This is a group of nine made from scratch levels for Doom. Most every level has about 200 sectors and an average of 25 sector tags. I tried to line...

DOOMULTI.WAD, ultimate.wad
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WAD Type
E1M1, E1M2, E1M3, E1M4, E1M5, E1M6, E1M7, E1M8, E1M9
Title                   :  Ultimate    
Filename                : Ultimate.WAD
Author                  :   Sean Powers
Email Address           : <email removed>  or <email removed>
Description             : This is a group of nine made from scratch levels for Doom.
                                Most every level has about 200 sectors and an average of 25 
                                sector tags.  I tried to line up the graphics as well as possible
                                so everything looks like IDs.  Everything is unpegged or offset 
                                so it looks good.

Additional Credits to   : Sammy Watts:  He taught me to make a door (that was a while ago)

* Play Information *

Episode and Level #     : E1M1 through E1M9
Single Player           : Yes
Cooperative 2-4 Player  : Yes
Deathmatch 2-4 Player   : Yes
Difficulty Settings     : Yes
New Sounds              : No
New Graphics            : No
New Music               : No
Demos Replaced          : None

* Construction *

Base                    : 9 new levels made from scratch
Editor(s) used          : DEU 5.0 and DEU 5.2.1 and BSP
Known Bugs              : Some walls tend to dissapear because of the number of 
                                   visible plain on the screan is to large or the room is to 
                                   big.  I tried to keep this to a minimum

* Copyright / Permissions *

Authors may use this level as a base to build additional

You may distribute this file in any electronic
format (BBS, Diskette, CD, etc) as long as you include this file 

* Where to get this WAD *

FTP sites:
BBS numbers: Frayed Ends of Insainity   (703) 989-6264
                      The Blue Ridge Connection (703) 977-0045  or (703) 977-0057

Other:  Americian Online

                        ***** Ultimate Doom *****
                               Sean Powers
                           <email removed>
                         <email removed>

        This is a help file for the episode I made called Ultimate Wad.
This is to help clarify all things in the game and give you some hints
on where everything is.  First off if you've never played a patch file 
you only need to type in "Doom -file ultimate.wad".  This will load up
the episode and then you just play it like it was episode one.  I 
suggest you print out this file.  If you ever get stuck you can refer 
to it and see either how I screwed up or you screwed up.  There are 
tons of places where you can get stuck in the game but all have ways
out of them.  The miscellaneous stuff should be read because it tells
you what to look for and other stuff you need to know.  You don't need
to read about each individual level, just refer to it when you need to.

Miscellaneous Stuff:

            First of all.  Save the game often.  At least once at the 
            beginning of every level.  You most likely will want to save 
            the game every couple of rooms.  I tried not to put all 
            to many cheep moves in the game but there are a few.
            Plus it is difficult and you die easily when going into
            unexplored territory.

            Second.  The difficulty settings aren't the same as ID's
            Normal is a little tougher than ID's.  If you have played
            all three episodes and beaten them easily you shouldn't 
            have to much trouble.  Easy setting is about as hard as
            ID's but it isn't as much fun.  Some major battles are
            scaled down and aren't as epic as normal.  I haven't
            even attempted to try the most difficult setting.  I put
            a ton of enemies in that will be super difficult to get
            through but it is fun with the codes.

            Third.  Don't try and kill off any Cyber Demons or Spider 
            Bosses.  They usually aren't supposed to be destroyed but
            beaten some other way that you are meant to figure out.
            You can try to kill them if you have enough weapons but
            you don't need to until you get to the last stage.  Near
            the end of level 5 is anther instance where you must 
            destroy a Cyber Demon.

            Fourth.  Candles.  Candles aren't supposed to be decorative.
            They are either clues to secrets, hints, are words written
            out.  Look for them and then look around.

            Fifth.  Getting stuck.  I tried many things in Doom that ID
            wouldn't because some people might get stuck or trapped.  I
            however have made some interesting walkways and complicated
            Sector Tags.  This does let you fall into pits and get trapped
            in places that won't let you out.  To combat this I have
            but in an absurd amount of secret teleports and lifts.  If
            you get trapped more than likely there is some lift to take
            you back up and save you butt.  If you are stupid enough to
            fall of twice you might be out of luck.  Anytime you get to
            something that looks like it could be possibly trapable save
            the game.  If you ever get stuck and can't figure it out
            just type it IDSPISPOPD and walk back up.

            And last, secrets.  I put secrets everywhere.  If you need ammo
            or life just start searching the walls and stuff.  Some secrets have
            candles or darkend sectors in front of them.  Others are different
             textures and some are just walls to click on.  Look for them if
             you are in need and if a wall looks darker than the others, search
             it.  There probly is stuff there.

The Levels:

      E1M1-This level doesn't really have anything you can get trapped in
           or that needs explaining.  There is a giant lift that when
           you go up it once you can't go up it again.  A teleport pad
           does appear right behind it that will let you skip that lift.

      E1M2-The first thing is that this level is a little to big and 
           slowed down on my computer.  It was also my first level and
           done of DEU 5.0 so I wasn't able to line up the textures as
           well as latter in the game.  I also did some really bad and 
           confusing events that I clarified in this text.  The second 
           thing is that there is a Cyber Demon that you encounter.
           You shouldn't have a hard time destroying him.  This is the
           way you will kill many future Bosses.  Second when you start
           to go up a sewer looking stairway, save the game.  There is
           a difficult (but cool looking) pathway.  If you fall off there
           is a lift on each side with a arrow of candles pointing to it.
           Once through that your going to be in a white room.  There
           is a windy pathway. If you fall off there is a teleport pad
           at one end and stairs at the other.  You must cross it, flip 
           a switch, go back, flip and switch, and then go across one
           last time to flip the last switch.  Then while going back
           a section will have lifted up in the middle of the room so you
           can then get to a door.  In that room you must get the blue
           key and then go back the way you came.  Another walkway has
           raised up right across from the door you just cam through.
           Sorry for making that a little complicated.  I didn't put 
           anything else that complicated with so few clues again.  I
           also stopped the narrow passages.  A green marble room is the
           next point of confusion.  If you flip the switches in the
           right order it will work out okay.  If not stuff screws up
           so you have to flip a switch on one of the demon heads.  
           Make sure you have flipped all of the switches that you can.
           That should get you out of it.  In the next room make sure 
           you find the secret.  It'll help you out.  Sorry again about
           this level.  It was my first and It wasn't all that great.
           The plasma rifle is hidden here but It is almost impossible 
           to find.

      E1M3-You finally get the shotgun.  It was harder than you thought
           it would be without one.  I hope it was interesting.
           The only place you might get stuck is in a blue room that 
           continually takes you upward.  If you fall of one of the
           platforms just about every one of them has a lift to take
           you back up. If not just IDSPISPOPD.  The secret level is
           also in this level.  In the psychodelic room there is a star that
           goes up and down.  If you ride that to it's upward position and
           hit the space bar on any wall a door will open up and in there
           is a switch for the secret level.  The secret level is so much 
           fun.  Defenintly try to get there.

      E1M4-This is the one that I had to get a friend to BSP for me
           because it is so large.  There is no possible way to get
           stuck in here.  The BFG is here in probly the coolest 
           secret ever.  The plasma rifle is also hidden here in
           a place that isn't to hard to find, especially if it is
           you second time through it.  Sorry if you get hall of mirrors
           because of the first room's size.  This level is also
           awesome in Deathmatch.

      E1M5-The first thing is the Spider Demon.  On the sides of the
           room are switches that will raise up a great wall that
           will surround him.  On the northern wall is a switch that
           will lower the wall and trap him in.  You can do it.
           You must battle two Cyber Demons near the end if you
            want the BFG.  It isn't really imperative to get and there
            and several BFGs that are easier to get later on.

      E1M6-This is the smallest level not including the last one.  It 
           still is very fun.  The major difficulty is the three way
           battle with all of the bosses.  The trick is to get them to
           attack each other.  To your left and right are power-ups.  
           Get them and then try to get the Barons to hit the Spider
           Demon.  You can then hide behind the Spider.  The Cyber
           Demon will start shooting at you but will always hit the
           Spider.  There is a rocket launcher in the middle that will 
           help you finish off whoever is left.  You can also hide
           behind the switches in that room to protect yourself.  If
           ever the enemies start attacking you instead of each other
           just start sprinting around the circle.  Eventually the will
           hit one another and ignore you.

      E1M7-This one is dark and hard.  There are medical kits everywhere.
           Nothing will really get you trapped.  This one is tough.  Watch
           for a trap when you see a rocket launcher.

      E1M8-If you've come this far don't give up now.  The last level
           is an epic battle.  The first room is hardest but if you
           get through that things aren't easy.  Save the game like
           mad.  I give you a weapon and a ton of ammo for each room.
           You should be able to do it.  The first room you just have
           to make it through once with the enemies dead.  It is hard
           to avoid the missiles but it is very possible.

      E1M9-There isn't really anything that can get you stuck in this 
           level.  It is a fun blast fest with a ton of ammo.  Sorry
           about the Hall of Mirrors effect you get sometimes because
           the room is so fun.

I hope you enjoy my episode.  Please E-Mail me with either questions,
bugs, or just comments.  I spent a lot of time on this level and want
to know if you like it.  Thanks.


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