This is the sequel to my old megawad "Scythe". Expect better looking and bigger levels. unfortunately, the last 3 levels are missing, bec...

Scythe 2. Version 2
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WAD Type
MAP16, MAP17
Advanced engine needed  : Any limit removing port. Tested with prboom and zdoom.
Primary purpose         : Single+Coop play

Title                   : Scythe 2. Version 2
Filename                : scythe2.wad
Release date            : June 7, 2005, Rereleased July 10, 2009.
Author                  : Erik Alm 
Email Address           : <email removed>
Other Files By Author   : quite a bunch, 
Misc. Author Info       : 28 year old Doomer

Description             : This is the sequel to my old megawad "Scythe". Expect better
  looking and bigger levels. unfortunately, the last 3 levels are 
  missing, because I am so lazy and I haven't been satisfied with 
  my attempts at making map28. I _might_ release the last 3 maps
  some time in the future, but do not count on it. 
  (Update: the last 3 maps are now completed!)
Additional Credits to   : id software, testers Qwerty, Vile, Vincent, Khaoscythe, Anima Zero and others.
  The gothic crew for textures (see below), Kristian Aro for
  compiling the Ruinbros resources. Randy Heit for zdoom,
  Colin Phipps and TeamTNT for prboom/boom. CodeImp for Doombuilder.
  Kristian "Ebola" Käll for the name "Scythe" (forgot you in scythe.txt, sorry)
  Anders "schepe" Åstrand for encouragement.
  Fredrik Johansson for some additional textures (and for making incredible levels).
  Wad Guru Kim "Mutator" Malde for level name graphics.
  Julian for intermission and titlepics.
  Espi for monster sprites. Lutrov71 for the BOSSBACK entry.
  Special thanks to Drew "stx-Vile" Devore for music selection,
  suggestions and bugreports, this wad would not maintain
  this kind of quality without his work.
* What is included *
New levels              : Yes, 32 new levels.
Sounds                  : No. Face it, custom sounds almost invariably are crap.
Music                   : Yes, various sources. Credit to stx-Vile and Torn for the compilation.
Graphics                : Textures from gothicdm, ruinbros and Fredrik Johansson's private stash.
Dehacked/BEX Patch      : Yes, included in wad file.
Demos                   : No
Other                   :  

* Play Information *
Game                    : DOOM2
Map #                   : Map01-32
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes 
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : No

Difficulty Settings     : Yes

This wad is harder than the original Scythe. I suggest
skill 2/3 for those that enjoyed Scythe on skill 4. I am not saying that skill 4 is murder though,
you just might need some savegames and careful play at times. Nightmare skill is as usual complete
madness except for the pros. Shortly after map20, you WILL run into trouble on skill 4.
* Construction *
Base                    : New levels from scratch
Build Time              : No idea, way way too long anyway. I started this in late 2003.
Editor(s) used          : Deth, Doombuilder (thank you Gherkin/CodeImp), Warm, Deutex, Zennnode, Wintex, XWE

Known Bugs              : Texture alignment bugs. Probably other bugs too. 
May Not Run With...     : Doom2.exe. Don't even try it. The new version is however compatible with pure limit removing ports.

Lame story (tm):
You travel through dimensions and kill monsters, blah blah... Use your imagination. 

Here are the maps, presented in order:

MAP01 - CASTLE ENTRYWAY  - quick start, mostly easy, especially after the CG.
MAP02 - ROOFTOP WARZONE - challenging moments, mostly easy though.
MAP03 - CASTLE GARDENS II  - bigger fights already, watch out for the open area revenants.
MAP04 - CURSED CELLARS  - easier again, this map is kinda similar to the original scythe maps.
MAP05 - HALLS OF ANGUISH - stolen inspiration from gothic2, I hope it didn't turn out too ripoff-ish.
  (gothic2 map26), of course I can't match Malcolm's sense for details
  and perfection, plus I made this in less than 2 hours (from scratch of course).

MAP06 - TEMPLE ENTRYWAY    - berserk action, find the secrets! not a trivial map.
MAP07 - TEMPLE OF ISIS   - map07 all over I suppose. A lot of space here mostly.
MAP08 - GRAVEROBBERS- The first "long trek" map. A good challenge and some eye candy.
MAP09 - VALLEY OF THE QUEEN- The worst map of the bunch no doubt, fun for RL nuts maybe. Dunno what I was thinking.
MAP10 - PHARAOS TOMB- this map makes up for the shortcomings of map09, not easy!

MAP11 - UAC BASE X- here we go, back to basics. A bit boring perhaps, but hey it's a base.
MAP12 - BATTLEGROUNDS- A good map, not too hard when handled properly.
MAP13 - MINING PROJECT- kinda strange map, varied action and empty space. Not a great map.
MAP14 - THE HAUNTED MINES- the first hard map, revenants and prettiness everywhere.
MAP15 - END OF THE LINE- the same style as the previous map, detail and action.

MAP16 - MR X- ...
MAP17 - CANYON OF BLOOD- watch out for low fps, the most complicated (and crappiest) 3d bridge ever?
MAP18 - LIVING LANDS- finally a good map! balanced action and a certain amount of feel.
MAP19 - WITHERING AWAY- just a solid scythe II map, nothing for you sp_hot haters (yeah you Ebola).
MAP20 - THE GATES- time for some eye candy, but you better keep your eyes peeled for distant rockets.
   Credits to my girlfriend for the basic idea of this one.

MAP21 - DOOM GARDENS- Low ammo, medium detail. The theme is a bit unusual and pretty nice imo.
MAP22 - THE GARDEN BASE II- Cramped start, you will need the berserk on skill 4. Not an easy map.
MAP23 - WHISPERING WINDS- The first insanely hard map, the start and some of the fights later on are very very hard.
MAP24 - GAIAS TEMPLE- Maybe a little bit easier than map23, but there are nasty traps everywhere. High detail.
MAP25 - FORGOTTEN CITY- A rather grand outdoor map. Not much of a city. Very hard.

MAP26 - DEATH- Low ammo, very hard start. Very hard and cramped map in general.
MAP27 - AFTERLIFE II- Huge castle/hell map. Extremely difficult and rather low ammo.

The end... NOT!

MAP28 - NIGHTMARE- Slaughter map deluxe with a pretty high pace possible for the strong players out there. Quite hard.
MAP29 - DUST TO DUST- Much lower paced map. It doesn't really look like anything I usually create... Not insanely hard.
MAP30 - HAUNTING DREAMS- Thank you and goodbye! Very very hard.

Scythe 2 version 2 changelog.

New material
maps 28-30 added
musics for map28-30 added

Bugs fixed
map17 bridge visual glitch fixed (unclosed sectors)
map17 lift fixed for coop (works as a normal lift after the first ascent)
map25 linedef at red key changed to WR - open door stay

map06 torch added in sector 46
map20 hanging corpse in final room not blocking
map21 rocket box in the void removed
map26 doombuilder's autostitch screwed me, fixed HOM at bossroom.

map14 baron teleport sector now has tag 33
map14 fixed major slimetrail (unclosed sector?) in revenant tunnels.

All nodes except map17 rebuilt using zennode (zennode doesn't like that bridge)
Blockmaps compressed
Reject built except for map30 which got a zero-filled reject

Doom2 limit removing compat fixes
map15 secret exit door switch behind yellow door fixed
map16 crushers all over fixed
map16 backpack secret fixed
map17 lowering bars at cacos fixed
map20 multi-door changed to multi-floor lowering effect
map32 lowering exit platform fixed
map32 rising mountain fixed

map28-30 checked for compat issues, none found.

* Copyright / Permissions *
Authors may NOT use the contents of this file as a base for
modification or reuse unless written permission is obtained from the author.   
You MAY distribute this file, provided you include this text file, with
no modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file 
intact. This file may not be used for any commercial purposes without the
author's agreement.

* Where to get the file that this text file describes *
The Usual: and mirrors

This PWAD contains select texture(s) and flat(s) that can originally be found
in GothicDM or Gothic2. Credit and thanks go out to the artist(s) of said
flat(s) and texture(s) and also to the rest of the Gothic Crew (1997/98). The
ORIGINAL GothicDM(2).ZIP can be found at CDROM.COM. Each said PKZIP archive
contains thirty-two professional quality levels and music.


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DM Spawns
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