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A standalone mod containing the weapons from Serpent: Resurrection. Compatible with any Hexen wad that has no additional weapons.

Serpent: Resurrection - Weapons Mod
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Updated July 2012 with a 4th player character plus various fixes and improvements.
Title                   : Serpent: Resurrection - Weapons Mod

Filename                : SERP-WPN.WAD

Author                  : Stephen Clark  (The Ultimate DooMer)

Email Address           : <email removed>

Other WAD's by me       : Operation: Lightning (OP-LITE2.WAD) - 11 Doom 2 levels
  Fragport (FRAGPORT.WAD) - 32 innovative Doom 2 levels

  Shadowcaster (SHADOW.WAD) - 9 Heretic levels

  Licence to Spell DooM (007LTSD.WAD) - 9 Ultimate ZDoom levels

  Super Sonic DooM (SONIC.WAD) - 35 Sonic-themed ZDoom levels.

  Serpent: Resurrection (SERPENT.WAD/PK3) - 25 GZHexen levels.

  I have also contributed to the following community wads:

  Community Chest - map 01, 20 & the titlepic/level name graphics.
  Mock 2 - map 39, 40 & the 'you fail it' area in map 41.
  Community Chest 2 - map 15.
  ZDaemon CTF Map Pack - map 23 & 29, plus leading/releasing it.
  ZDaemon CTF B-Sides - map 39.
  ZDaemon 4-way CTF pack  - map 08, 15, 20 (v5) or
    map 10 & 15 (v6) plus leading/releasing it.
  Crazy CTF - map 05 (pack 2) or map 20 (pack 1/2 compilation version).
  ZDaemon 3-way CTF pack - map 17.
  ZDaemon 3-way CTF Madness - map 18.
  Heretic Treasure Chest - E2M5.

Completion Date         : 27th October 2010 (released 15th April 2011 to sync with Serpent update)

Misc. Author Info       : A hardcore Doomer who loves all it's similar
  games and some others but still thinks Doom is best. 
  Has decided to make Hexen levels.

Description             : A standalone mod containing the weapons from Serpent: 
  Resurrection. Compatible with any Hexen wad that has 
  no additional weapons.

Additional Credits To:    Randy Heit (for ZDoom).

  Graf Zahl (for GZDoom and the additional coding which made 
     things like new monsters and weapons possible).

  Grubber (for creating the unofficial build that kept us all 
   going with new features while Randy was reworking 
   the main ZDoom code)
  Enjay (the flashlight in BGPA led me to discover dynamic
 lights, which proved revolutionary)
  DRD Team (for the SVN repository and file hosting server)
  The creators of all the editors I used to make this happen.
  The creators of all the resources I used to make this happen.
  (see serp-rpgc.txt for a full list of resources & authors)

  Ian Livingstone (for the fantasy gamebook "Legend of Zagor") 
  Steve Jackson & Ian Livingstone (for "Warlock of Firetop Mountain",
  without which the former book wouldn't have existed)
  Joe Dever (for the "Lone Wolf" fantasy gamebooks)
  Mindscape (for the vintage RPG's "Legend" & "Worlds of Legend")
  RambOrc, Firebrand and the rest of the Korax Heritage team 
  (for the Korax Mod)
  Blizzard (for a certain MMORPG)
  Epic Megagames (for Unreal)
  Raven Software (for Heretic & Hexen and their sequels)  

  And of course, id software for the greatest game on earth!

This is a standalone version of the weapons from Serpent: Resurrection - if you've played this
adventure, the changes are listed below:

Weapons and ammo spawn in pairs, but give half the mana they used to.
Weapon 7 now requires 3 pieces instead of 2, to match it with weapon 4.
The krater of might now gives 100 mana of each type, and mana capacity is 200 for all classes.
The flechettes are used up a lot quicker by the assassin's poisoned dagger, this is because
they're a lot more common outside of Serpent.
The mage's staff has been re-replaced with the sapphire wand, but it has a limited range now.
All melee weapons do a fixed amount of damage, based around the average starting strength of 
each class in Serpent.
The Hexen ranged weapons have had their damage reverted to Hexen levels (except frost shards
which are a little better than the default), and the Serpent weapons do less damage to match.
The seeker wand is not present.

The monsters can still be knocked back by the melee purifier and retain any resistance/immunity
to certain damage types that they had, but everything else is the same as it was in Hexen.

*Playing Instructions*

This zip should contain the following files:

  SERP-WPN.WAD - The maps.
  SERP-WPN.PK3 - The resources.
  SERP-WPN.BAT - Batch file for playing with Hexen.
  SERP-WPN-DK.BAT - Batch file for playing with Deathkings.
  SERP-WPNC.TXT - The credits file.
  SERP-WPN.TXT - This file.

To play :  Load the wad and the pk3 with your chosen mapset. Or click on the relevant .bat file if
   playing with Hexen itself or Deathkings.

   The secondary fire button is used to display the keys you have, so it needs defining.

   If you're playing on a very high resolution and can't read the HUD very well due to the
   numbers being too small, type 'puke 809' at the console to activate the old scripted
   version. This won't affect the icon displaying the currently selected inventory item.

* Play Information *

Game Version Required  : Hexen (v1.1) running with GZDoom 1.6.00 (r1418) or higher.
 Both OpenGL rendering and dynamic lights must be enabled in order for 
 everything to work properly, along with freelook and jumping.

 It will probably run fine with ZDoom 2.6.0 (r3730) or higher, but some
 items/weapons won't look right. (due to missing dynamic lights)

Episode and Level #    : None

Single Player          : Yes - Built for it.

Cooperative       : No - scripting is too complex.

Deathmatch             : No - ditto.

Difficulty Settings    : No

New Sounds             : Yes

New Sprites       : Yes

New Graphics           : Yes

New Monsters       : No - although they can still be knocked back by the melee purifier 
      and retain any resistance/immunity to certain damage types.

New Weapons       : Yes - 3 new weapons for each character, utilising 2 new mana types.
       3 others have slightly different behaviour.

New Music              : No

Demos Replaced         : None

* Construction *

Base                   : My creative mind (And lots of inspiration from a wide variety of sources)

Editor(s) used         : WadAuthor, WinTex, DeHackEd, DeePsea, XWE, ZDBSP, 
 Paint, PSP5, AudioRack, Audio Recorder, GoldWave, 
 Doom Builder, SLumpEd, SpriteMaker, Ableton Live 8

Build Time       : 1 day (to extract it from Serpent and rework it to fit any wad etc.)

Known Bugs             : Occasionally the music won't play when you load your savegame after
 quitting and restarting GZDoom (usually towards the end of the game).
 If this happens, type 'puke 808' at the console to restart the tune.

Will Not Run With      : Any source port other than ZDoom/GZDoom.

New Weapons

There are 3 new weapons for each character, utilising 2 new mana types (red and yellow). 
The 5th weapon will use yellow mana, the 6th weapon will use red mana, and the 7th weapon uses 
both red and yellow mana. This last weapon is in 3 separate pieces, find all to use it.

The fighter's fist behaves a little differently and the hammer always fires a shot, even when too 
close to something. To use the melee version of the fighter weapons, (except the fist) toggle the 
appropriate weapon slot.

The mage's sapphire wand has returned from it's absence in Serpent, but it now has a limited range.


* Copyright / Permissions *
Authors MAY use the resources in your own wads as long as you give the relevant author(s) credit
in your text file. (see serp-wpnc.txt for a full list of who made what)

You may distribute the project as long as you include this text file and the other files intact.


* Where to get this WAD *

ftp://archives.gamers.org/pub/idgames/levels/hexen/s-u/ (and mirrors, better to use those)

My Doom 2 wads are at:  /pub/idgames/levels/doom2/m-o/op-lite2.zip
  and:    "     "      "      "  /megawads/fragport.zip
My Heretic wad is at:     "     "      "   /heretic/s-u/shadow.zip
and Quake 2 skys at:      "     "   /graphics/q2skys-1.zip and q2skys-2.zip

Licence to Spell Doom is at: /pub/idgames/levels/doom/Ports/0-9/007ltsd.zip

Super Sonic Doom is at: /pub/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/sonic.zip

Serpent: Resurrection is at: /pub/idgames/levels/hexen/s-u/serpent.zip

The standalone Serpent RPG mod is at: /pub/idgames/levels/hexen/s-u/serp-rpg.zip

GZDoom is at http://www.osnanet.de/c.oelckers/gzdoom/
Latest version at http://svn.drdteam.org/gzdoom/

Remember, remember that Doom lives FOREVER!
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