Phobia - The Age
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MAP01, MAP02, MAP03, MAP04, MAP05, MAP06, MAP07, MAP08
*Legacy v1.42 birthday-version or newer is needed to play this wad*
Title                   : Phobia - The Age
Filename                : phobiata.wad; //Were's All Data file 
  phobiata.txt; //Information text file
  phobiata.cmd; //Commandline script file
  phobiata1.ico; //Phobia windows icon file 1
  phobiata2.ico; //Phobia windows icon file 2
Author                  : Kristian "Kristus" Käll
Featuring: Marc A "Fanatic" Pullen 
-Soundtrack, Beta testing.
  Mike "Manc/Mancubus 2" Lightner 
-Voice acting
  Matthew "Agent Spork" McGee
-Beta testing

Email Address           : <email removed>

Misc. Author Info       : Art student from Sweden.

Misc. Wad info          : An illustration of the musical works by Marc Pullen

Author's comment : Testing the gameplay on this proved to be a huge test 
  of my patience. Change a few things, play the whole map
  again. Repeat until everything is good, or close enough.
  I hate Fraggle Script.
Ports Utilized          : This wad demands the Legacy source port to run. Make sure 
  you use the latest version found at: or

Credits   : Marc A Pullen (Fanatic)
  Agent Spork
  Those in the Forum for Legacy that helped me with FS probs.
  (Iori, Planky, Exl, Alio, Cherepoc)
Previous Wads: Nimrod : Project Doom
  Nimrod : Ixnay on the hombre
  Alien Vendetta
  10 Sectors Megawad
  codename HYENA killer machine
Upcoming: Phobos (Doom3), Plutonia 2 (Map02)

* Play Information *

Command-line parameters: -file phobiata.wad -opengl -ds3d -mb 511 -digmusic -nocd
Game                    : Doom II
Sourceport: Legacy - 1.42 Birthday version or newer.
Maps: Map01-08
Single Player           : Only - Your ticket is not for two.
Cooperative 2-8 Player  : No - Wasn't worth it, barely anoyone would have played it.
Deathmatch 2-8 Player   : No - There's other wads for such encounters.
Difficulty Settings     : Different ways to play it, they are somewhat the same 
  level of skill though.
New Sounds              : Yes - Some are snatched from hexen because I'm a filthy 
  thief and hypocrite.
New Graphics            : Yes
New Music               : Yes, complete new Mp3 soundtrack by Marc Pullen.
Demos Replaced          : No-

* Installation *

1. Unzip in a directory where you have Doom Legacy and a Doom2.wad file installed.
2. Double click phobiata.cmd to run.

* Gameplay modes *

1. Chaos, most people will probably like this the most. Violence ahoy.

2. Myst, this is for those who like it mellow... I suppose.

3. War, best way to describe this would probably be, "infight hell".
I don't think most people would favor this mode.

* Construction *

Base                    : From scratch
Editor(s) used 1st time : Deth 4.24, Zennode, BSP 5.0 wintex 4.3-4.7 and lvlinfo.
Editor(s) used 2nd time : Doombuilder, Zennode, Wintex 5.0, XWE
Known Bugs              : Due to Legacy using FS it's prone to fucking up. But I've
  done the best I can to ensure that it won't. But still,
  anomalities DO occur.

Development timeline: Summer 2001 - Created Phobia during 2.5 months. People 
One month later, patched Phobia to V 1.1
  Winter 2001 - Worked on Phobia:Exodus during 1 month.

  Spring 2002 - Worked on Phobia for a month then left it for 
Island (Quake 2) (All this work I lost in a 
HD crash)

  Summer 2002 - Patched Phobia to v 1.2
Finished up and released Ni'mrod. Rejoiced, 
two. Then 
decided Doom was over for me. People rejoiced.
Declared Phobia:Exodus cancelled. 
Disappointed, one.

  Summer 2004 - Released all the resources for Phobia:Exodus 
in June. Picked up the project in late July 
decided to finish what was there now using DB 
instead of DETH. (Why? I don't know.)
After been working on it for 2 weeks, 
contacted Marc about making the music.
Change name to: Phobia - Chaos Legion

  Fall   2004 - Regretted my decision to finish Phobia up, 
as project had grown from 4 maps to 6. 
Decided to stick with it because of substantial 
ammount of work had been put into it from both 
me and Marc's side. Changed name to: 
Phobia - Chaos Dreams
Doom3 was released, wanted to edit that instead.
Changed name to: 
Phobia - Fanatic Dreams

  Winter 2004 - Asked Spike to help me with the Malleus statue 
Project grew from 6 to 8 maps. Progress had 
stagnated since October due to free time being 
concentrated on Doom3 - Phobos instead.
Changed name to: Phobia - Anarchy

  Spring 2005 - Once again picked up Phobia with intent to 
finish it.
Asked Kaiser to help me finish "the badlands" 
later decided to do it myself after all.
Marc mailed me and motivated me further. 
(Thanks Marc)
Asked Manc to do voices. Asked AgentSpork 
to betatest.
Changed name to: 
Phobia - The Age
Marc offered to beta test, and sent in the 
final two music tracks. Most of the maps 
were now in general conception, finished. 
Fixed a lot of small bugs.

  Fall   2005 - After a summer of not touching it, once again 
picked it up and contined to finish the last 
unfinished map. (Map05 : Blood)
Remade some of the graphics and also added a 
lot of new. Replaced the Malleus statue with 
my own design, and not Spikes (Sorry Spike).
Performed hours of beta-testing.
Compiled the entire package and sent out for 
final beta-testing by Fanatic and Agent Spork.
Got fed up with the beta testing procedeurs 
and went back to work on Phobos (Doom3).

   Winter 2006 - Once again managed to get motivated and worked 
over the thing placement on map05, had Agent 
Spork test it out. Worked on Map06 and made 
it complete. Also sent it to Agent Spork to test.
Manc started to send in voices.
Did last fine tuning of first 4 maps and made 
to play through the entire wad on all settings.
(Chaos, Myst and War)

      Spring 2006 - Finally everything was in place in the resource 
wad. Only "War" left to test. 

* Copyright / Permissions * 
DOOM, DOOM II, the DOOM logo, and ID are all copyright ID SOFTWARE.
The contence of this wad is copyrighted to the creators and the creators only. 

You may absolutely NOT:
-use any of the resources from this package to build additional wads.

You may:
-distribute this file completely unmodified with this text file included
 in any way or medium you whish, FREE of charge.
-create add-on maps for this wad.

Any questions you may have regarding this may be sent to: <email removed>

Disclaimer: The author cannot be held responsible for any fuckups this file
will cause your computer or your brain. Stay in school and don't kill real

* Download locations * 

Where to get this file:

Where to get the soundtrack:


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