Just like Dutch (Arnold Schwartzenegger) in the movie PREDATOR you're up against a formidable, semi-invisible enemy. Also like the movie, you've go...

Predator & Prey (version 2)
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Title                 : Predator & Prey (version 2)
                        for Theme Patch v1.7 by Werner Spahl
Filename              : thprey2.wad
Authors               : Doom II version:
                          Sparky of KISS Software      <email removed>
                        Doom I version (thprey.wad):
                          Ian Merrithew                <email removed>
                        Original level (illusory.wad):
                          Brett Librandi               -
Email Address         : <email removed>
Misc. Author Info     : Electronics Engineer with a passion for Doom

Description           : Just like Dutch (Arnold Schwartzenegger) in
                        the movie PREDATOR you're up against a
                        formidable, semi-invisible enemy.  Also like
                        the movie, you've got a few of your buddies to
                        help, but they don't have your skills and soon
                        it will be just you against the Predators -
                        that's right, there's more than one this time!
                        But it gets worse .... there's also Aliens and
                        Terminators (from their respective movies:
                        Aliens and The Terminator) trying to stop you
                        from achieving your main goal - rescue the

                        "Predator & Prey 2" (thprey2.wad) is a Doom II
                        version of thprey.wad, designed to work with
                        Theme Patch v1.7 by Werner Spahl.  This version
                        was not only converted, but many of the bugs
                        have been removed, and new graphics have been
                        added relevant to the Alien-Predator-Terminator
                        (A.P.T.) theme - see below for changes.

Required to run:

1. Theme Patch v1.7 (theme17.zip) which contains the A.P.T. resources
   and DeHackEd patch.  Theme17 is available at:

2. A Source Port which can import DeHackEd patches and wads containing
   sprite graphics - such as ZDoom, MBF, PRboom, Boom, etc.
   Notes: - THPREY2.WAD will not work with Legacy v1.28 due to a bug
            with Legacy's m_doom Menu Logo.
          - THPREY2.WAD tested okay with:
              Preferred - ZDOOM v1.18b (the buggy monsters preventing
                          ZDoom from being used with other Theme17
                          levels have not been included in THPREY2.WAD)
              Others - MBF v2.03   PRboom v2.02   Boom v2.02

How to use:

1. Unzip theme17.zip and thprey2.zip to your Doom2 directory

2. ZDoom, MBF, PRboom and Boom all use the same command line:

     XXXX.exe -deh theme17 -file theme17 thprey2

3. From the Main Menu - select "PREY" then your skill setting.


* Play Information *

Game                  : DOOM II - requires a Source Port with support
                        for sprite graphics and DeHackEd patches.
                        ZDoom is the preferred Port as it is the only
                        one which shows my new HELP screen (it also has
                        high resolutions and a mouse-look feature).

Episode and Level #   : MAP 01
Single Player         : Yes - designed primarily for this.
Cooperative 2-4 Player: Yes (untested)
Deathmatch 2-4 Player : Yes (untested)
Difficulty Settings   : Yes
New Sounds            : Yes - in theme17.wad
New Graphics          : Yes
New Music             : No
Demos Replaced        : None

* Construction *

Base                  : thprey.wad (Doom I) by Ian Merrithew which was
                        based on illusory.wad by Brett Librandi.
Editor(s) used        : NWT, WinDeu, WinTex, Paint Shop Pro
Known Bugs            : GENERAL- The texture selection, lighting,
                                 architecture, etc are not up to 1999
                                 standards, but the game-play
                                 definately is!
                        LEGACY - THPREY2.WAD will not work at all with
                                 Legacy v1.28 due to a bug with the
                                 m_doom Menu Logo.
                        ZDOOM  - Most Theme17 levels cannot be used
                                 with ZDoom because of some weird bugs
                                 with some of the monsters. THPREY2.WAD
                                 does not have this problem as the
                                 buggy monsters are not used.
                               - the Menu Logo is badly distorted if
                                 the screen resolution ratio is not the
                                 same as Doom's original 320x200
                                 (for example, 640x400).

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional levels.
Provided you acknowledge the following contibutors:
  Doom II version    (thprey2.wad) :   Sparky of KISS Software
  Doom I version     (thprey.wad)  :   Ian Merrithew
  Original level     (illusory.wad):   Brett Librandi
  Theme Patch v1.7   (theme17.zip) :   Werner Spahl

You may distribute this file in any electronic format (BBS, Diskette,
CD, etc) as long as you include this file intact.

* Where to get this WAD *

FTP sites:



Mods made by Sparky of KISS Software:
- converted the level THPREY.WAD to DOOM II and added a Super Shotgun
  (there's also an extra SSG at the start on the lowest skill level).
- added the texture patches from the original Doom I version
  for historical accuracy with the original version THPREY.WAD
  (didn't change the sky as the dark Doom II sky looked MUCH better).
- created a "PREY" level-name graphic for MAP01
- used the same level name graphic for the "New Game" menu option.
- added a Title Screen showing a screen shot from "Predator & Prey 2"
- added a HELP screen with another screen shot from actual game play.
  This screen also includes the Aliens, Predator and Terminator logos
  used in the movies.
- added The Terminator menu bullets
- added a Menu Logo showing images of the Alien, the Terminator and
  the Predator.
- additional changes made to the map (mostly just aesthetic changes):
    - fixed some of the more obvious misaligned textures
    - made all the underside of doors the same colour as the doors
      (they used to be just the adjacent ceiling colour).
    - made all the window sills the same colour as the walls (again,
      they were just the adjacent floor and ceiling colours).
    - fixed the colour-coded lights on either side of the keyed doors
      (they used to go all the way to the roof of each building, but
      now they are only up to the height of the door).
    - made all the door tracks stationary instead of moving up and
      down with the doors.
    - fixed all the doors which scrolled instead of raised/lowered.
    - fixed the door frames which caused the door textures to tile
    - reduced the size of the porches on each door
    - changed one of the door textures (secret area south of map) which
      was originally a multi-patch texture which caused a HOM error.
    - fixed some unusual light settings - above crates, in doorways etc
    - modified the lighting in many areas to remove the extensive use
      of 'fullbright' throughout the level.


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