other                   : (G)ZDOOM-specific lumps
Other files required    : None

* Play Information *

Game                    : DOOM
Map #                   : None
Single Player           : Designed for (high replay value!)
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Designed for
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Maybe (untested)
Other game styles       : None
Difficulty Settings     : N/A

* Construction *

Base                    : New from scratch
Build Time              : 5 months total
Editor(s) used          : Adobe Photoshop, GoldWave Audio Editor, Notepad, XWE

Known Bugs              : 1. since now ammo pickups are CustomInventory pickups, reaching carriable ammo limits
                             does not prevent you from picking up that ammo anymore, thus wasting it
                             ( => FIXED as of release #10! :-D );
                          2. when reloading a saved game started with the Commando or ExCultist classes, the
                             UACTrainee mugshot may erroneously be displayed. This is probably a bug in (G)ZDOOM,
                             but it is easily bypassed by reloading once more;
                          3. the modification is designed to run in standard aspect ratio; do not try widescreen
                             since unpleasing graphics may show up (i.e. ExCultist Heartifact).

May Not Run With...     : Ports not supporting DECORATE; level WADs with heavy amounts of DEHACKED / DECORATE modifications

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use the contents of this file as a base for modification or
reuse.  Permissions have been obtained from original authors for any of
their resources modified or included in this file.

You MAY distribute this file, provided you include this text file, with no
modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic format (BBS,
Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file intact.  I have
received permission from the original authors of any modified or included
content in this file to allow further distribution.

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