REAL DM pwad contains many innovations not found in other wads that add to the play of DOOM II. The most important of these innovations being the L...

Real DM
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Title                   : Real DM
Filename                : REALDM.wad
Author                  : Noel Cornell
Email Address           : <email removed>
WWW Page                :
Misc. Author Info       : Look for Caverns.wad coming soon!
  Live in Omaha, NE and looking for a
  good DM email me.  Hacked exe coming soon
   to enhance 3D.

Description             : REAL DM pwad contains many innovations not found
                          in other wads that add to the play of DOOM II.
                          The most important of these innovations being
                          the LTS or Light Tracking System.  With the LTS
                          you can locate an opponents simply by checking the
                          the blocks that surround the raised circle in the
                          building at the center of the level.  When a block
                          is lit it means that someone is in that block's
                          room.  Each block is representional of an outside
                          room.  On each block there is an arrow.  This arrow
                          serves the purpose as the block but it lights up
                          when someone is in the tunnel or underground
                          portion of that room.  To make LTS even easier you
                          can just look at the door leading to a room.
                          If that door's light is on then someone is in that
                          room.  When someone leaves a room the block's and
                          door's light will be shut off which means that no
                          one is in the room.  One of REAL DM's other
                          exciting features is how it simulates 3D.
                          You will notice that as you fall into the lava you
                          will be teleported to an underground sector.
                          These underground sectors have been constructed
                          with the best accuracy possible.  Accuracy that
                          includes duplications of sounds and scale.
                          When someone above ground hits an elevator you
                          will hear this below ground.  This is done so when
                          you run up those stairs you won't be surprised by
                          your opponent.  REAL DM also utilizes a mutual exit
                          system.  This is done so that both opponents must
                          agree to exit the level in order to quit.  The exit
                          is located in the east room with the hi-tech motif
                          and can be found on the upper platform.
                          One person must stand in the corner while the other
                          runs back and forth over the arrows located in the
                          dark hallway just to the left of the elevator.
                          As you run back and forth the arrow will point you
                          in the right direction.  After a while the elevator
                          will reach the top and the other player exits the
                          elevator and proceeds up some stairs.
                          There you will find the exit arches.


        Question & Answers about LTS
Q:How do I tell which block represents which room?
        A:It's simple.  First of all the block on the east represents the
          east room and the west block represents the west room, etc.
          Also the blocks have the same motif or style of the room they
          represent.  If a room has a base floor texture that is lava then
          so does its block.  The same is true of the wall textures on the
        Q:Why is the light sometimes on in a room when there is no one in
          that room?
        A:If you are in a Death Match and a your opponet is killed while in
          a room the light will not go off because he or she has not left the
          room.  In order for the light to be switched off you must walk or
          fall (teleport) out of the room.  There is no way to fix this.
          It is just how the DOOM engine works.  Once you go into the room
          to check for your opponent you will discover that he or she is not
          there and leave the room thus causing the lights to be shut off.
        Q:The lights are off and I go into a room, but my opponent is there
          waiting to kill me.  What happened?
        A:This is something I figured out and began to use to my advantage
          against my friend.  I'm telling it to you for two reasons, one
          so you can use it against your friend.  Two, so you don't get mad
          when someone uses it on you.  When you come back to life don't move
          , wait till someone enters that room.  Quickly get a gun.
          They shouldn't know you location because you haven't turned
          the light on until they were in the room.  This tactic only works
          when you have a gun very very close.  Most guns are positioned
          so you have to walk over a line to get them but there
          are a few places where this stragedy works great.
        Q:The lights are off and I go into a room, but my opponent is there
          waiting to kill me.  What happened?  PART II
        A:If you go into a room and leave you will shut off the lights.  Your
          opponent can stand still and wait to try to use the tactic
          described above but chances are that it won't work.  The rooms
          through out REAL DM have so many lines set to turn on the lights
          that moving practically anywhere will turn on a light.


* Play Information *

Game                    : DOOM II
Map #     : Map 01 
Single Player           : Hahahaha, well yes there are monsters but why?!?
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Another joke right.  Be honest it turns into DM
                          anyway right,why bother?
Deathmatch 2 Player     : Yes!!! WHY ELSE WOULD YOU STILL BE PLAYING DOOM II
Deathmatch 4 Player     : Yes!!! WHY ELSE WOULD YOU STILL BE PLAYING DOOM II
Difficulty Settings     : Not implemented
New Sounds              : Yes
New Graphics            : Yes
New Music               : Yes, from level 10 of DooM II
Demos Replaced          : None, run seperatley to avoid "demo from differnt 
  game version" error 
* Construction *

Base                    : New level from scratch
Editor(s) used          : DCK 2.2 /w fix (DooM Construction Kit),
                          NWT 1.3, RMB
Build Time : Trust me you dont want to know.
Additional Credits      : Ideas:ME,Construction:ME,Design:ME,LTS:ME
Known Bugs              : -LTS is not compleatly accurate and never will be
                           unless I obtain the DOOM II source code anytime
                           soon.  When someone dies in a room the light will
                           stay on due to the fact they didnt walk over a
                           light off line (type 79).  This gives the
                           appreance of someone being in a room when really
                           the only thing there is their dead body.  Once you
                           go into that room to find them youll leave thus
                           turning the light off, problem solved.
                          -Visiplane error in east room when looking out
                           thru brain window and door is open exposing the
                           outside, this is corrected by a door that opens
                           and closes accordingly when someone is looking out
                           that window.  This door blocks the view which in
                           turn stops the error.  
                          -Find anymore email me.
  -Using turbo will cause LTS to be inaccurate.  When
   in a turbo game DooM somtimes doesn't register
                           players walking over some trigger lines.
                           Since the entire LTS system is based on walking
                           trigger lines this causes many problems.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels.

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file
intact.  Optional please attempt to contact author if wad is going
to be on CD

* Where to get this WAD *

FTP sites: (look in appropriate directory)

BBS numbers: Havoc Addiction (402)293-6104
     Online Pitstop  (402)292-3637
     Hawg Wild       (402)597-1548  



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