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A stand-alone special-forces environment patch. As with so many of my recent works, this is material that arose during the design of The Butchery. ...

The Good Guys
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WAD Type
Archive maintainer: Please place in "combos" subdirectory
Update to: None
Advanced engine needed: Boom (minimum), ZDoom or GZDoom (best)
Note: It WILL work with lesser ports in the old way, or
  even Vanilla DOOM, DeuSF, etc; however, without an
  at-least Boom-compliant DeHackEd interpreter, the
  plasma ammo and boxes may not display properly and
  thing names will not match their new identities.
Primary purpose: Single play
Title: The Good Guys
Filename: GOODGUYS.WAD (plus OPT*.WAD for different weapons)
Release Date: 26th April 2006
Author: Martin Howe (a.k.a. The Crazy Cat)
Email Address: <email removed>
Web Site: http://www.martinsobservationpost.net (personal)
Files By Author: BOMBAY72 ........... play DOOM as a true predator!
  BADGUYS ............ some spare monsters and items
  CLEANWAD ...... personal upgrade of an old classic
  PANPERIL .......... gubbin and widget patch panels
  GOODGUYS ........ special-forces environment patch
Misc. Author Info: DOOMer since 1993; Webmaster, Committee Member and
  Kitten List holder for the Bombay and Asian Self
  Breed Club (www.bombaybreedclub.org), which is
  itself affiliated to the GCCF (www.gccfcats.org).
  Webmaster and Committee Member of the London Cat
  Club (www.londoncatclub.org), which is also
  itself affiliated to the GCCF (www.gccfcats.org).
Description: A stand-alone special-forces environment patch. As
  with so many of my recent works, this is material
  that arose during the design of The Butchery. It
  was originally rebuilt as a separate PWAD to make
  designing the Butchery simpler, but there is a
  crying need for a stand-alone special-forces patch
  for DOOM that is not part of a larger work.
Technical notes:*This is a pure sprite/sounds replacement patch
  with no DeHackEd, Decorate, DFF, separate chaingun
  sound or whatever required for functionality and
  as such, some of the animations and the chaingun
  sound are less sophisticated than they could be.
 *This is a DELIBERATE decision; the intent is to
  simply replace the stock weapons and player
  sprites with ones that behave identically, but
  look more like "real" military hardware.
 *A future update is intended for release that will
  also include a version that uses the full power of
  DECORATE (the Butchery will use it); that will
  require GZDoom, whereas this version is intended
  to be portable across as many engines as possible.
 *There IS a DeHackEd patch in the WAD, but all it
  does is change text strings and sprite scale in
  ZDoom; it can thus be safely ignored by engines
  that don't support DeHackEd. For best results, if
  the patch is used, Boom or (G)ZDoom is required.
Additional Credits To: The Usual (iD), Randy Heit, Graf Zahl, Espi,
  Kaiser, Grimm, Black Shadow Software.

* Change Log *

26-APR-2006 Original release

* What is included *

New levels: 0
Sounds: Yes
Music: No
Graphics: Yes (weapons, status bar and face, player sprites)
Dehacked/BEX Patch: Yes (text strings only; can be ignored if need be)
MAPINFO lump: No
Demos: No
Other: No
Other files required: No

* Play Information *

Game: Doom or Doom2 (including Final Doom)
Map #: N/A
Single Player: Designed for
Cooperative 2-4 Player: Should work, but not tested
Deathmatch 2-4 Player: Should work, but not tested
Other game styles: Should work, but not tested
Difficulty Settings: N/A

* Construction *

Base: Covert-Ops, Guns PC, RealGuns and BlakGlov; also
  some inspiration was taken from DN3D and MoUAC.
Build Time: Three days including testing
Editor(s) used: WinTex, XWE, PhotoStudio, ThumbsPlus Pro.
Known Bugs:*The BFG is unchanged and will thus appear to use
  fourty-four slugs as ammo! Of course, in the world
  of special-forces, there's no such thing as a BFG.
 *The player sprites appear to show the player
  wielding an HK MP5 despite there not being one in
  the pack by default.
May Not Run With...: None

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use the contents of this file as a base for modification or
reuse provided that you give the author access to a copy and give them the
right to use parts of your work in future releases. You must also credit
all contributors. Permissions have been obtained from original author for
any of their resources modified or included in this file.

You MAY (and are encouraged to) distribute THE GOOD GUYS provided:

    (1) This entire collection of files is distributed UNMODIFIED,
preferably in the original ZIP file in which it should have come. I
have received permission from the original authors of any modified
or included content in this file to allow further distribution.

    (2) The distribution is on a non-commercial basis; you may put THE GOOD
GUYS on FTP sites or CD or other media as part of a collection for
which you are charging a fee as long as you understand that the fee
is for the collecting and (if applicable) the media, *not* for THE

    (3) You accept that as with all free systems provided free of charge for
like-minded people, THE GOOD GUYS is NOT guaranteed to work
completely or correctly although it is likely to do so; thus it is a
condition of use that you accept that as with most such products,
you use it at your own risk. THE GOOD GUYS is **NOT** designed to be

    (4) Any legal disputes over THE GOOD GUYS or any part of it, including
these terms and conditions, shall be governed by the Laws of
England; furthermore, you do not have permission to use THE GOOD
GUYS in any jurisdiction whose laws modify or limit these conditions
unless you VOLUNTARILY accept these conditions as if under the Laws
of England.

* Acknowledgements *

DOOM and DOOM2 are copyright of ID Software

* Where to get the file that this text file describes *

The Usual: ftp://archives.3dgamers.com/pub/idgames and mirrors

* Player *

Player sprites display a typical black-fatigues-and-balaclava figure.

Status bar and text strings use British English :P

Status face has all animations (Covert-Ops only implemented some).

* Ammunition *

2/4,3/3,5 - Bullets, Shells,Rockets

6 - Plasma Bolts / Energy Cells
    Fourty-four calibre slugs fired at 10 rpm. The ammo boxes were drawn by
    hand (inspired by those in MoUAC and DN3D) and the ammo belts were also
    drawn by hand (inspired by those in MoUAC). The status bar has been
    updated to reflect this change.

* Weapons *

1 - Chainsaw
    Unchanged except for cool black gloves
1 - Fist
    Commando knife

2 - Pistol
    Glock pistol
2 - (No second weapon)

3 - Shotgun

    Unchanged except for cool black gloves

    If OPTSHOTG.WAD is loaded after GOODGUYS.WAD (Note 1)
    Special-forces assault shotgun

    If OPTSHOTD.WAD is loaded after GOODGUYS.WAD (Note 1)
    Special-forces assault shotgun

3 - Double-barreled shotgun

    Unchanged except for cool black gloves

    If OPTSHOTG.WAD is loaded after GOODGUYS.WAD (Note 1)
    Heavy-duty combat shotgun

    If OPTSHOTD.WAD is loaded after GOODGUYS.WAD (Note 1)
    Sawn-off shotgun

4 - Chaingun

    Colt Commando assault rifle

    If OPTHKMP5.WAD is loaded after GOODGUYS.WAD (Notes 1,2)
    HK-MP5 submachine gun

    If OPTAK47.WAD is loaded after GOODGUYS.WAD
    AK-47 assault rifle

4 - (No second weapon)

5 - Rocket Launcher
    Black Cat (tm) Premium (r) Personal Defence Cannon (Note 3)
5 - (No second weapon)

6 - Plasma Rifle
    FNG Heavy Machine Gun
6 - (No second weapon)

7 - BFG 9000
7 - (No second weapon)

* Note 1 *

If you use more than one option PWAD together (for example, the shotguns
together with the AK-47), remember to change the relevant messages in the
DeHackEd patch; in fact, in that case, your best bet would be to create a
single merged PWAD from the option PWADs in use and load that.

* Note 2 *

This is the best option in multiplayer if you absolutely MUST have the
player sprites "match the weapon being carried most of the time".

* Note 3 *

The only totally fictitious weapon in this set is the PDC-72 Black Cat (tm)
Premium (r) Personal Defence Cannon. It is basically a modified OICW that
has no bullet attack, but fires full-on UAC rockets instead of the usual
20mm shells.

Basically, those nutters at Black Cat (refer to The Butchery, when released,
for details of this fictitious corporation) wanted to out-do UAC, HK and all
the rest, by creating a full-power rocket launcher that could be fired from
inside the shoulder without breaking one's arms or collar-bone.

After several years and million pounds' worth of R & D, the PDC-72 was born.

The reason for all this was that real rocket launchers are shoulder-mounted,
unlike DoomGuy's RL; the only available one in Doom, from the Zapper weapons
mod by Christopher Lee Paino, is a repositioned UAC-style launcher. While it
looks cool as a modified Doom gun, it does not really resemble a "real"
weapon and the nearest thing I could find available for Doom was the OICW.

* Special Thanks *

Credit to Espi for the "Guns PC" patch.

Credit to Kaiser (and hence, Espi) for the "Real Guns" patch.

Credit to Grimm for the "Black Glove" patch.

Credit to Black Shadow Software for Covert-Ops. This is cool and fortunately
allows re-use of resources (except the helicopter, which isn't used anyway).

Credit to Fraggle for the British Doom patch. In fact, the British English
localisations are all my own work and were completed several months before
his was published, but it is a good idea that is long overdue. In any case,
I seem to remember seeing some text-only localisations inside a DeHackEd
patch many years ago, so it could be that neither Fraggle nor myself were
the first people to think of it.
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