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Texture Wad 2 by @xl - axl2.wad is a WAD2

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====================== General Info =======================
Title                   : Texture Wad 2 by @xl
Filename                : Axl2.wad 
Date                    : 11 June 97
Author                  : @xl Kawa 
Email Address           : [email protected]
Description             : 185 Textures created by me, myself and I
Download Sites          : http://www.qoole.com
Additional Credits      : id - for great 3d games
			  The guys who made QOOLE - one of the first
			  really intentive to use editor (which also
			  works!) which is as operatable as the 
			  software I am used to on my MAC at work...
			  Authors of ADQUEDIT for easy combining textures...
			  a friend of mine didn't get to write a working 
			  tool in time to put the texes in a wad :-(
			  Lots of other people (i don't know all 
			  the names right now...) for all the 
			  add-ons for doom, quake etc.

======================= Construction ======================
Base                    : scratch / mind
Editor(s) used          : mainly Adobe Photoshop (hope my boss 
			  doesn't mind using the companies power-pc ;-) 
			  and adqedit 1.25 to put them all together
Build Time              : 'bout 4 weeks?
Known Bugs              : hum? bugs in texture wads?

======================= Other Info =========================
...same as in axl1wad.txt ;-)

ps.: If you use textures of this wad it would be nice to let me 
know.. if you can spare the mail...

================= Copyright / Permissions ==================

This WAD file may be distributed over the Internet
and/or BBS systems without my permission - spread it right away.

You are NOT authorized to put this WAD file on any CD or distribute 
it in any way for money other than nominal charge for compiling etc. 
(because it still remains my work) without my permission. (I don't know
the right terms in english - im a stupid "kraut" - but I think you get
what I mean...)

Permission to distribute this WAD file(s) on the Qoole Web/ftp site
and on the Qoole CDROM is hereby granted.