A Deathmatch WAD for registered Heretic

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Title                   : The_Crie
Author                  : Fred E. Simpson 
Email Address           : C.I.S.  74033,736
Misc. Author Info       : Part time WAD maker, full time WAD player.

Description             : A Deathmatch WAD for registered Heretic 

Additional Credits to   :  Mathew Ayres for authoring WADED and to Sensor  
   Based Systems for producing DeeP.  Needless to 
   say, many thanks to ID Software and Raven 
   Software for making it all possible.
* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : E 1 1
Start-up Instructions   : Heretic -file The_Crie.WAD -deathmatch
Single Player           : Yes (But you won't survive without QUICKEN)
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes (But you still probably won't survive)
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : YES (BINGO! This is why The_Crie was created)
Difficulty Settings     : Not implemented
New Sounds              : No
New Graphics            : No
Demos Replaced          : None

* Construction *
Base                    : SB (Scratch Built)
Build Time              : 30 hours (15 hrs, basic layout. 15 hrs details)
Editor(s) use           : WADED V1.83, DeeP V6.13
Known Bugs              : None so far. Please notify me if you find any.

* Copyright / Permissions *

I don't know why you'd want to do anything with this file other than play it 
but if you redistribute, please maintain it in its original state and include 
this file. 

If you use it as the basis for another level or include it in a compendium of 
others, please give credit to the original author (me) and send me a copy of 
your finished work. Professional courtesy and all that.

* The story so far...... *

You can't remember when you last slept.  The damp, musty stench of the 
castle dungeon stings your nostrils.  In the distance you hear muffled 
voices. They grow louder and are joined by the sound of footfalls in the 
stone passageway. You pray they are not coming for you, AGAIN. The memories 
of their last visit remain all to vivid. As your cell opens...




* Design Notes *

My intent was to design an arena for interesting Deathmatch play. As such, I 
have included a few features which I believe will provide improved Deathmatch 
1. First, there are no dead ends. Every area has multiple                          
2. There is a circulation, a sort of flowing continuity to the 
layout. I avoided making it linear where you are forced to double 
back and re-travel the same ground (ala DOOM ][, level 1)
3. There are eight (8) regeneration points for re-entering the game               
after dying. This is intended to avoid regeneration ambushes by the              
guy who just wasted you. It is less likely your re-entry point can              
be predicted.
4. Each room has a unique design to provide improved orientation.
5. Basic weapons (Crossbow and Claw) are in the main play area. Major              
weapons and power ups are in remote armories.
6. Each of the four armories has two separate teleport returns to                 
minimize ambushes.
7. Armory teleport returns are coded (either with texture or an            
object) to indicate the location to which you will return.
8. Strategic lighting levels in many areas to promote better 
tactical maneuvering.
9. Plenty of ledges, overlooks, hide outs, etc. to add strategy to 
the combat.

The intent was to provide continuous location information so the player is 
better able to concentrate on the tactics and challenges of combat. Likewise, 
placing the weapons as they are is intended to provide equity of equipment 
among players.  This returns the emphasis to tactics and combat skill rather 
than to who was lucky enough to get the BFG.

I am sure this level lacks some of the polish found in creations from other 
WAD authors but the intent was to create a good Deathmatch challenge.  
I would welcome constructive feedback on how to make this play better. 
I'm not too interested in how to make it look better (althought I think it 
looks better than many I've seen.)


* Parting Shots *

If you are playing Heretic and are not a registered owner, what are you 
waiting for??? If Id Software and Raven Software are to continue their 
great work, they need our support. Consider the entertainment value, the 
near endless hours of enjoyment derived from a mere $40.00 investment. 
Let's cast our votes ($$$) for more programs like these by sending the 
manufacturer the support they deserve.

And while I'm on the subject, I know NOBODY sends in shareware registration 
fees but WADED and DeeP both register for a mere $15. This is a small price 
to pay for the quality and value they posess. If we're to continue to enjoy 
programs like these, and their continuing support, we must to do our part to 
let the author's know we appreciate their hard work.


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