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This wad replaces the music on every level of the original

Spook sounds and music wad version 1.1
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Title : Spook sounds and music wad version 1.1
Filename : SPOOK.WAD
Author : Tom Turner
Email Adress: <email removed>
Misc. Author info : After an unlucky experience with level editors, I 
discovered DMGRAPH (not used in this wad) DMMUSIC, and DMAUD. I learned
how to use them, and created this wad (not a very adventurous Doom life huh)

Description : This wad replaces the music on every level of the original 
DOOM, and quite a few sounds for the finishing touches. I used 
Dean Stockwell's (most of you know him as Al Calavicci from Quantum Leap)
voice for the player himself, as well as some other files I downloaded off
AOL for the death screams and creepy music. Some of this music is kinda 
upbeat, some is scary, some is slow and haunting, and some are a combination 
of any of the above. The only music exeptions I can think of is the music
when you beat a level and it shows your final tally of kills & all, the title
music, and the music when you beat the game with the rabbit and the burning
city and all. I just couldn't find a way to change those without hacking
with code and all.

Additional credits to : Andrew Walker, for playtesting, whoever created 
DMAud and DMMUSIC, and thanks to id software for making such a great 
game, and letting everybody hack it too.
* Play Information *

Episode and Level #   : N/A
Single Player         : N/A
Cooperative 2-4 player: N/A
Deathmatch 2-4 player : N/A
Difficulty Settings   : N/A
New Sounds            : Yes   
New Graphics          : No
New Music             : Yes (!!!)
Demos Replaced        : All 3
* Construction *

Base : A lot of sounds and music downloaded off of AOL, plus a few sounds
that were recorded personally.

Editor(s) used : DMMusic, DMAud, and WaveStudio from SB16 in Windows.
Known Bugs : none that I know of - the game MIGHT crash if you use it with 
a *level* PWAD, but I only got the problem once or twice - only when I was 
constructing it, but it never happened during playtesting. 

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional levels (you won't
find much use for it though).

You MAY distribute this WAD, provided you include this file, with no
modifications. You may distribute this file in any electronic format (BBs,
Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file intact. (blah, blah,

* Where to get this WAD *
FTP sites : ftp.cdrom.com:/pub/idgames/sounds/
BBs numbers : when I get around to it.
Other : It'll be on AOL pretty soon.

 * Additional Information*
 With this wad, I included a SPOOK.BAT file that starts up Spook with most 
players' favorite DEATHMATCH rules. Although I haven't played deathmatch myself
(yes, it's true - I had a 2400 baud modem until just a little while ago)
I think that my modifications will fit everybody, or at least most people.
I haven't use any of the NET and NODES parameters yet - add those yourself
I did most of the writing. For those who are new to WAD files and want to 
start SPOOK without any special rules, type this at the DOS prompt :
 CD\DOOM (enter)
 DOOM -file SPOOK.WAD (enter)
Also included is a SPOOK.WAV file that's neccesary to play Spook. This file
contains info on the sounds and stuff. Don't try to play it, just copy it in
your DOOM directory. This will ensure that the sounds play right.
Well, have fun, be scared, and well, drop me a note telling me whether my wad
rules, sucks, and what can I do to make it better.
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