The (7th) Dimension
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WAD Type
You will have to increase your sound channels, if you haven't already,
from the default 16, to something like 128 or 256 (recommended 512). In 
order to do this, open up doom and go into the console and type snd_channels 256 
(where 256 is how many sound channels you want) and hit enter. Then close and reopen
DooM in order for these changes to take effect. If this is not done, almost all the 
sound effects that have been changed will not play correctly if more than 16 - 32 sounds
are played at the same time, and the sfx will from monsters and such will go silent.

Make sure to turn down/off blood brightness under display options in skulltag.
Otherwise you wont be able to see jack. Hopefully this feature can be turned off
in the next version of zdoom, or later versions of it.

Advanced engine needed  : Engines that can support BEX Files WELL (Zdoom\Skulltag)
Primary purpose         : Deathmatch\Cooperative weapon replacement

Title:The (7th) Dimension


Author:Alex Meyers (Apothem)

E-mail:<email removed>

Completion date:June 12, 2004

Release Date:June 12, 2004

Additional Credits:Scuba Steve for teh awesome public supply of sprites.
 The Unreal Tournament development team for the supply of
 music and sound effects. 
 Also: Makaveli- for the inspiration and the
chainsaw sprite.
    Big thanks to:Rottking, for his patience through the whole production of this wad,
along with the creation of the stat bar, font, stat bar numbers,
provision of awesome gfx/sfx from Doom64, the title screen, the bfg shot
and shitload of other things.

===========***Play information***==================

Game version required:Compadible with all ports that can support bex, sndinfo, and hardcore monsters.

Episode and level #:N/A

Single player:Yes



New Sounds:Yes

New Graphics:Yes

Dehacked/BEX Patch:Yes

New Music:Title screen is replaced with a MIDI created by Omniverse.

Demos replaced:None

Other:The monsters are enhanced for a more interesting
encounter. This wad was initially made just for deathmatch!
Then i went and fixed up a few other things. 
See New Features for the full information on the modifications.
I also included a better bots.cfg file incase you want to fight
some better bots with the mod, or with anything for that matter.
Just put it in your zcajun folder where zdoom is and have it 
overwrite the previous one to use it. There will be a sounds pack
and map pack released at a later date for this mod, so keep your eyes
peeled for it.


Base:None, This mod is from scratch.

Editors used:DeePSea, WhackEd2, Notepad, Soundforge 6.0 (sfx), Mspaint

Build time:Approx. 8 months

Known Bugs:Frame rate starts to go down the crapper when there are too many blood splats
in the game, but that subsides after a short while. You'll only experience this
if you turn on fast weapons and infinite ammo. Other than that it should be fine.
(That better be it, damn it, if there are any e-mail them to the author.)

-----------==New Features==------------


Here's a complete breif about what I've unleashed upon you:

All monsters respond, move, and shoot A LOT faster, they are also a good bit stronger.

Zombieman:Shoots 2 shots, just like your dual pistols.

Shotgun guy:Shoots 2 shots, simulated as one.

Chaingun guy:Chaingun shots replaced with shotgun shots, also
rate of fire (ROF) has been decreased a little.

Spidermastermind:Chaingun shots replaced with shotgun shots, also
rate of fire has been decreased a little.



Here's all the info about the new weapons you'll be using to fight the hordes of monsters
you'll be encountering in the field:

All the weapons Rate of Fire (ROF) is faster

Chainsaw:Sprite is changed to something a little more fitting, and deals
more damage in less amount of time compared to the old one.

Fist:Just REALLY REALLY fast, and hits REALLY REALLY hard.

Pistol:Changed to dual pistols, sort of acts as a chaingun. Shoots
2 shots in one pull of the trigger.

Shotgun:Shoots a Super-Shotgun shot, which only takes up 1 ammo.

SuperShotgun:Shoots 2 shots instead of 1, but only takes up 2 ammo.

Chaingun:Is now an auto-shotgun. Shots replaced with shotgun shots, takes 
8 ammo per pull of the trigger.

Rocket Launcher:Shoots a jet-propelled rocket, which is shootable in mid-air. Rate of fire 
is increased a little. The rockets, when shot, behave like barrels 
when in deathmatch.

Plasma Rifle:Is now a flamethrower, shoots the archivile flame at a somewhat 
faster rate than the old plasma rifle. Also does more damage.

BFG9000:Surprisingly, it is the only weapon i didnt speed up, however the projectile 
 damage has been doubled. Also, the bfg shot has been replaced with
a better looking one.

+_+_+_+_+_OTHER ENHANCEMENTS_+_+_+_+_+

There are also a lot of other enhancements in this mod, look below for a full
breif on all of it.


Starting Health: 300

Maximum Health : 600

Maximum Armor  : 600

Green Armor amount: 300

Blue Armor Amount: 600

----Other Powerups----

Soulsphere Health: 300

Megasphere Health: 600

Megasphere Armor: 600

Megasphere Armor Class: 6

-----:!ITEMS REPLACED!:-----
There were a couple items swapped around so take a look at which ones
it only deals with health however:

Health potion: Replaced with stim pack.

Stim pack: Replaced with Medical pack.

These changes were mainly done to keep the original doom2 levels still
possible to beat along with making DM maps fair.

-----:!Other little goodies!:-----
I've put in random little other things as well that may suprise you
(*cough* map30 *cough*), listen closely and look around for 
these little enhancements.

Here's a list of all the effects I've added to doom/doom2:

-When you shoot someone, you can hear the blood splatting.

-When you shoot a wall, you'll hear the bullets ricochet.

-When a rocket flys closely by, you can hear its engine as it passes by.

-The main menu sound effects have been replaced with the menu sounds of 
the original Unreal Tournament (UT).

-Certain types of corpses that are placed in a map via map editor are now shootable.

-There's a good bit more, but you'll just have to look/listen closely for the enhancements!=D


-----------Copyrights and permissions-------------

Authors may use the contents of this file as a base for
modification or reuse.  Permissions have been obtained from original 
authors for any of their resources modified or included in this file

You MAY distribute this file, provided you include this text file, with or
without any modifications.  You may distribute this file in any electronic 
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file intact.  
I have received permission from the original authors of any modified or 
included content in this file to allow further distribution.

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