Series is a PWAD featuring 3 maps, playable on DOOM2

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WAD Type
MAP01, MAP02, MAP03
Title                   : Series
Author                  : Jon Skeels
Email Address           : <email removed>
Misc. Author Info       : This file was made by the creator of
                        : Series.wad--Interested in Programming.
Description             : 3 levels of DooM II mania.  I made the plot which
                        : you can read below.  I wanted to include different
                        : music, but due to lack of utilites, I could not
                        : create any.  You should find these levels fun,
                        : and I made it so that each level continues off of 
                        : the last one.  Please let me know what u think.
                        : Contact me at my e-mail address.
Additional Credits to   : The great folks at id and creator of Deu.
                        : Also to <email removed>!!! thanks to makers
                        : of midi2mus also.
Additional Info         : This isn't the finished version.  PLEASE watch
                        : for the full version of 32 levels coming out soon.
                        : It will be cooler than HELL ITSELF.

* Play Information *

Level #                 : 1 - 3 (32 in finished version, 15 already complete)
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes
Difficulty Settings     : Yes
New Sounds              : No
New Graphics            : No
Demos Replaced          : None in demo (3 demos replaced in full version)
New Music               : Yes (1-3) **note-finished version has new music
                        : for all 32 levels and intro
* Construction *

Base                    : Scratch
Build Time              : Years
Editor(s) used          : Deu (for doom2), Deu2 (older version), Edmap, and
                        : Deu (for doom1), Mustool, Midi2mus
                        : Great thanks to <email removed>!!
Known Bugs              : None so far

* Copyright / Permissions *

You can use this wad to create others, but please e-mail me to let me know 
        that you are doing this.

You can modify this wad to create other wads, but please include that you have
        used my wad to create it.

You MUST distribute this WAD file to any/everybody you know, (that plays DOOM)
You will do whatever you want with this file.

NOTE:  Please let me know of any bugs, and if possible, how to fix them.  
       This lets me create better levels, and so you can play better games.
       Give me ideas on how I can expand levels, and change them to make them
       easier, or secrets I could add that would be really tricky to find, or 
       that would be helpful.


       It was just a trip with you and your 2 friends.  After arriving a month 
       ago, you thought it would let you relax.  Being from New York, you know
       it can get really uptight and stress you out.  So you and your buds headed
       to northern NY to camp and relax.  So you thought.  After one night you and
       your friends went swimming...  but the next day you noticed something
       strange.  Your friends looked sick, and they were starting to turn
       a different color.  You decided to stay away for a while, and you went 
       out and walked through the forest for most of the day.  When you got back
       you saw a body in front of the tent.  It was your friends...  You also heard 
       some strange noises.  Looking in the tent, you saw something...  Your
       friend.  His eyes were red... his skin blue...  In shock, you ran to
       the truck and jumped in the back to get your pistol.  Taking it out,
       you shot him.  Ungodly screams came from your former friend, as he died
       trying to grab you in the truck.  Then you decided to ditch the scene.
       "chug a chug a chug".  The truck wouldn't start.  After examing underneath
       it, you saw all the cords ripped.  You then knew you would have to walk.
       After walking around you came upon what looked like a building in the
       distance, inbetween these hills.  You walked closer... it felt like the
       trees were closing in all around you.  You could hardly see... it was almost
       totally dark out.  You felt your eyes were playing tricks-the building 
       seemed to grow right in front of your eyes, but when you payed more 
       attention, you weren't sure if it was or not.  It also seemed as if the trees
       would disappear, but then reappear...  You think it was because you 
       couldn't see very well from the dark.  Then you got scared and tried to
       turn back, but realizing that somehow you couldn't find your way out.
       Either the trees are growing in around you... or you just can't find out
       where you came in.  Then realizing your only other option was to go in 
       the building, you did.  It was strange.  It almost felt as if the 
       building was full of evil.  The lights flickered inside, as the 
       lightning outside crashed and boomed.  Then you started walking a little 
       further, and it seemed as if you couldn't see-it looked all black in front
       of you...  then you tried to feel with your legs to see what was there, but
       then you fell, and fell through the blackness, realizing it was a very deep
       hole.  Then you heard humanlike groans.  Looking down off the ledge you were
       on, you saw some humans, but they were shooting at YOU!  Still having your
       pistol, you pegged them off with it.  You also realized that the walls were
       hot and glowing red.  After going down, you saw altars with hearts on them
       as long as evil eye symbols.  Seeing that the only way to go still, was down.
       You saw that blood was OOZING off the walls, and you fragged another few guys
       after falling down.  What was strange is that after you opened the door, you
       saw sky.  But this wasn't the sky you were used to.  It looked the same, but
       you knew it was different.  And how could there be sky when you have fell 
       in the earth this far?  You knew there could only be one possibility for
       all these weird things--you were in hell.  And you had to get out.

       **Boring story?  Thought so... thought you'd rather be playing doom
       than reading stories like this...


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