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Have you ever wanted to snipe your neighbors? Well you can now snipe mine. The are five complete houses The idea here is to go from house to house ...

Townhouses (Townhous.wad)
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Title                   : Townhouses (Townhous.wad)
For                     : Doom2
Date Finished           : November 21, 1995
Author                  : Dino M. aka:(D.T. Legna)
E-mail Address          : <email removed>
Misc. Author Info       : 30 years old. Owner of entertainment based web site
  at I work with the music
  community of Chicagoland. Owner of a Recording
  Studio and rehearsal studio spaces.
Description             :Have you ever wanted to snipe your neighbors? Well
 you can now snipe mine. The are five complete houses
 The idea here is to go from house to house killing
 the inhabitants. This is a VERY detailed level.
 There are about 2500 sectors. I believe it may be
 THE most detailed level made for doom2. OH,.. and
 watch out for my mailman. He carries a gun.. (go
Additional Credits      : Thanks to Ben Morris for DCK and his help with
  questions I had through e-mail and ID of course!

* Play Information *

Map                    : Map01
Single Player          : Yes & NOT impossible either! Very fair & challenging
Cooperative 2-4 Player : Yes. Keep the monsters from entering the main home. 
 I added a switch I like to call my "Dawn of The Dead"
 switch. When hit, it releases an onslaught of
 troopers on the outside of the house. (the Switch is
 in the garage).

Deathmatch 2-4 Player  : Yes Actually a great DM level. Each starts out in
 their own home and fights to get control of the
 main house which contains many of the good weapons.

 I put the only health where you would expect to go
 when you are hurt.. In the bathroom.

Difficulty Settings    : Not implemented

New Sounds             : Nope
New Graphics           : Nope
Demos Replaced         : Nope

* Construction *

Base:                  : New level from scratch (I did cut and paste
  a few pieces of furniture from a two other wads
  because I got tired of creating it myself). The  
  wads I used were "Two Houses" and "MyHome".
Build Time             : 90+ hours!.. I really spent a lot of
  time on this one.

Editor(s) used         : Good ole DCK (Thanks Ben!!)

Known Bugs             : The ever so popular hall of mirrors happening outside
  when looking from the way north. No big deal,
  No one goes there anyway :-)

Special Features       : If you really want a challenge, Open the huge door
  at the very north end of the map. Great idea for
  Cooperative play. Not so good idea for solo play.

Where to find this wad : TWC's Oct/Nov 1995 disk and & America Online.

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors MAY use this level as a base to build additional
levels provide you credit me with creating the original level and 
that you say the level you've made is a modified version of my 
original level.

Yeah Right... Nuff said! (However, if you do put this on a cd-rom, please
let me know through e-mail).

This is not produced by ID Software and therefore no tech support by them is
possible. Good Luck, Let me know if you have any problems and please send me
feedback on this level. It's the only way I know what ideas work good.

Want to know about more levels from me? Contact me... Most current work idea
is exciting and yet has a few problems I have to work out..

I created a map with many buildings and each building has sniper outlook
points. The buildings are equally divided up to where they all have their
advantages and disadvantages.

When you are reincarnated, you have a choice between any one key before you
are thrown into the map.

Blue Keyed Doors: Great sniper outlooks but low end weapons

Red Keyed Doors:Great weapons but not so good sniper points

Yellow Keyed Doors:Just the shotgun is available as a weapon, but each yellow
building has some very interesting switches. Switching one manages to change
the odds and strategy of the game by putting up barriers between buildings
and removing barriers that one might depend upon. I've even got a switch to
turn the daytime into night.

Now get this, in every blue building, there is a blue key. In every yellow
building.. a yellow key and every red of course a red key. You see since you
can only start out with one key when you are reincarnated, the only way to
have access to more buildings would be to follow someone else into their
building and steal a key. (makes it quite a task to protect your back and
also gives you something to protect besides your life). Finding aditional
keys allows you access to better vantage points, better weapons and/or to
the switches.

I've also placed a switch that opens with a HUGE door in the city. The door
gives way to a cyberdemon. Just a little added bonus if you get tired of
blasting each other. Anyone can run over and let the animal loose. (I'm
actually working with a few people on importing a model of Godzilla as the

Now the bad news:
Since all deathmatch games give you all the keys from the start, it takes my
new concept away. The only way to use this idea is to play cooperative. With
this there is no way to keep a good tally of frags and the weapons can only
be picked up once per life. What is worse is I cannot add enough ammo cause
it wont respawn.

If anyone has any ideas on this, let me know.

<email removed>
aka: (D.T. Legna)

Whatcha lookin down here for?.. Do you think I might have
something important left to say?

Well I don't..... So go away!!!

I mean it!... you'll find "nothing" at the end of this file.. So why
waste your time?

You are beginning to show signs of an inquisitive person...

Well then... Since you've followed this file so far down here.. I'll let you
in on a little secret...

I placed a hidden room just off the TV room of the main house. Go through
the wall that has the picture hanging behind the couch. Use it in deathmatch
to your advantage.

I'm going to place a false ending to this file at the end for people that
don't actually scroll through and just use the sidebar to get to the end..
(don't trust me.. Well then scroll away...)

Didn't I tell you that you would find NOTHING at the bottom of this file?...
Well... I didn't lie... So here it is....



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